Featured on the #Runchat Blog!!!

Runchat_Logo_2013_large-e1405193970117-300x212Do you all participate in Run Chat on twitter on sundays??

I used to, but I never seem to be home at 6pm, my time, to join the conversation, BUT, I do still read their blog and read the emails! I actually really love the #RunChat community!

I’ve actually found a lot of the blogs through this as well as a bunch of people have found my blog this way.

Every year, they spend a month featuring running blogs. I always send in an application, and was featured last year and again this year!!

It’s really exciting for me, even if it doesn’t mean that much to others!

imagesTo check out this year’s submission, click HERE. And yes, you’ll see some from the title, I DID indeed win a free entry to the Key West Half (it’s in January and I’m 99% sure I’m going. If ANYONE is going as well, PLEASE reach out! I’m mostly likely traveling by myself and am looking for travel discounts or buddies to meet and hang out with!)

Also, if you want more info on the #RunChat community click HERE. But basically every Sunday night you long on to twitter and join the conversation. You can use one of those websites where it will automatically update all tweets for a certain subject, and thus, you put in #runchat.

What do you have to say?

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