I’m Back! 2nd Third of the Year Updates

Wow. It’s been a while, huh?

I haven’t written in this travel and running blog because well, I haven’t been traveling or running. Since my last post, we’ve finally met our little bundle of joy! July 11th this little peanut decided to join the real world after about 44 hours of labor! Yikes, is right.

Since then, it has definitely been a life change around here (not to mention the lack of sleep). I was on maternity leave from work (my main job) for about a month. During that time, I was learning how to care for this little life and work on our business, Golden Mountain Guides (because when you own your own business you can’t really take time off) AND recover myself … it was a bit of a challenge, but I really did like only taking care of my family and helping run our business.

Sorting some files while holding the baby because he didn’t want to be set dow!

During my month off, the most difficult thing was feeling cooped up but not feeling well enough (or put together enough) to get out of the house. I desperately want to start running/exercising again but wasn’t recovered. I also just wanted to get out and do something, ANYTHING, but didn’t always feel like going through the hassle of getting the baby together and everything that goes with that ready. I still am really craving a trip to the mountains, hiking, camping, hot springs …. basically something outdoorsy; we just haven’t had the time.

Then, mid-August, I made it more of a challenge by going back to work at my main job the same week that cross country season started.

Despite all challenges, we have been trying to adjust to our new life and have been taking small adventures out of the house… to breweries for example, where I can finally have a beer – or half a beer – and to small local festivities like the Buffalo Bill Festival in Golden.

As August finishes up, I’m still trying to make it all work and figure out how to work and take care of the kiddo! It’s definitely taken some creative thinking to get some hours in!

He fell asleep on me and I didn’t want to put him down, so I worked while holding him.

To pick up where we left off

-Track season finished off with a handful of athletes making it to the state competition and the end of season banquet
-I continued to work at my main job and timed a race
-We took birth classes to get ready for the little one
-And we were showered with love at or baby shower(s); one presented by Ben’s Sister and my Mom and the other by the 3W Team of Ambassadors. We felt very loved and spoiled (well, Layton was spoiled)

-June brought weekly baby appointments as my due date neared
-I timed a race and race directed my last race before maternity leave (which was very challenging on my body).

This is what I looked like most days during the last month of pregnancy

-We started playing the waiting game.
-July 4th was my due date and when that came and went, I grew restless (and finished about 5 different cross stitch projects).
-I tried to work (and make some money) but was so caught up from all my preparation, I barely had anything to do.
-Finally, July 10th at 2am, labor started…and stopped….started again…and went and went and went. To save you ALL the details, basically labor started, paused, started again, and we finally went into the hospital 30 hours after contractions started to see what was going on and make sure all was well. I was admitted and labor augmentation was tried to see if we could speed things up.
-July 11th, we were admitted to the hospital around 11am and baby decided to finally arrive at 10:54pm.
-We were showered with love and tons of visitors during our two-ish days at the hospital and went home on July 13th in disbelief that we were now responsible for a tiny little life (that came with no instructions!)
-Since then, we’ve been figuring this thing out. Everyone talks about it, but you really don’t understand the sleep deprivation until you actually experienced it yourself. I have never been more tired in my life but I’ve also never been happier in my entire life.

August (in progress)
-I got two more weeks of paid maternity leave and then needed to go back to work (or we wouldn’t have any money to feed ourselves)
-Cross Country season started and we have about 40 kids on the team this year – and I have been promoted to HEAD COACH this year!
-I just race directed my first race since being back (August 25th)
-We have three cross country meets this month to start off the season
-Layton is growing and growing and gets to come with me to work a lot!

We’ll see what the last third of the year brings us… hopefully a vacation! 🙂

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