Run for the Zoo, Albuquerque, NM – Pre Race Review

This Sunday I will cross off New Mexico for my completed states!  I am traveling to Albuquerque this weekend to complete the Run for the Zoo!

Two reasons I’m SUPER excited for this race:

1. It’s in another state (YAY)

2. It’s a run for a ZOO!! Isn’t that awesome!?

I am a huge animal fan. I mean, HUGE! I did, after all, major in Zoology in college and I currently am a vet tech. In all seriousness, I really do love animals. It’s my passion. I eventually want a real career involving animals especially something like conservation biology.

So, the proceeds for this race go to support the NM Biopark Society – so it supports the zoo, the aquarium and botanic gardens. And what better way to spend my race money on if it’s going to a zoo!?  Sounds perfect for me! I really do want to try to find all my races that go to some kind of good cause. I know that Amy from Lavender Parking will be there too!  Pretty exciting!

This event features all different milage of races. I am signed up for the 10k. I debated between that and doing the half marathon but I’m glad I went with the lower milage because of my hip hurting. (I have not gone to the doctor yet; and I probably didn’t do it any favors by playing soccer and rock climbing the day after my race – I couldn’t help myself! – but I did take two days off from running monday and tuesday, and finally went for a slow 4 mile run Wednesday. No hip pain! So we’ll see about this weekend). I took a look at the course map, and it looks like part of it follows a river, so I bet it might be a very pretty run.

I am really excited to get a another state knocked down for my project. I’ve been to New Mexico only once before when I was a kid…but I barely remember it. I don’t honestly even remember the city I was at right now. But I know it wasn’t Albuquerque. I love to travel to new places, so this is super fun for me, even if I’m only going to be gone 2 days!  HAHA! Me and my fellow running friend will be driving down from Denver early Saturday morning. She is also a science/animal nerd like myself (she even works with me!) and we’re both super excited to tour the Albuquerque zoo after the race – I’m pretty sure we even get in free!

My goals for this race:

1. Make it through with no hip pain! Maybe not too realistic, but until I get to a doc, it has been worrying me.

2. Run under 60 min. My PR for 10k is last year at the Bolder Boulder. I ran it in 1:01:19. I only need to knock of 1 minute and 19 seconds! I can do this!

3. Enjoy the new place! It’s a fun thing for me, and I really do want to take in the views while I run!

From reading everyone’s post this week, it sounds like a lot of you have races this weekend! Good luck on all them!