I’m a Heart Throb!! – A Pre Race Review and Better Late Than Never Invitation

i'm a heart throb banner

Catchy title, eh?? Did I get your attention? Good.

Unfortunate for my Valentine’s Day Hating Self, the next event for 3W Races is the Heart Throb 5K….


I totally meant to post something about it sooner and I may have even had a tab opened on my Safari window for weeks now on this very post, in draft form.

heart throb 5kIt may be a little short notice, and it might be too late for some of you, but this Saturday, February 8th, I am running the Heart Throb 5K in  Arvada, CO!!

Oh, most of you don’t live in Colorado?? There’s a Virtual Option too!!!!

Yay! It’s about time for me to promote something from 3W Races!!!

Registration for the Virtual is open up until race time I believe, however, if you are in the Colorado area and would like to run the real one, you can register online by TOMORROW (Feb 7th), 8pm…..and if you use the code WHITNEYV15 you will save 15 percent for the live or virtual options! (UPDATE 9:20am 2/7/14: I just checked the virtual page, and registration for the is closed, : ( sorry) BUUTTTT.. UPDATE 4:50pm 2/7/14: I talked to the race director and she put the virtual BACK on!! REGISTER! DO IT!).

You can also register race day in Arvada, but no discount for that, sorry.

Although, the proceeds for the live race go to support the Arvada Community Food Bank and the proceeds for the virtual race go to Athletes Serving Athletes, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Last year's shirt!

Last year’s shirt!

You do get a really cute shirt that says “I’m a heart throb!” I have one from last year when I did the Virtual Option.

I promise to give more notice for other races that I promote for 3W in the future…but if you’re not doing anything Saturady, you might as well come run and see this wonderful company I keep talking about.

And don’t give me any “it’s too cold” excuse! A) I ran in -5 degrees last night (don’t ask…never again, but I earned some awesome bragging rights, I’ll definitely tell you about it later) and b) It’s supposed to get up to 35 degrees this weekend!!!

PLUS! There’s two after parties! One at Fuzzy’s Tacos (99 cent margaritas!!) and one at Arvada Beer Company (buy one beer, get one free!).



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