Looking back on 2016

I know it’s been awhile, but I’m just going to pick back up like I’ve never left blogging.  I just got back from an amazing road trip with my boyfriend, exploring places I’ve never been and getting good use of my National Parks pass. Be on the look out for that post (fingers crossed that I get to it before 2017) but, given that it is almost the end of year, it is time to take a look back on 2016!


If I could sum up this year in one word it would be: “Sleepy.”  “Stressful” would also be a good pick or “busy,” or even “chaotic.” That should give you an idea of how 2016 broke down. I did a LOT of fun things, that’s for sure, but also had a lot on my plate as well.

I traveled a ton, visiting at least six National Parks, not including the National Monuments we saw, and was in about 10 different states this year!

I started a business with my boyfriend (now that’s a whole new adventure in and of itself). Check out Golden Mountain Guides if you’re visiting Colorado or live here and want to try climbing!

Meanwhile, I have kept my other jobs (minus personal training at the rec cent) because as any new business owner knows, the first year or two is TOUGH and we’ve got to eat, ya know!

At my full-time jobs, I started training as a race director and continue to coach Cross Country and Track.

Here are a few highlights from the year…..

Attempting Mt. Whitney

In January…

gmg_logo_finalIn February….

Finishing super strong!

Come March…

fb_img_1461537639502April brought…

  • My 29th Birthday!
  • and a trip to Washington for my Grandpa’s memorial service, a Mt Rainier visit and running the Run Like the Wind Half Marathon!


  • Ran the Colfax Marathon relay with the City of Golden team
  • Watched some great running at the State Track & Field meet, many from the school I coach at.
  • I ran the Rock Hawk Trail 10k
  • and the Bolder Boulder with my Mom! That was a blast!

20160612_073233In June…

  • I became a little injured 😦 So running wasn’t that fun for me.
  • I worked a ton of races
  • And got some climbing in!

13775910_10208089233001422_8013303682547350440_n-2July was fun…

  • I went to Disneyland for the first time! (Do you like our fanny packs??!)
  • I quit doing personal training at the rec center (to have more time to spend on Golden Mountain Guides)
  • And got a new car… all by myself! Proud moment there.
  • We also made a quick road trip to Moab and visited Arches National Park!

20160820_075415August came…

  • and Cross country started again!
  • Ben and I took a mini vacation to Glenwood Springs (hiked to Hanging Lake, saw the caves at Glenwood Caverns adventure park and ate some great food).

14317326_1108122009222852_8338638971827496891_nIn September…

  • I ran the Patriot Day Race and had a great PR with an age group place!
  • I also ran the Bear Chase 10k trail race and placed in my age group again!

20161029_214857October was fun…

  • Ben and I went to the CSU v WYO game
  • Halloween happened…
  • We took the girl’s team to the Colorado State Meet Cross County meet (with a podium placer!)
  • I worked A LOT!
  • Ben and I had beautiful hike in Rocky Mountain National Park and heard the elk bugle.
  • We (as in Golden Mountain Guides) started teaching the kid’s climbing at the rec center and going on outdoor field trips.

img_0709November flew by..

  • The weather in Colorado stayed warm and we got more climbing in.
  • Went to the Dan + Shay Concert with one of my best friends
  • and Thanksgiving was delicious as always.

And now we’re in December….

  • I spent a view days visiting another best friend and her baby in North Dakota
  • and had the #MostEpicNMNationalParkRoadTripEVA!

It is also time to check up on the goals I set at the beginning of the year….


-I desperately want to get back into Half Marathon Shape!  I did not get this far in my training. Yes, I ran a half, but was very under-trained!

-Cruise the trails! I want to run at least one NEW trail a month! (And write about it!) I’m 90% sure I ran on over 12 new trails this year, but I did not keep track, nor did I write about them.

-Run my first TRAIL race! YAY! Check that off a few times!

-Run more miles than I did last year (733 was last year’s totals). Yeah, I stopped keeping track for many reasons, more on that later, but I don’t think it was that many miles. I’m not that bummed about missing this goal. Running was super strange for me this year.

-Check off a race in a new state! CHECK! Washington

Other fitness:

-Start a strength training program back up. Yikes. My strength training was non-existent this year.

–Climb 5.10’s consistently and confidently. I climbed one, once! I’ll just be re-adding this to 2017’s goals…


-Just keep working hard and learning more about working in the running industry. I am a race director in training!


– So, my goal is to post at least once a week.  Whoops.


-Visit at least TWO places in Colorado that I haven’t gone to before. Check! I did some different hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park and some trails in Breckenridge!

-Visit at least FOUR new places OUTSIDE of Colorado that I haven’t been before! Check, multiple places in California, Mt Rainier, Twin Falls, Idaho and all over New Mexico. Way more than FOUR places!

-I HAVE to knock off a new 14er this year. YAY! Torrey’s Peak – in the snow!

-Get a little bit out of debt… I definitely eliminated some things, but still have more goals in mind….finances STRESS ME OUT! Did you know that 40% of millennials don’t have current plans for retirement, and 73% don’t know their net worth! I DON’T!

Oof! I’m exhausted from writing all that! How did your 2016 shape up? I hope you are all having a great Holiday season!

Getting ready for the holidays and cutting our tree!

Getting ready for the holidays and cutting our tree!


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