Looking into 2018: Goals, Upcoming Adventures and More!

I’m totally a new years resolution person. You either are or you aren’t, but I definitely am. This year I’ve had trouble with my new year’s resolutions. I haven’t been able to pinpoint specific goals I’ve wanted to work on for 2018 and now we’re in February and 2018 is in full swing and it’s already been very busy and hectic:

-I’ve already race directed 5 races (yes, that’s one almost every weekend)

-I’ve been training for a half marathon

-Track has already started

-And we’ve already gotten back from one travel round to North Dakota and Dakota, IL with a quick stop at Devil’s Tower.

So what the heck, I’ll just pick some goals now:

Health, Fitness, Running, Rock Climbing, etc:
1. My main health goal is to build and implement a well-rounded training program for myself. I realize this is vague, but the idea is to stay fit and healthy in general and I need a training regime to guide me. It’s doesn’t have to be the same every week and it doesn’t have to be written and official. It may end up looking like a week-long plan I write every Sunday.  I want to encompass it all: Cardio (running and hiking), strength training (in the form of weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking, etc), and flexibility (yoga and stretching). I would like to be “working out” at least 5 times a week, doing some type of activity. It doesn’t mean doing all the above every week or vice-versa, running everyday or going to the weight room 3x a week. I just want to be fit and have a well-rounded routine so I can keep doing the activities I like and attempt some harder activities (climb/hike harder peaks, run faster, etc).

2. With that said: I would like to see my half marathon fitness improve (finish a half without being completely drained) and my times come down (back to the 1:50 mark and lower).

3. I would also like to climb harder routes consistently (5.10’s)

Work/All My Jobs/My Business, Golden Mountain Guides:
1. This is the hardest area to set goals in. When it comes to working, I have three main jobs and it’s hard to balance it all. I work my main jobs all day (the ones I get paid for) and I’m left with working on the company I own with Boyfriend in the few “extra” hours I have left. This is what we have to do right now while our business grows and it’s the “deal” we’ve made (Ben works solely on the business). I guess my goal is to come up with a schedule that works for me to be able to help Golden Mountain Guides grow more and to manage my time more efficiently.

Guiding in Moab for Golden Mountain Guides

2. I just thought of a good one: Work on keeping my inboxes empty! This means taking care of things right away instead of mentally saying “I’ll get to it later.” I have FOUR inboxes that I manage and I’d like to keep them all pretty empty.

1. I don’t want to divulge too much about my personal life here, but we’ve been working on our financial fitness and getting out of our current living situation. So my goal here is to continue that and to move out of this dreadful, mold-ridden basement by the end of the year!

2ish. I usually have a travel or “see 5 new places” type of goal every year, but I already have some travelling on the schedule for the year so making a goal is null here.

Climbing in Eldorado Canyon this past January

Upcoming Adventures:
With Golden Mountain Guides and working on Ben’s guiding resume, we’ve already put some vacations on the calendar. It really helps to make it through the busy work weeks. I also have some big work-related additions that are pretty neat as well. So far:

  1. We’re going to Red Rock, Nevada at the end of February to rock climb and I will be running a half marathon, the Red Rock Half by Calico Racing. It just so happened to be on the same weekend that we already scheduled our rock climbing trip. Very convenient and I get to knock off another state.
  2. My first Hut Trip in March. Hopefully, we’ll be on skis and not be hiking (pray for snow!).
  3. Learning to chip time running events (and I’ll be race directing and timing quite a few more events this year).
  4. I’ll be running Ragnar Trail in Snowmass again.
  5. Lots of trips to Moab for Golden Mountain Guides (we’re doing a few weeks there if anyone wants to climb!)
  6. A Canadian road trip with National Parks and climbing in August.
  7. I’m a new Nuun Ambassador and a returning LEGEND Compression Wear Ambassador for 2018!






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