Updates – Off to Ragnar Road Colorado!

What’s up everyone!

I hope everyone’s weeks are going well! Clearly I’m in a good mood…let’s see what I’ve been up to since the last UPDATES from July.

Well, I’m definitely doing better with posting regularly. I’ve posted a few reviews including the Running Encylopdeia and the movie, “Running the Sahara.” And I’ve also caught up on a few race recaps (Like Ragnar Trail and the Father’s Day Classic run), although I have a few left still.

What’s remaining? After the Father’s Day Classic I did the 3W Neighbor Fun Run (which I did write about already) and followed up with the Heart and Sole in Boulder, CO. That was followed by 4th of July Weekend where I worked for Kashi in Snowmass at the Wanderlust Festival. That was a blast, and that’s pretty much where I left off.


-In July, I did the Road Runner Sports Adventure Run. If you have one of these in your area, you should definitely participate. At the start, you are given a map of checkpoints. You run to as many as you can to collect raffle tickets that you end up putting in a huge bucket to try and win awesome prizes – like new shoes! Hence why I was interested. It’s a lot of fun. The one I did even included a slip and slide!

-July’s long runs put me in the double digits, making me run 14 miles and 15 miles.

20140719_182552-One weekend I got to go to a local concert called Channel 93.3’s Big Gig where I got to see a lot of bands like Panic at the Disco, American Authors, Brick and Mortor, Ms/Mr, and many more! I got to spend the day with my dear friend Amy which is rare since she is the first of all my friends to have a baby! (Let it be known, this is the only baby I actually like).

-The weekend after that was a double race weekend. On Saturday, July 26, I was the warm-up trainer for a local racing company’s Dog Days Half, 10k and 5k. In exchange, I got to run the 5k and I placed 3rd overall female! Race Recap to come soon.

-The next day I ran for the company I’m an ambassador for, 3W Races, and did the Prairie Dog Half. I ended up placing 3rd in my age group, but not without a price. I ended up getting really horrible knee pain, in the side (tight IT band) but now that pain has dissipated and I have some pain behind my knee, in the tendon; possible tendonitis and probably from tight calves and hamstrings. I’m am trying to fix it. Ugh. #runnersproblems ……

10547666_10101694486128203_7222111512247569748_n….Into August:

-I may have aggravated the knee issue by walking around the Denver County Fair all day Saturday and jumping around all day at a concert (Warped Tour with my friend Rob!!!) on Sunday last weekend….

-But it’s not a debilitating pain, so this weekend, as already planned, I am running the Ragnar Road Colorado!!! I am super excited and have been looking forward to this for a while! I am the first runner, starting at 8am from Breckenridge all the way to Snowmass! (This will be my 3rd time there this summer). One of our team members is injured, so I picked up an extra leg of the relay and am doing four separate legs – we’ll see how that goes – I’m doing a total of 25.7 miles!!!! So, this is scheduled to post at 8am, Friday morning right as I start my first leg of our relay!!!!

arvada bulldogsCareer Updates:

-Since the last up dates post, I have been officially hired as an Assistant Cross Country Coach at Arvada High School, my alma-mater! I actually volunteer coached last year to gain experience and due to changes at the school they were able to hire me on this year! So excited, you don’t even know!

-In addition to that, I no longer work at Prestige Fitness, a mutual decision really. I wont get into it. I was upset at first because the few clients I had, I loved (I was training a few kids for starting cross country in addition to others), but I realized that place is not for me. I love fitness and training and I’m a huge gym rat, but my career goals are not inline with those of what that gym wanted for me.

20140801_203817-1-I have been picking up a lot of promo gigs here and there. I am now a Jager Girl (laugh all you want, but it’s good money!) and next week I will be posing at Mr. Peanut at a back to school convention event. You may laugh at that too, but I think it sounds like a blast (and I’ll get paid very well).

Personal Life-Ish Updates:

I’ve been having a blast, if you follow my instragram, you’ll see how I can’t sit still and I’m always on the run – sometimes literally!

I’ve been reconnecting with old friends, new friends and just trying to have adventures! I’ve been a to some big concerts, fun running events and just hanging out playing trivia.

 I think that’s about it for now! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to see Team 3WTF? (where’s the finish!?) ‘s progress at Ragnar! 


YOUR TURN! What’s new in your worlds??

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