Your Data, All In One Place – Athlinks Review

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It seems like as of late, most runners are inundated with data. I guess you could say that about people in general, but for the sake of this blog, we’re talking about just runners. It seems us runners just love the data. Data on what you eat before you run, data while running, data after the run, data at the races… data, data, data, data, data!

Some runners love to analyze every little piece of that data they can get their hands on.  Some only look at their race statistics. Some ignore data completely. I am random and in the middle. Sometimes I really delve into it and sometimes I could care less about what my pace is on a random Wednesday training run. What I DO like to look at is my racing data. I typically only race a few times a year, so when I do, I’m usually going for a time goal. In the past, I have kept track on my own excel document. It isn’t pretty.

But finally, there’s an easier (and more pleasing to look at) option, Athlinks! This super easy to use website (and now there’s an app!) finds all your results for you and lists them in a pleasing to view race resume of sorts. The best part: It’s free!

There are a lot of fun features to use on this website:

  1. Gather all your results in one place:
    Athlinks is FREE and all you need your name, email, birthday and location. That’s the info they use to find your results. All your results will start popping up and you can “claim” them. Keep in mind, only races that post their results online will show up. Normally, when you first sign in, it will verify you and your results. Turns out, I’ve already had an Athlinks account, so I don’t have a picture to show what the sign-up process looks like.
  2. See ALL Your PRs
    It’s super easy and quick to look at all your race PRs! Even the weird distances.
  3. View Statistics
    You can view how you rank in each distance or see all of your races from a certain distance.
  4. Be Part of a Community
    Follow your friend’s races to see how they did or follow your rivals and see how you rank up to them; if you’re into that!
  5. Set Goals and Join a “start list” for future races
    You can join the start list for a future race and set a goal. It easily compares it to your best time for that race and your average time for that distance. It’s especially fun when it’s an event that you do every year, like the Bolder Boulder for me!

Personally, I’ll probably still keep track of my results on an excel document out of habit but Athlinks will be a nice reference when I’m wanting to get a quick look at my PRs, statistics and when I want to see all my times for one distance at a time.

I love the search function as well to see nearby events coming up but I think the coolest part about this website is that it found results from races I ran in 2005 and 2006 that I had completely forgotten about! That was pretty neat to see how far I have come.

If you like having your data in an easy to access platform, I hope you visit Athlinks.  If you want to follow me, click here for my profile.

Let’s bring back the conversations:

Comment below: Do you use Athlinks?  What do you think the coolest feature is?

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