Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.03.38 AM copy 2Hi! I’m Whitney!

Welcome to my blog! I have been blogging since 2012 and it had mostly been about all things running when I started….

I have been running since I was in middle school when I started running the Race for the Cure with my Mom back in 1999. In high school, I actually played volleyball then switched to the cross-country and track teams after a conflict with the volleyball coach. It was then that I fell in love with the sport due to my supportive coaches and teammates! After high school, I continued to run for fitness until my final year of college when I decided to do my first race over 3.1 miles. I needed to stay in shape while finishing up school.  In April of 2010, I ran my first half, the Horsetooth Half Marathon!

A couple years later, in 2013, starting this blog was a way to stay motivated and track my progress. The original “quarter-life crisis” was to run a race in every state (hence the name, Racing the States).

Since then, I have fallen in and out of love with running, but through bouts of motivation highs and lows, but have gained a lot more interests in life like travelling and the outdoors.

Now, Racing the States has morphed into “Racing & Wandering” and is a place where I can talk about my lifestyle of being an avid outdoor enthusiast, traveller, and still a runner while trying to balance the need to fund it all. (Yes, I still want to run a race in every state! See my progress!)

Most of my time is filled with “work” but you know the old saying, “when you love your job, you never work a day in your life.” I juggle three main jobs: I own a rock climbing guide business with my boyfriend called Golden Mountain Guides; I am a race director and marketing coordinator for 3W Races, a local running company; and I coach high school sports. I also love writing and have found some freelance writing jobs.

In my little spare time, you’ll most likely find me running on a mountain trail, snowboarding in the high country of Colorado, visiting less-travelled places, and trying to climb to the top of a rock wall!

I would love for you to follow my adventures!


Career Background:
Truly a tale of “when one door closes, another opens” and of following your dreams and passions.

In high school and college I wanted to be a veterinarian. I became a vet tech using my degree in Zoology but after a disheartening job with an unethical veterinarian, I decided to switch careers. I was passionate about running and exercise and I looked into the fitness industry. Since then I have become an RRCA Certified Running Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Heart Zones Certified Trainer, and USA Track & Field Level I Coach. Although I loved personal training and coaching it’s hard to make a living at it. I was doing all sorts of odd jobs like Brand Ambassador stuff and substitute teaching all while still trying to balance a personal training career.

At the same time as these random jobs, I was also an Ambassador for 3W Races. I volunteered and helped at races in exchange for getting to run for free (the free swag was a bonus). The owners must have liked me a lot and offered me a job, a dream job! I started working for 3W Races as a marketing coordinator and over time became a race director.

If I had more time, I would still do some personal training and group fitness classes but I have filled my time with all sorts of fun “jobs.” I also coach high school sports, finding another true passion. I coach the Long and Triple Jumps at Green Mountain High School as an assistant Track & Field coach as well as Cross Country! Coaching high schoolers is a true joy of a job!

Then, in 2016, while talking to my rock climbing guide boyfriend about his job, I somehow planted a bug in his ear about starting his own business and before I knew, WE had started our own business. Golden Mountain Guides was born from a love of the outdoors, climbing, and the desire to make our own way through life. We both were tired always living pay check to pay check and wanted control over our future. We both don’t do well if 9-5 day jobs and being behind a desk constantly, so we wanted to create a career and company that can combine our passions while making money and having the free time to do what we love (travel and enjoy the outdoors). Even though these first years have been TOUGH, we know we are driving forward and our goal is in sight.


Personal Background:

A little extra about me: I’m from Colorado, but was not born there – I moved when I was six months old, so I guess I’m 99.9% Native (I’ve done the math). I currently reside in Golden, a wonderful city just west of Denver. You can tell I’m pretty active, but I also love to read, drink beer, eat pancakes and mac & cheese (not at the same time) and I have a weird obsession with all things zombie related.

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Feel free to contact me, at racingthestates@gmail.com

Ask me questions or just say hi!

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31 thoughts on “About

    • thank you! I love running and my project was a great way to just keep at it! No one’s ever asked me for advice before on running. All I know is, keep it fun, never let it be something that you have to do, but something that you always want to do. And have you read “Born to Run”? That book is perfect for runners.

      • Keeping it fun is always good advice! I have read “Born to Run!” Loved it, and it helped me get back to running – by altering my footstrike a little I was able to start back up quickly and with joy after infertility treatments, 2 pregnancies followed by c-sections, and just being overweight. I have a “project” dream growing in my heart, seems crazy right now. But I will enjoy following yours and running while it develops. Thanks again.

  1. Hi Whitney,
    Thanks for following our blog! We’re following back:) We look forward to reading about your races:) I love zombies too! Have you completed in a Run for your life race?

      • That race is on the top of my To do List this year! They don’t offer it in Canada 😦 So I’ll have to hit the one up in Seattle! You must be a huge walking dead fan too I take it?

      • HUGE walking dead fan! BUT I don’t have cable, I still need to catch up on the last two episodes. I just love all zombie things…I’m always reading zombie books and watching zombie movies! lol

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