2014 In Review

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! I went to a party to count down to 2015 and then ran a 5k Race, the Resolute Runner!

I had a pretty busy 2014 with a lot of changes and a lot of up and downs (mostly ups).

Running Related Goals: I actually ran a total of 562.5 Miles (plus or minus 10, in case I forgot a day or so). Yep, I kept track.

1. Run 14 races in 2014. CHECK! I actually ran 17 races!

Ambassador_Badge-12. Volunteer for at least two running events. CHECK! I volunteered more times than I can count. At least once a month I was a run club volunteering to Rep 3w Races and any of their events I didn’t run, I was volunteering at (sometimes I ran AND volunteered!). I volunteered so much that when I redeemed my volunteer point at the end of our 2014 Ambassador Party, I “won” a GPS Timex Watch!

3. I really would like to knock off another Marathon. No check. But that’s ok, I’m not horribly sad about it (maybe a little), but I was just too busy, tired and kept getting injured!

4. I would like to get at least one more state. I didn’t get ANY new states this year! Bummer! I don’t even think I traveled out of the state this year…..

Other Fitness Related Goals:

1. Climb at least one 14er. None this year!

I look fit! I'm pretty happy with my body this last year!

I look fit! I’m pretty happy with my body this last year!

2. Be happy with my body! CHECK! I feel like I have never been as good of in shape as this year (even compared to high school….yep you read that right!

Life Goals:

1. Be stable. I mostly meant financially, but in all aspects of life as well. CHECK! NEW JOB! WOOT! WOOT!

2. I don’t know how to put this, but one goal of mine is to “nail down,” so to speak, a plan of action for my career. I am not sure about this…I feel like I am on the right path to doing what I love. I’m going to check this off!

3. Get my RRCA Coaching Certification. Not a full check just yet, but I did REGISTER to take this class for March 2015! If any of you have taken this class or tried to, you know how hard it is to get into!

5.  Become a more independent. To me, this means just learning how to do things on my own and not necessarily going to others. CHECK. I feel much more independent. I am still constantly checking in with myself to see what I like and don’t like and trying to figure things out on my own first, before going to others.

5.5 out of 10… not to shabby! The important part is that I’m pretty happy considering everything I’ve done in 2014!

I think my race pictures for this race came out pretty decent!

From the heart and sole. Damn I look fit!

Running Overall: I didn’t do another marathon, which I am kinda sad about, but I did a lot of races, and thanks to the 3W Ambassador program, running has become even more dear to me in so many ways. I started off the year pretty strong and then let it dwindle in the last few months. I had a handful of age group places and one 3rd overall place. Definitely a good year for running; it’s just overshadowed with the last few months.

-Favorite race of the year: Hard decision! It’s between the Ragnar Trail Relay and The Colfax Marathon Relay. Ragnar Trail was blast in Snowmass, CO and a fun mini getaway with awesome people. At the Colfax, my team (all City of Golden employees) placed 4th in the Government and that earned up money for the Golden Schools Foundation!

-Best Time: Heart and Sole 10k. I got a new 10k PR at this race!

-Hardest Race (for me): Prairie Dog – Summer. I never wrote a blog post about it. That was in September and was the worst race I have ever run. I wasn’t feeling well, I was hurting and was super sick of running after that. I still have yet to run over 6.2 miles in a row since that race. Getting there! Slowly but surely!


Area 13.1

-Race that seemed fun but was a disappointment: The Area 13.1 – the website and advertisement made the race look so sweet! But was a big let down come race day.

-Most fun race: Skirt Chaser. Not the best for me, time wise, but GREAT after party!

Career Overall: I couldn’t be happier with out my job situation/career stuff ended up! The start of 2014 was pretty rocky financially and job wise. Some jobs ended, some started, I found a unique career in the Brand Ambassador industry, but none of that was stable or fulfilling; paid a lot yes, but not stable. Some jobs were fun, yes, but nothing was ever guaranteed. When I got a call that 3W Races wanted to offer me a job, I was ecstatic! This job opportunity is amazing, full filling, FUN, running related and perfect for me.

Relationships/Friends: I started off the year with a steady relationship that ended midway. Since then I’ve just been dating here and there and frankly, I’m ok with that. For the last few years, most of my friends have settled down and had kids. Gross. Never letting the clock to start ticking, (I smashed that clock a long time ago), I learned to go with the flow, stay true to myself and to pay attention to what I want to get out of people and relationships and just enjoy life! When it comes to non-romantic friends, I have lost a few to the cruel hands of marriage (JUST KIDDING), but I have also made some incredible new friends.

golden.coloradoBiggest Events In 2014 (not all, just the biggest, or else we’d be here for awhile):

I moved!!! I was living at my family’s house for a while (don’t make fun). Originally it was to save money, then for family reasons I stayed, and then due to unfortunately career changes, I needed to stay. I finally was over it and just found a place in Golden, CO with a couple roommates and moved! If you know me in “real life” this was a HUGE event for me!

-The new job, duh!

-I became a PAID Track and Field Coach as well as Cross Country coach! Love coaching High School athletics.

-I became USA Track and Field Coach level I certified!

Kathrine Switzer!

Kathrine Switzer!

-I met a couple famous athletes. Kara Goucher at a run club (I ran next to her while we crossed a street)! And actually, Kathrine Switzer. You know, the first lady to every run Boston. I have a whole written (like literally on paper, with a pen) blog post, I just haven’t had a chance to type it up.

And that’s where I’ll leave you! I have a bunch of 2015 Resolutions and goals, but I’ll save that for another post!

One thought on “2014 In Review

  1. You live in Golden? My husband goes there for a week for work early February. I was considering going with him, but was not sure if it is fun to go there with an 11 month old baby. Is there anything to do with babies? How is the weather? I’m worried we might be stuck in a hotel room all week.

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