The Marathon, How I Met Your Mother Style!

how-i-met-your-motherI’m sure you are all familiar with the show “How I Met Your Mother,” right? I’m pretty sure I’m the last person to jump on this bandwagon and I recently went on a HIMYM binge and watched every episode in a row. (Not all in one setting, I swear, I do have a job and a social life).


I had seen a few episodes here and there but all my friends suggested that I watch it.

Well, they really do know me well, and thanks to NetFlix, it only took one episode to realize it was just my humor style. It is hilarious!

In season two there’s an episode about running the marathon that I thought all of you would find hilarious! (Episode 15 of Season 2 called “Lucky Penny”). It especially struck home because I had just started marathon training when I started watching HIMYM.

Here’s how it goes:

I was unsuspecting that they would start talking about running, but sure enough, Ted and his girlfriend Robin miss a flight and are trying to figure out whose fault it is that they missed the plane. They flash back to a conversation starting out with Marshal breaking his toe…

Robin: Well, you must be really bummed you’re not going to be able to run tomorrow.

Marshall: Yeah it sucks, all that work I put in training for the marathon was a total waste.

Barney: Pssh, Training for a marathon?!

Marshall: What?!

Barney: You don’t train for a marathon. You just run it.

Lilly: You’re kidding right?

Barney: Not at all, I could run a marathon anytime I wanted to.

Marshall: So, like tomorrow, you think you could wake up, roll out bed and just run the NYC marathon

Barney: Absolutely.

Robin: Barney, were talking about 42 kilometers.

Ted: Thanks Canada, I’ll take it from here. Barney, it’s like 26 miles.

95713152ADD11ADD449D5D9B98FDBBarney: Here’s how you run a marathon. Step 1. You start running. There is no step two. (My favorite line!)

Marshall: Ok prove it. Take my number and run in my place. I bet you 50 bucks you don’t even finish the race.

The next day they track his number and he finishes with a respectable time. He easily walks into the apartment to collect his winnings, medal around his neck. The best part comes at the end. Barney decides to ride the light rail for the first time because it’s free for the marathon runners. He ends up getting “stuck” because his legs are so tired and fail him.

If you haven’t seen it, you need to because it was Legen ……. wait for it ….. DARY! Legendary!


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