Turkey Trek Race Giveaway WINNER!

images_(1)Well, my first giveaway did not go over as well as I hoped! I am guessing a MAJORITY of my followers are out-of-state! Hopefully in the future I will have some more awesome giveaways including race entries, but also fun running-related things!

But I did have a handful of entries, and I ran the raffle fair and square! I am not computer savvy, so I made an excel spreadsheet of my entries, assigned numbers to them (some people had more than one entry) and literally wrote the numbers on pieces of paper, crumpled them up, put them in a hat and drew one. HA!  Since there wasn’t too many of you, it didn’t take me too long. However, in the future if I do a bigger giveaway, I’ll have figure out a better system!

Without delay, the winner of the Turkey Trek 10K or 2K race entry is……..


I will email you Tiff and send you a code to register with!


If you are still interested in running the Turkey Trek 10K or 2K THIS Saturday, you can still register online until Friday at 8pm! Click here for the Registration link.

It is in Arvada, CO at the Long Lake Ranch Regional Park. The 10K starts at 8:30am and the 2K starts at 8:45am! For more information check out my last blog entry or visit the Turkey Trek Website.

TurkeyTrekPicI hope to see some of you there! I will be doing the 10K and I most definitely will be doing the Egg Nog Chug Challenge!

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