Neighborhood Fun Runs

3W Logo As part of the 3W Races company, they like to do Neighborhood Fun Runs. To best tell you about these events, I’m just going to take the words right off their page:

Our goal for this series of runs is to meet racers in a small, informal setting and introduce them to fun, local businesses and trails through an affordable, relaxed (yet timed) running experience.  In most cases, the Fun Run partners with a local charity as well.  The nominal registration fee covers a few race company costs and we ask that racers also bring an ‘in-kind’ donation to the charity which will be collected at the time of the run – usually non-perishable food items or hygiene products.  Our hope is that you have a great experience meeting 3W Races and will come back to race with us again at Neighborhood Fun Runs or our other, larger events.

Photo credit: 3W Races. Neighborhood fun runs go on rain or shine (or snow)

Photo credit: 3W Races. Neighborhood fun runs go on rain or shine (or snow)

They have them at least once a month, sometimes two times, and throughout the whole year at different locations. The “registration fee” that they mention is never much…(how does a five dollar race sound?)…and they encourage you to bring donation items are part of your registration cost. The races are timed, so you know how you did, but even so, it’s not a competition to make anyone nervous or feel intimated. Each fun run is coupled with a different charity partner as well to help out the community.

I finally got to participate in one last month for the first time, and like they said, it was a very relaxed experience, the same sort of feeling you get at a run group or club.

That particular one met at Road Runner Sports in Westminster, CO. Once everyone was checked in, the race director led as all to the race start, which was only two blocks away, to Sensory Park along the Big Dry Creek Path. It was out and back, and even had course markers so no one would get lost of go off trail.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 3.52.19 PM

My “race:” I just intended to go and hang out/run with my ambassador friends. I wanted an excuse to get out of bed and get some exercise in. Later in that day, I had plans to be one of the leaders of a Pub Crawl in Denver, so I figured I could definitely use the exercise. I ended up running it in a little over 24 minutes, and was the 2nd female to finish. I gladly ate my breakfast burritos that were provided and then headed home to get ready for some day drinking!

It was a very fun and relaxed experience. I definitely would recommend it to anyone that wants to do a 5K for the first time and doesn’t want to deal a big intimidating crowd. These fun runs are great for families as well!

Photo Credit: 3W Races

Photo Credit: 3W Races

More Information: Check out the website HERE

**The next Neighborhood Fun Run is tomorrow, July 31st, 6pm at Coal Creek Physical Therapy in Louisville, CO and the one after that is on August 30, 6pm at Road Runner Sports again in Westminster, CO. Click that link above to find out more or register!**

Don’t worry, they’re not always during the week, the one in November is on a Saturday morning!


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