Tuesday Newsday – 3/18 – Late again!

Yep yep, another busy week…but guess what starts after tonight!?!?!? SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

Although I’m not going to Cabo or some typical, college spring break destination, I am excited for the extra free time…even though it’s already jam packed with stuff I want need to do. Oh well.

Training was alright last week.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 4 miles – dreadmill work. blah

Wednesday: 7 miles – oh man, I’m honestly having a hard time remembering last week. I think I got in 3 at work at 4 at home. I usually am pretty good about writing down my miles, but this last week I failed at that.

Thursday: 4 miles – more dreamill work

Friday: Rest day. Girls dancing night out!

Saturday: Erin Go Braugh 7.77K – Post Race Recap to come!!! I may or may not have run my fastest pace ever. Here’s a sneak peak pic…

In the photobooth after the race

In the photobooth after the race

Sunday: So, I was supposed to do a 15 mile run this weekend; however, I REALLY wanted to get more boarding days in before the season’s over. So, my friend and I went up to keystone to take advantage of the fresh snow! And it was AWESOME. I discovered some new areas I hadn’t conquered yet!

Exploring new areas of Keysone that I've never been to.

Exploring new areas of Keysone that I’ve never been to.

Total miles for Week 8 Marathon Training: 20 miles.

Hope everyone’s week is going well! Next week’s Tuesday Newsday SHOULD be on time!

Virtual Heart Throb 5K – WAY post race recap!

heart throb 5kBack in February, I had done another virtual race. If you’ll remember, I also participated in the Tackle The Miles Virtual Race with the #13in2013 group. I may have mentioned that I did the Virtual Heart Throb, but I didn’t do an official review of it. I honestly don’t even know if I can remember how it went.

I know it was a rainy day outside. I had just gotten back from a class I believe, so I cheated on my work (Bally’s), and ran into 24 Hour Fitness by my house to get a quick 5K done on the treadmill.

All I remember really is talking to the desk guy about zombie books, powering through the run, jumping off the treadmill, running into a classmate and then heading right back out the door.

It wasn’t that eventful but I did wear my “I’m a Heart Throb” shirt.

It may have not been that eventful for me, but the entire event was a great deal for other people. The proceeds went to benefit The Arvada Community Food Bank.

Post Race Recap Collage!

Post Race Recap Collage!

This race was also put on by the 3W race series which is the same people that put together the Resolute Run I did the 1st of the year. I love this “company.” They put together super awesome events, have great communication and are super nice as well. I’m going to try to participate in all there events this year.

Anyway, the reason I am finally doing a post-race recap is because I got an email this week with our “placing.” Turned out I didn’t do too bad!

I placed 10th out of 72 other women racers! My time was 28:39; +5:31 behind the lead female. I have no idea what my age group placement is – they didn’t separate that information out. Overall, I’m really happy with the event, my time (I always run slower on a treadmill for the record), and I absolutely love my I’m a Heart Throb T-shirt!

Erin Go Braugh 7.77kToday, as this is schedule to post at 8am on Saturday morning, I am running in another 3W race…live! I am participating in the Erin Go Braugh 7.77K in Westminster, CO!

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY! I toast to you a green beer!