Racing the States is Under Construction!



If you are finding this blog during February, please don’t mind the mess. I am working on updating the look, theme and organization of Racing the States! Things might look chaotic, but I promise, good content is on it’s way! Check out my latest posts:

Looking at 2016

First Adventure of 2016: COMPLETE

Looking Back at 2015

For my regular followers: don’t fret, your same ol’ Racing the States is just improving. My intention is to imcorporate more of my lifestyle, rather than JUST running. Running is still a MAJOR part of my life, but I would like to see this blog become more than it had been.

The idea is to become more of a lifestyle blog in the sense of “living an active, healthy and adventurous lifestyle.” I would like to write about how I balance my interests (like running, climbing, and travel) with the need to fund it all.

You will still see my running antics including running-related book and movie reviews, race recaps and training.

In addition, you will find more of my travels, adventures and other outdoor activities, and how I can keep it all going and balanced.

Plus, it just time for a fresh new “look!”

I hope to have it all done no later than the end of February!

You can always follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date!

Happy running! Happy travels! And Happy Adventures!

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