When It Rains, It Pours.

I got a comment on my last blog post from a new follower telling me she loved the positive-ness of my blog. That comment made my day. I actually try to make a conscious effort to be a pretty positive person. I have always had an uncanny ability to look at the bright side of things in all situations. I try not to stay in a bad mood for very long.

But sometimes it’s really hard. It’s been really hard these last couple of weeks. So, let me get it off my chest, and we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled positiveness.

The Bad:

I’ve already been really stressed about my career, finances and bills. It’s been a constant struggle for a while, but it is always a constant stress with the crazy job stuff I’ve had going on in the last few years. Even though I am steadily building up my client list, I am having the dreaded struggle with sales, in fact, my job has been threatened if I don’t sell anything (any personal trainers out there that have any selling tips/techniques?).

On top of that, I’ve had car issues, which is never fun. Like, a part was broken that would be dangerous if I didn’t get it fixed. Ugh.

Oh, then my relationship ended. That’s not fun either, no matter if it is for the better or not. Although, given the news on my lunch break didn’t make going back to the Track and Field Coaching class I was taking very easy.

And, to top it all off, during an already planned dinner with one of my best friends, she got a call that her dog was doing well and I accompanied her to the vet for an unfortunately sad euthanasia visit. I used to be a vet tech, which coupled with me being her friend, led to her asking me to go with.

Needless to say, my head hurts. Not physically, as in a headache. Mentally. My brain, my mind, and my emotions are burnt out. Toast.

I realize there is plenty out there that have it worse than me, but I’m allowed by be sad for a brief moment. And that’s why I look on the bright side of things and move on as quickly as I can.

The good:

I am slowly building up my clientele at work (even if those sessions are being sold by others), but hopefully having a full list will look better to the bosses. And, anyone in the Arvada area: We are starting a Wednesday morning run club, 7 – 8 am!!!! Free, not just for gym members. Email me at racingthestates@gmail.com for more info!

My car is, for now, fixed, a big bill later, but it still needs a little bit more work.

Breakups suck, but at least I get the chance to clear my head and really, I mean REALLY, think about what I want in a relationship.

And as far as the rest of those stories, my friend is recovering from her loss as well. She is understanding that her beloved companion is not hurting anymore and is in a better place.


I am almost done with my Bolder Boulder recap, so expect that soon.

I started marathon training again!!! I’ll reveal the next marathon I’m attempting soon, doncha know! (that was clue, and no, it’s not Canada).

And this weekend I will be joining some of my 3W friends at Ragnar Trail Snowmass!!!! I’m super excited, mostly for the mountain getaway. Camping, running, s’mores, campfires, running, food, friends, music, running… sounds awesome!



6 thoughts on “When It Rains, It Pours.

  1. Sorry to hear that things are rough for your right now. But somehow you do always find a way to be positive. Just keep on smiling! If I was in the area, I would love to join your morning run club! lol Have a great day =D

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