The Start of 2015 (And some resolutions)

Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Ooof! It’s been awhile since I posted! My new job is keeping me super busy and frankly, since I’m on the computer a lot for my job, I don’t want to be on it when I’m done working. I’ve been slowly, but surely, trying to finish this post…

I asked a lot of people as we switched into 2015 if they set new years resolutions, and the overall consensus was: NO.

I was actually surprised. 90% of people I asked didn’t set any, Including my clients at the gym. The best response I got was, “I don’t set them because I am already doing what I want!” That was from a lady whom is a regular in my friday 6am boot camp. I would have to agree with here. She has lost over 30 pounds in the last year and regularly comes to my 6am class (that’s EARLY!).

I, however, DO set new years resolution. They keep me motivated and on track. They give me things to look forward to and things to do. I don’t think I have ever completed 100% of my new years resolutions, however, I don’t get down about it. As long as I try my best, then I am happy.

PD_Half_LogoThis year is starting out GRRREEEART! (think Tony the tiger). Seriously though, I’m super happy. Some quick updates: I am now FULL TIME with 3W Races. The first event I helped work on was the Prairie Dog Half in Louisville, CO and I had the hardest job (as stated by my boss). I was volunteer coordinator for all the course marshals and water stations. Stressful? Yes, but in a different sense. When your job is something you love, stress is no longer the same. Anyway, my boss said I knocked it out of the park and gave me huge kudos in front of the team! 😀

Other than work, not too much new in the start of 2015. Snowboarding a lot, running A LOT (well, more than the end of 2014), and hanging out with friends a lot. I’m actually working on a new training regimen for myself and so far it’s working and I feel fantastic! I am reading 80/20 Running by Matt Fitzgerald. It’s super interesting and I’m almost done with the book. Expect a review on it soon.

I know we’re almost a month into the year (already!?) but I still have some new years resolution written down and have currently been working on.

Running Resolutions: 

PR for the Half Marathon. That’s going to have to be faster than 1:48:55.

1st in my age group! 4th overall female.

Yes, that’s me on the “1.” It was super cold, so I was all bundled in my sweats. 1st in my age group! 4th overall female.

-I would love a PR in the 5K as well. I came close last weekend! My PR is currently 23:49 and I ran a 24:05! WOAH is right!

-I want to ramp up my running fitness, get back in to what I call “half marathon shape,” and starting thinking of BQing either at the very end of this year or early 2016!

-Last year I ran about 649 miles (I think; I wrote it down somewhere). This year, I want to run at least 1000 miles. That’s a little under 100 a month. I think this is doable!

-Once I have a good base built, I want to start adding in some speed workout to my regular running routine. Like I mentioned before, I have been reading 80/20 and there is some speed work built-in.

-I GOTTA get a new state in this year! I mean this is Racing the STATES after all!

Other Fitness Related Resolutions:

-I want to regularly strength train. 2x/wk. So far, so good, actually. The reason? Injury prevention, stronger so I can PR, and vanity. Seriously. I want look good/better.

Get back into climbing!!! I think I went climbing twice last year! That is not enough.

Career Resolutions:

Work hard with 3W Races. I already LOVE this job. It’s perfect for me and I want to see where it takes me. Currently doing a lot of marketing but I would love to maybe be Race Director for just one event!

Blogging Resolutions:

-Oh god, I really want to post more often. I will try. Ideally it would be at least once a week!

Random/Odds and Ends:

Knock off another 14er.

Visit TWO places in CO that I have not been. I may be a Native (ish) but I haven’t been everywhere!


There you have it folks! That’s what I am looking at for 2015!





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