I need your help! Vote for Golden Mountain Guides

This post is nothing more than a call to action, a plea for YOUR help!

I hope your enjoyed my last post, Looking back on 2016. You may have learned that I started a business this year, Golden Mountain Guides. We specialize in rock and ice climbing in Colorado! It’s blast owning my own business (not to mention hard work). You can check us out here.


Right now we NEED your help and we would greatly appreciate it! We entered a contest by the Calvert Foundation to win $10,000 for business operations. The contest is all about how small businesses are part of their local communities. Read our story here.


This would help us out IMMENSELY. We can use the money to help us grow faster than we ever imagined! The money would go toward new permits (more places to climb), marketing (partnering with local business, expos, and more!), more gear (for our Colorado Springs guide), and more community events (trail clean ups and free clinics!)


Vote for us HERE! The contest ends December 23rd, 11:59pm EST!

It’s super easy and quick! Share to make your vote count more!

Step 1: Click HERE | Step 2: Click VOTE | Step 3: Confirm Via Email -> Done! | Optional Step 4: Share from the voting page for double voting power! 

Check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

Thanks in advance from Whitney and Ben! Your vote means a lot!


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