#60HikesDenverChallenge – Alderfer Three Sisters Open Space: Ponderosa Sister’s Loop

(For 2017, I have a goal of getting through all 60 trails in the book “60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Denver”  You’ll see these posts all year-long. You can find a lot of info on each of the trails in the book, but I’ll highlight some things each time in addition to including my experience and opinion on the trail. The number below is associated with how they are labeled in the book if you have it.)

Trail #14 – Alderfer Three Sisters Open Space: Ponderosa Sister’s Loop
Completed: 3/20/17 (First attempt 3/5/17) | Mode: Hike with the doggie and the boyfriend!
Location: Buffalo Park Rd & Le Masters Rd, Evergreen
Distance: 3 miles
Difficulty: Easy, one hill but it’s not that steep.
Surface: Hard packed dirt with a few bigger rocks in parts
Exposure: Lots of shade, some open meadows

Ben and Tristan

My Experience:
Okay. It took me two times to complete this trail. The first time, I headed up with just my doggie. I thought I followed the driving directions correctly but I ended up parking in the wrong lot, thinking it was the lot marked on the map. This whole conundrum turned me around completely and I ended up doing a different part of the park. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for my goal, I want to do them all how they book describes them. When I finally realized I did the wrong trail (see the orange on the map at the top), my dog was pretty tired and we left to go home (he’s getting old).
Take 2: A few weeks later, my boyfriend, dog and I headed up to the same area and did the correct trail (purple on the map above)! Both trails were very beautiful and had that high-country feel. The first trail was pretty close to the road for awhile but then turned off for some pure nature hiking. The pine trees smelled great and the views were beautiful. The “three sisters” are three small mountains and the trail winds between them. Not too challenging and would make a great run!

The Three Sisters

-Beautiful views
-Forest/High Country Feel
-Not that rocky,  good surface to run on
-Plenty of shade cover
-Restrooms and picnic tables available

-Windy – both times I went!
-Can be crowded
-No water available

I’ll definitely come back here to get some good trail runs in. The loop was only three miles but you can add more loops and additional trails. I would also recommend this to people looking for a city break without having to go too far. The trees and rocks give this area that high colorado country feeling.

The View from Brother’s Lookout

Check out the book:

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