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Sunset July Sloans LakeAs I have gotten more and more followers I’ve noticed a lot of you are from my area: Colorado! Something that I have always wanted to do is provide ideas and places for people to run around in the Denver area, or at least within a quick drive from Denver. Even if you’re not from here, this might be a good resource if you do decide to visit. But don’t worry, I’ll space them out so that you out-of-state-ers don’t get bored. Or it’ll be torture, like the “Rave Run” section in Runner’s World…makes me jealous every time I see that section!

The idea is to provide a new route you could try to help spice up your running routine. I have suffered in the past from “running route boredom”, and I think it contributed a lot to when I could get burnt out on running. Changing up your scenery can help keep you motivated and switching up your terrain can help prevent injuries as well! Maybe you’ll even meet some new runners and gain some running buddies!

IMAG0976My first post in this series is close to home – literally. But this is, er was, my regular running route for a really long time. I didn’t used to like going out of my comfort zone very much in the past, in running and other aspects of life, so I would tend to run the same path all the time. I knew the exact distance and I stuck to it! Now, I only run this route about once a week, or once every other week, basically when I’m at my family’s house and need a run, I run here.

But that’s not to say this route is boring. This could be just want you need as a runner from a different neighborhood.

Sloan’s Lake – Denver, CO

  • Located at Sheridan, between 17th and 26th in Denver, CO
  • Type: Concrete and grass/dirt
  • Elevation Change: none
  • Coverage: Lot’s of tree coverage throughout the park

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.19.51 AM

Located about a mile from the big stadium where the Broncos play football, Sloans lake is a pretty park great for an everyday run, believe me, I used to run it everyday. It offers great views of Downtown Denver as well as the Mountains from the other side. It’s one of my favorite places to catch the sunset (or sunrise, if you’re up early enough).

There’s a park with a playground, boaters are allowed in the lake, a sidewalk for walking, running, biking, skateboarding, or just about anything else you want to do, and a dirt/grass path around the whole perimeter. There’s plenty of parking as well!

sunset 1:7

Sloan’s During the winter


  • Open all year-long, and during the winter, it doesn’t take long for them to clear the snow.
  • Flat, easy terrain, even the dirt/grass path.
  • Good mileage – easy to get in whatever length of run you need. The outer loop is 3 miles and is a worn grass/dirt path. The inner loop is 2.5, sidewalk/concrete.


  • Can get crowded, but only when it’s 100% perfect weather and everyone comes out of their houses. That means if it’s slight too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, too snowy…. it’s not crowded.
  • Geese! Oh god, so many geese! Watch your shoes for goose poop!
  • The water is disgusting. I wont even let my dog swim it. I don’t know why people fish there. Pretty sure the fish probably look like the radio-active, three-eyed fish from the Simpsons.


  • Located not too far from Colfax (a non-safe part of town), don’t go after the sun goes down, especially the ladies.
  • Don’t trust all the dogs: For some reason I’ve run into a lot of dogs on those stupid expandable leashes that have tried to bite me.
  • On the western side of the lake are some excellent places to eat. My favorite is The Edge for brunch and there’s a pretty decent sushi place called Shiso Sushi
  • There is a huge playground for the kids! (Or adults, I swing on the swings all the time!)
  • Some pretty fun events are held here: Chinese Boat Festival, Art Festivals, and plenty of races!

More in formation:

8243252P.S.: One of those fun events is TOMORROW! The Patriot Day 10k and 5k will be there Saturday. Race starts at 8:30am! I’ll be there volunteering all morning! Come run! It’ll be fun! Rhyme intended. More information? Click HERE!. Use code WHITNEYV15 for 15% off! 

3 thoughts on “Places to Run – Sloan’s Lake

  1. I love this idea for a series! I’m in the Denver area too, but more on the south side of town (Englewood). The only days I really have sufficient time to explore new or further areas is on the weekends, which is kind of nice anyhow since weekends mean long runs and those are always more interesting with new terrain. Looking forward to more of your recommendations!

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