Turkey Coma

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful holiday whether you spent it with family or friends. I definitely ate my fair share of turkey.


I did not actually do a turkey trot. I honestly didn’t feel like registering for a race. 3W Races was putting on the Anthem Turkey Day 5k. It was down in Louisville and I didn’t want to drive down there and back, making less time that I was at home with my family.

So, I decided to do a my own “turkey trot” and ran 3.1 miles in my mom’s neighborhood. It was a beautiful day in Colorado being 60 degrees and I ran to and from McIntosh lake which offered a fantastic view!


Things that I’m thankful for:

-Family (I spent the day and had food at my Mom’s house with her husband, one of my step brothers and step grandma. I also got to speak to my Dad on the phone who is currently working out of the county).

-Friends (both new and old – I sent a lot of “Happy Thanksgiving” texts. Yes, they were all individual, I did NOT mass text anyone!)

-I am thankful that I have been able to find work, even in dire situations and at the last-minute to pay the bills I needed to.

-I am thankful for new job opportunities coming up!

-Thankful for finding an awesome place to live in a city I absolutely love!

-And for the ability to run!

-And lastly, for my pets!


My Favorite Turkey Day Traditions:

-Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (some day I want to see it live!)

-Running (A turkey trot or just around the neighborhood like I did today)

-Blueberry muffins in the morning

-Eating a lot!

-Spending time with family and friends

I DO NOT participate in Black Thursday shopping. Or even black friday for that matter

I DO NOT participate in Black Thursday shopping. Or even black friday for that matter. Too many people.

And now that Thanksgiving is over, I am ready for Christmas stuff. Only now is it ok to hear Christmas music in the stores, put up the tree, decorate and watch endless amounts of cheesy, romantic christmas movies (oh yes, guilty pleasure, I love the cheesy hallmark style Christmas movies).


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