Prairie Dog Half – Pre Race Review

Ambassador_Badge-1I wanted to do this race last year but never got around to it. Now there’s four of them! Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, all located on different courses to switch it up! Each has a half, 10k and 5K option!

I missed the winter option –  I was no where in near good enough shape to do it and I think I was out-of-town anyway. But after my last race, the Erin Go Braugh, I realized how out of running-shape I am in and vowed to get back at it and set my sights on the Spring Prairie Dog! From now, it’s a little under a month away!

BUT if you are already in half marathon shape because you HAVE been running, unlike me, AND you live in CO, you should run it! Mostly because I can give you a discount code and I can meet you!

PD_Half_LogoEVENT: Prairie Dog Half (10K and 5K)

DATE: Sunday, April 13th, 2014

TIME: Half starts at 8am, 5K at 8:10am, and the 10K at 8:20am. Finish line closes at 11:30am, so make sure you run your half marathon in under 3.5 hours!

LOCATION: 13150 W 72nd Ave Arvada, CO US 80005. If you’re familiar with the area, this is at the APEX Rec Center where, actually, I used to work as a teenager! 

Prarie dog half medalGOODIES: Half marathoners get a medal and a tech t-shirt. The 10ker’s and 5ker’s get a t-shirt. And there’s a something else all participants get at the end..but it’s a secret! I promise it’s worth it! Also, when you run a 3W race, there are lots of ambassadors and volunteers taking photos and they are always available online (via Facebook) for FREE! I’ve actually gotten some pretty sweet race photos taken of me in past events!

COURSE: It’s through the Arvada neighborhoods and it’s relatively flat. There’s a couple of hills, but not too bad if you’re a CO native!

Extra information: Check out the event website HERE for other things I didn’t cover. And if you bring five non-perishable items (canned veggies and fruit perfected) for donation to the Arvada Community Food Bank you get entered into a raffle for sweet prizes like gift cards, new shoes and other items! Here is also 3W’s Website.

(Side note: there is a Virtual Option for the out-of-staters! However, I can’t get you a code for any virtual races, sorry!)

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