Travel & Running Bucket List

(in no particular order)


1. Run a race in every state. (12/50 done!)

2. Do at least one triathlon

3. Do at least one full marathon (Completed May 28th, 2013! I did the Vermont City Marathon, and proud of it too!)

4. Travel to new places!  (I guess I got this one covered since I’ve already been to a few places I have never been! lol!

5. Meet some cool new people along the way (I’ve already met some cool new people! I love talking to random people while I’m traveling and have made some really great friends)

6. Maybe inspire someone to get in shape, start a new goal or to start running.

7. Qualify for the Boston Marathon.

  • A. Run the Boston Marathon 🙂

8. Get my Half Marathon time under 1:40

9. Break 50 minutes in a 10k

10. Hike all of the Colorado 14ers (I’ve done three so far).


11. A Disney Marathon or half – I’d love to do the Goofy Challenge or the Princess half…or BOTH! 

12. A race in another country

13. A Rock n’ Roll Marathon somewhere

14. A relay race (check! August 3-4, 2012, I did the Wild West Relay!, and I’ve done many since)

15. Drink a craft brew in each state.

16. Visit all of Colorado’s Hot Springs

17. Climb the tallest peak in each state.

18. Run the Urban Bourbon in Kentucky

19. Climb Mt. Whitney

20. Climb Vestal Peak (get it? my name).

21. Run the Carlsbad 5000

22. Run the Mount Dessert Island Marathon (or half)

23. Run Big Sur! Doesn’t that race look beautiful?!

My first fourteener!!!!

My first fourteener!!!!

24. See the Northern Lights!

25. Do a Route 66 road trip

5 thoughts on “Travel & Running Bucket List

  1. I know about every runner has done it, that I know of, but You should do the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston if you haven’t already. I just started running last October, and I am doing this as my first Race!

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