Racing Events (Colorado Area)

Alright Friends and Followers!

I have a BUNCH (4) of upcoming racing events I would like to invite you too and offer you discount codes for!

PD_Half_Logo1. What: Prairie Dog Half, 10K and 5K

Where: Arvada, CO

When: April 13th (a week and half away!)

Why: Because you get a super awesome medal and a cool pint glass. I was going to do the half, but I am not feeling ready for that at all – my body is not moving properly!

How: Register HERE, Race info HERE.

skirt-sports-half-5k-toyota-logo2. What: Skirt Sport Half Marathon and 5K

Where: Louisville, CO

When: June 1st

Why: Although this is not a 3W race, Skirt Sports is a sponsor of the 3W Ambassador team! I quite possibly will be doing this race. Hopefully in the half marathon form.

How: Register HERE, Race Info HERE

CWC Logo3. What: Colorado Women’s Classic 10 miler, 10k and 5k

Where/When: TWO EVENTS! May 3rd in Westminster and May 11th (Mother’s Day) in Castle Rock

Why: A women’s only race by 3w! I will not be at the Westminster one due to a track meet but I mostly likely will run the Castle Rock one because I’m already set to volunteer.

How: Both races’ info HERE, Register for Westminster HERE and Castles Rock HERE

3W LogoYou’ve seen me post on past 3W events, and you know they put on a good show race! They’re always fun and very organized. I should know, I help out!

Let me know if you do decided to register for one! Email me at

Also, let me know if they links aren’t working, or they take you to a wrong place, so I can fix them!

7 thoughts on “Racing Events (Colorado Area)

    • EXCELLENT! I may not actually run it now! It depends. I am signing up to get USA Track and Field Coach certified, and it’s that weekend! I may try and run it early, then just skirt on over to the class (no pun intended). But it all depends on timing!

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