DNS – Did not start. (and Updates)

I was going to start this post of with:

“Something is wrong.

Something is wrong with me.”

After a week or two of mulling it over and pouting and being in a bad mood, I am over it.


Let me explain. Two weekends ago I was supposed to run a race. I was registered and everything. Luckily, I didn’t pay for it. It was a 3W race, so I got to register for free.

But I HAD every intention of running. (Keyword: HAD)

It was part of the Prairie Dog Series I was trying to get all of you to do. I wanted to do the half. I had down-graded to the 10k because I knew if I attempted a half it wouldn’t go well. I was sore, injured, and hurting. I was trying hard to get my endurance back up, but it just wasn’t working. I had bad run after bad run. Finally I stopped running. I rested. I knew I could do a 10K without training, so that’s what I intended. (Not recommended).

But I rested.

Then race day came. I woke up, looked out the window and went back to sleep.

I didn’t even start my race that day. I didn’t even get in the car.

I went to packet pick the day before, every intention of running.

But I DNS’ed.

Did not start.

Yes, it was snowing. Yes, it was cold. Yes, I was running late. Yes…blah…blah…blah. Excuse. Excuse. Excuse. Bottom line: I just didn’t feel like running. And I didn’t want to force myself to run and take the fun out of it. I knew if I forced myself to go to the race, I would run it, possibly get injured (my injures were still hurting) but I would also complain the whole time to myself. And….

I didn’t want it to come to that. Then maybe I would hate it and be out of the game for even longer.

So, I did not start.

And for a week or so I felt soooo guilty, for many reasons. I felt bad because it was the company I am an ambassador for. I felt bad because I write a RUNNING BLOG for gosh’s sake! I felt bad because I call myself a runner. I felt bad because I’m a personal trainer.

I couldn’t shake the bad, guilty feeling. I don’t know what is wrong with me. Running depression, I guess.  I used to love running races in crappy weather. It makes me feel even more badass! I mean, I ran a whole marathon in rain! I don’t know what it is. Just injuries? Lack of motivation? Lack of a running buddy? Lack of a goal race that I just can’t pin down? I think there’s a little bit of everything going on and it’s a cycle…one thing leads to the next and around and around. I think you all may be able to tell when I’m feeling sad: I don’t blog.

Just about a month ago I wrote how I was “falling back in love with running” and then we broke up again, I guess. But hopefully it wont be like Taylor Swift, because we WILL get back together again! (Running really is like a relationship isn’t it??)

So, I took two whole weeks off. And I feel much better. My pains are (mostly) gone. My attitude is a LITTLE better. I got new shoes for my birthday. And I started running. Again.

Your turn: Have you ever DNSed? Was it for similar reasons? And how did you feel after?


IMG_20140423_143918Running: So these aches and pains…I’ve been having A LOT of knee pain in my left knee. Well, not really the knee itself. It’s more like the upper calf/lower hamstring and the ligaments in-between/behind the knee. Before, the pain was in the front of my leg, bottom part of the knee. It was just off and on and foam rolling my IT band helped, but it just kept getting worse. I was NO WHERE near the training intensity that I used to be, so I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. Lack of resistance training? Maybe. Needing new shoes desperately? Maybe. I really think it is a combo of those two things. I am/was also having really bad plantar fascitis flare ups in my right foot. Which may explain the left knee pain due to over compensating for the right heel pain. I’ve been icing multiple times a day as well as following up with warm water baths with rolling my foot on a lacrosse ball. In addition, I’ve been rolling out my calves with the foam roller, as well as all my leg muscles. Everything they recommend for plantar fascitis. So hopefully all of those things will help.

This week, after getting the new shoes, I’ve run, short runs to see how I feel! I’m doing IMMENSELY better, pain wise! I still have the tendonitis-like pain behind my left knee, and my plantar fascitis is still flaring up, but all other aches and pains are gone!

Goals for the rest of the week? Run one or two more days.

Goals for next week? Getting back on track! I want to run 3 to 4 days next week, add in my resistance training again (2 days a week), attend yoga at least one day a week as well as foam roll EVERY DAY! Sounds like a hefty list but, remember, I work at a gym and have easy access to all the things I need. I was doing this before I took time off as well.


IMG_20140423_144028Career: I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet, but i’m officially, FULLY done with that camp MissFits company. I am quite relieved actually. It was becoming more of a pain in the ass than something to better my career. But I really do miss 75% of my co-workers (I only worked with four others, if you catch my drift), and I really miss the Ladies, i.e. the clients. I really liked the group of women that were regular members. Most of them were older than me and treated me with mother-like warmth.

That being said, business is picking up at Prestige Fitness where I am personal training. It’s picking up – slowly, but surely.

I’m also still doing a few bootcamps a week at the City of Golden Community Center. I have a regular group of people who come, and it’s been fun coming up with ways to challenge them. If you live in the Golden/Denver area, let me know, I’ll let you know when my classes are!

But my favorite of all jobs is track coaching!! I love it!!!! As you may or may not know, I have been coaching the long jump and triple jump at Green Mountain High School. It’s my favorite part of my day, and I haven’t even gotten paid yet (I should look into that…). Most recently, I taught a couple of new jumpers how to long jump the day before a meet and they placed 3rd and 6th! I was so proud! Similarly, I taught a girl how to triple jump the day of the meet, and she placed 5th overall!!!! It’s a long story why i’m teaching them so close to the end of the season but nevertheless, it’s a blast coaching! Just call me Coach Vestal!


6 thoughts on “DNS – Did not start. (and Updates)

    • I know! I’ll be in the Springs next weekend for a track meet! And ironically, right before (i think) you started following my blog, I was in the Spring ALL THE TIME because my ex lived down there.

  1. Wow, I loved reading this post. I was feeling similarly and took a week off running. Running was becoming my life. I find pure joy in it, but then I just didnt feel like running. I was sore, but had excuses. I just needed a break to recharge. I too, started feeling guilty and was previously running 4 to 5 times a week and strength training. I am happy I took a break and refound my motivation. Loved the term running depression. Happy your back at it. I too love running in bad weather. A light rain is my fav time to run. My first half marathon was like that and I loved every minute of it. Happy to have found your writing!

  2. I hear you on needing a break from running. I battled a love/hate relationship with running last year and then I got pregnant, great excuse for not working out. It was perfect timing! Now almost a year later, I feel like running again and I enjoy it! Sometimes we just have to mix things up. Don’t feel like you have to run, there are other ways to workout and be in shape!

    • That is a good excuse! lol It’s funny, working out without running…IS SO HARD! And I’m a personal trainer! Forcing myself to do other cardio is a hilarious battle, both on the outside and inside my head!!

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