Upcoming Events!! (CO Area, You should do one or two!)

Hey ladies and gentlemen! I just wanted to point out some great Local Colorado events coming up!

82432521. What: Patriot Day 10k and 5K

When: September 13

Where: Sloan’s Lake, Denver, CO

WHY? Because it’s put on by 3W Races and all of their events are awesome. Also, Sloan’s Lake is a really pretty part of Denver. I live in the area and it’s actually one of my regular running routes! Because of this, I don’t want to race there, so I will be volunteering race day and I think I’ll be at one of the water stations! I’ll probably get there early as well and help with set up.

How: You will find more info on the race HERE, and you can register HERE.


3086522. What: the Last of the Six Pack Series! Either a 10K or 5K!

When: September 18th

Where: Westminster, CO

WHY? Because it’s a cheap 10k or 5K, it’s on a Thursday, in the early evening, small group of people and excellent race directors and volunteers. I most likely will be volunteering somewhere around there.

How: More info HERE, Register HERE.


20570363. What: FALL Prairie Dog Half, 10K, 5K and Kids 1 mile fun run!

When: September 20th

Where: Westminster, CO (Near the Promenade movie theater).

WHY? Because it’s fun, as always! But also, you get a super cute prairie dog medal, pint glass and of course a tech shirt. The course is half concrete, half dirt and winds along the Big Dry Creek Trail. I will be running the half!

How: You can find more info on the race HERE, and you can register HERE.


31440674. What: K9 Canter 10k, 5k and 1 Mile fun run!

When: October 12th

Where: Westminster, CO

WHY? You can run with you doggie!!!!! How fun is that!? But you don’t have to; you can just run with your friends and family as well (or your boyfriend, and like my Daddy always says, “all men are Dogs,” so it’s like you’re running with a K9)! I should be at this event, running or volunteering, but not with my doggie since he’s dog aggressive – and not with a boyfriend, ’cause I don’t have one!

How: You can click HERE for more info.


83062245.  What: 10K Turkey Trek of 2K Turkey Toddle

When: November 22nd

Where: Arvada, CO

WHY? I’m really hoping I can be here for this race, but I’m kinda thinking about doing the Route 66 Marathon which is the same weekend. I want to do this race because TREK is an accurate description for this race. There’s a pretty tough incline in the beginning with an (optional) egg nog challenge!!! You better believe I would be all over that egg nog challenge – you chug a class of egg nog and get enter into a raffle between only those people! If you do the Turkey Toddle, there is a pumpkin pie challenge!

How: More info HERE and that same code works for this race as well.


Extra incentives: I really do like all of 3W’s events. They are always well organized, fun and just an overall great experience. I thought this even before I was an ambassador. But the race directors/owners of 3W are just lovely people! I would be an ambassador if it wasn’t a good company to “work” for.

At all their events, the swag is great, the course is well marked, the volunteers (me!) are friendly, and pictures are always free (posted to Facebook). If that’s not worth, then I don’t know how to please you!

If you do register for one of these events, let me know! And if you find that one of the links doesn’t work or my code is being fickle, let me know, and I’ll fix it!

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events!! (CO Area, You should do one or two!)

  1. I am tempted to sign up for the Sloan’s Lake race! But I will be gone a lot before then and probably won’t train as I would like for a 10K. But it is so close to me that I kind of have to go, right?

  2. I can’t lie, the 6 Pack Series sounds tempting!! I just did a eve this Thursday in Westminster/Thornton and I loves the vibe- great way to end a workday! Thanks for all the great recommendations!

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