Colfax Marathon Relay – Pre Race Review

downloadWhen a lady that regularly attends my bootcamp classes at the City of Golden Rec Center asked me if I wanted to join the Colfax Marathon Relay team, I said yes before she could even finish her sentence!

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to join the corporate relay team because one of the team members had to drop out. This “bootcamp regular” is an employe of the City of Golden and the relay team is paid for by the City, so it’s a must that it be an employee that runs it.

CCM12_UUT_transparent_smallWell, wouldn’t you know, I AM a city employee! I was really excited. It’s the corporate cup relay of the Colfax Marathon, a very popular race here in Denver. It’s a whole weekend of events. If we are to place, the winnings will be donated to charity. Last year, the City of Golden team took third – no pressure or anything!

Tomorrow morning, at 6am, I’ll be lining up for the first leg of the corporate cup. We’re called the Golden Foxes and will be sporting yellow shirts! Yesterday, I went to the expo and picked up my packet which was at Mile High Stadium (Sports Authority field – where the broncos play). The expo was nice, organized and not as crowded as I was expecting from the last time I was at a running expo. (When I did my first marathon, I was in an unfamiliar place, with no friends or family with me and the expo was chaotic and crowded. I nearly had a panic attack and had to sit down in a empty lobby for a moment. It was not fun). This expo was neatly laid out, and plenty of fun booths to visit and lots of workers to direct you to where you needed to be.

Let alone was the swag bag for the race pretty awesome, but the booths had some fun things for sale and to give away. I won a sweet water bottle from a yoga booth!

While meandering around, I ran into a few fellow 3W Ambassadors and we had some fun before we all had to go our separate ways.

3W Ambassadors!

3W Ambassadors!

I’m really excited for this race. Like, REALLY excited! I haven’t been this excited for a race in a really long time. Which is a GREAT feeling! I was beginning to wonder where my love of running disappeared to!

I want to try my best and push hard for the team. I’m feeling pretty confident and ready! I am the first leg of the relay, starting it off with a 6.4 mile run from City Park to Mile High Stadium. I let my team know I should be there in an hour, which is my goal: 60 minutes or under.

I’m really looking forward to the thrill of a big race, pushing hard, and of course the festivities after (free beer, duh). I have a lot of friends that will be running, working/volunteering at a booth, or helping a disabled runner. Expect lots of pictures, instagrams, tweets and Facebook posts, friends!



By, the way, this is my first blog post from my phone. Please excuse an potential formatting or english mistakes. I write this as I wait for the next event at the Colorado State Track Competition!  I’ve been assistant coaching high school track and field (mostly long jump and triple jump) for Green Mountain High School and we have a bunch of athletes in multiple events competing!



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