Looking at 2016

It’s now or never to set some goals for 2016. I feel like if I haven’t set goals by the end of January, it’s kind of cheating!

Running: Running should be pretty exciting this year… if I can get back into it! For this first month of the year, I have been struggling! I haven’t had energy, time or motivation. Then when I do finally take a chance and run, I get a mile in and my efforts get thwarted, either not feeling well, weather, or something else. But I am very involved in the running community between work, my ambassadorships (Skirt Sports) and being on the Runner’s Roost Mountain/Ultra Team!

-I desperately want to get back into Half Marathon Shape! What I mean by this is being up in the 12-14 mile distance for my long run and feeling like I could run a half marathon any random weekend.

-Cruise the trails! I want to run at least one NEW trail a month! (And write about it!)

-Run my first TRAIL race! I am on the Roost Mountain and Ultra team after all!

-Run more miles than I did last year (733 was last year’s totals).

-Check off a race in a new state! I’ve already got one on the calendar (*cough* Washington *cough*).

Other fitness:

-Start a strength training program back up. I’d like to be lift one to two times per week. That’s about a realistic as I can get with my busy weeks of working, running and other activities I like to do.

Climb 5.10’s consistently and confidently. For other rock climbers out there, that’s probably not too difficult, but for me this will be a challenge.

Career: Yes I still have 3 jobs – Marketing/Race Production for 3W Races, High School Cross Country and Track & Field Assistant coach (two different schools) and Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor for my local Community Center! 

-I already had a 2016 meeting with work (my main job with 3W Races) and I am looking forward to the 2016 work year. My “goal” isn’t so much a goal but to just keep working hard and learning more about working in the running industry.

Blogging: Expect some changes! During February, I’m changing up the design, functionality and look of Racing the States…in fact, the name may even change! 

-I really like this whole blogging thing. I would like to see it grow more. So, my goal is to post at least once a week (with a little leeway if I miss a couple weeks). 😉


-Visit at least TWO places in Colorado that I haven’t gone to before. Whether camping, snowboarding, hiking, or otherwise!

-Visit at least TWO new places OUTSIDE of Colorado that I haven’t been before! I have already checked this off with my first trip of 2016, so I’ll say FOUR new places (that way I have to get two more).

-I HAVE to knock off a new 14er this year. At least one.

Here’s to 2016! 

photo 4-5

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