2017 Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Resolutions


After 2016, I need a nap. Or a hibernation. Unfortunately that’s not a possibility. So here we go…let us dive into 2017!

Running Goals – I don’t have any specific, narrowed down running goals for 2017. I have really been un-motived in the running world. I know that I love running, I really do, but I have not been able to get myself out the door. Sure, I would love to be back in “half marathon shape” or try to get another PR, or run a certain amount of miles, but that seems to be too much pressure for me the last couple of years. So, for 2017 my running goals are …
1. To love running again (Super simple. No structured plan. No pressure. Once this happens, I can pick more specific goals.)
2. And work my way through hiking/running all 60 trails in the “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles” Denver Edition (I got it for Christmas and thought that would be a perfect thing to do in 2017 and possibly could help with goal #1. I don’t have to run them all, hiking or walking will suffice. Check it out on Goodreads.) I’m going to call this #60HikesDenverChallenge

Other fitness – I like to be active in general and play in the great outdoors, but I have one specific goal in mind:
3. Climb 5.10s consistently (This is a rock climbing goal carried over from last year)
3a. I guess that means I better start strength training regularly again…too)

Career – I still have THREE jobs. One is owning my own business, Golden Mountain Guides, with my boyfriend Ben. Two, I do marketing and race directing for 3W Races. Three, I coach high school cross county and track & field. All are a blast. Owning my own business is the hardest thing I have ever done but it’s also the most rewarding. I have always wanted to be a business owner, but it isn’t until now that I had the opportunity/perfect idea with my boyfriend. I am very loyal to my other jobs, but Golden Mountain Guides is a way for me to get to where I want to be in life. So I have two goals:
4. I would like to see more clients with Golden Mountain Guides than last year
5. Learn more about the tourism industry, in particular marketing.


Other – I have a couple of random goals for 2017:
6. Travel to FIVE new places, in or out of Colorado.
7. This one is my favorite and the one I’m most excited about: Learn about a new topic every month. I’m calling it: #MontlyLearningAdventure. It can be anything! Broad or very specific A place, time period, subject, or thing. Some things Ben and I picked for this year are space, Greek mythology, dinosaurs and more. We’re going to learn about each topic for a month. We can read and watch movies (fiction and non), internet searches…anything! I don’t know how I got this idea, but I thought it would be fun. I love learning about new things (or re-learning things we may have learned in high school). Join us at home if you want! Pick your own topic or join our first one: Ancient Egypt!

That’s my 2017 New Year’s resolutions!

Stop and participant: What are some of your goals this year? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “2017 Hopes, Dreams, Goals and Resolutions

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