Experiences vs. Things…2017 Bucket List

Without getting too much into it, I think our culture relies too much on measuring success based on how many things you own or how much money you make. I could probably spend a good chunk of time writing on this subject alone, but I’m not going to right now.

I think people put way too much weight on money than they should and while I am not arguing that money is not necessary, I do think we can shift our view a little bit to make life a bit less stressful and take some weight on our shoulders.

As I’ve been getting older (I’m turning 30 in a couple of weeks, guys! Yikes!), I have definitely noticed a shift in my attitude when it comes to possessions vs doing things, especially related to traveling and how I measure my success. Coupled with the new trend in minimalism (a tiny house WILL be in my future; I’m determined), I’ve definitely been leaning more on gaining more experiences versus buying the latest trendy item – not that I really am that trendy anyway.

While life has been particularly stressful lately (building a business is HARD) and my budget has been tight, I would still describe myself as a happy person. I think this is largely in part due to my ability to rely on experiences vs things to keep me satisfied and happy. It’s not just in terms of entertainment, but rather a whole life philosophy.

And with that long lead in, the reason I’m talking about this is because I was inspired by Eventbrite‘s GOMO (Get Out More Often) campaign wanted to write about what I’m looking forward to spending my money on this year, a bucket list of experiences for 2017. These are all thing I actually intend on doing this year and have been planning and training for:

  1. Eating ice cream with my boyfriend at Sweet and Eats in Golden
  2. Climbing Longs Peak (versus hiking the 14er)
  3. Sledding down the Sand Dunes in South Eastern Colorado
  4. Running a race (I just haven’t picked one yet – Eventbrite has a lot!)
  5. Sipping beer on an outdoor patio surround by good friends and good conversation
  6. Hunting for clues while on a snowboard at Loveland Ski Resort for the New Belgium Scavenger Hunt
  7. Eating, drinking and celebrating love at the five weddings we are attending this year
  8. Hiking and exploring three islands of the Caribbean
  9. Enjoying booze and relaxation aboard a first time cruise
  10. Spending time and barbecuing with the family
  11. Catching a live show of my favorite band
  12. Laughing and making memories.

What about you? What’s your opinion on experiences vs things? Hopefully I have inspired you to rethink where you’re spending your money and have given you some ideas to add to your year’s experiences.

I don’t want to judge what anybody values in life; that’s not what I’m here for. Personally, I could give a crap less about the size of my tv and owning the latest kitchen gadget (as long as I can make coffee in some shape or form). I spend a lot of thought and effort on planning my budget, schedule, and life to get outside and travel as much as I can. I am just saying, I think it’s worth a shot to shift your viewpoint, even for a second, to reflect back on yourself and ask if you truly are happy. And if you’re not, it’s 100% worth it to figure out what will bring you to that point. No ifs, ands, or buts. Yes, it can be scary to make a change but it’s worth it.

Here’s to memories over possessions,


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