Sedona Marathon Training – Week 2 Recap

My weeks just keep getting crazier and crazier! I thought with a career change my life was supposed to be LESS stressful.

That is not the case right now!


Let’s talk about running!

sedona marathon event logoSedona Marathon Training – Week 2:

Monday: 4 miles easy due, 4 miles easy complete. It was a lovely fall day and a lovely run.

Tuesday: I was supposed to do 4 x 800 but it ended up being 2 x 800. I started my workout. Ran my first 800 (a small 2 block loop I mapped out around my house – the neighbors probably think I’m crazy), then added some abs and pushups up in the mix, kinda cross fit style. I ran my second 800 (in the opposite direction) and followed up with my exercises. As soon as I started my 3rd loop, I felt super nauseous and turned about after the first block. No idea what was wrong. So, I went back inside, ate and felt better. Who knows!

Wednesday: Rest Day!

Thursday: I was supposed to do a tempo run with a 2 mile warm up, 2 mile temp, and 2 mile cool down. Just like last week, I keep running out of time on Thursdays and had a marketing event I had to go to. I only got in a quick 3 mile run. At least it was something.

Friday: 4 miles easy. 4 miles done. I actually had a running “buddy” on this one and we ran in Wash Park in Denver. If you’re in CO you’re probably familiar with the area. I, however, live under a rock, and had never been there. It’s a very lovely park with a two mile loop around. Lots of young runners and walkers enjoying the sunset.

joan jet

Me as Joan Jet!


Yes, this is me too…

Saturday: Rest day! This was actually a very fun day!  The bootcamp I coach (Camp MissFits), has a big annual event called the Pumpkin Bootcamp! It’s a fundraiser to raise money for the Arapahoe Community College Fitness Center, which is where our bootcamps are held. It’s a fun event where our members, staff of the college and the community all come for a workout with exercises that all involve using pumpkins… if they are medicines balls! I was in charge of the lower body exercises. The theme was rockstars and I dressed up as Joan Jet! After working out with my pumpkin, I went home to rest and changed in my zombie costume for a halloween party! It was a blast!

Sunday: RACE DAY! I actually did a race, the Halloween Hustle, a 5K down in littleton, CO. Expect to see a post this week on my recap! It was a great race!


Week 2 total miles: 15.1 miles

Other than that, work has been keeping me SUPER busy! I barely have had time to breathe/think!

I did want to share something fun/exciting/motivational for me that happened over the weekend. During the Pumpkin Bootcamp, a lot of the attendees were our Camp MissFit Members and their family. One woman, who isn’t much older than myself, I feel pretty close to. We get along very well and have the same hyper, talkative personalities. She brought her husband to Pumpkin Bootcamp. When she came up to me introduced her husband, she introduced me as her “running coach.” Over the few months that she’s been a member, I have given her running plans, tips and advice. A huge smile came over my face when she gave me that title! I really want to be a running coach in general and plan on getting my RRCA cert, but even without it and my current personal training and running knowledge, I’ve been able to help a client and that’s when I knew I picked the right career. 🙂

Your turn: Tell me about something that someone has said to you recently that has just brightened your day! Additional, are you in the fitness industry? Did you have a moment that made you realized you did indeed pick the right career??

Living Out of Bags

This is what the passenger side of my car looks like on a regular basis.

This is what the passenger side of my car looks like on a regular basis.

Everybody has heard the phrase “living out of their car,” right?? Well, I live out of bags. I’m always packing, unpacking, and repacking bags. Constantly. Everyday. This is what I do, it’s what I’ve always done.

I’ve gotten really good and thinking ahead about what I will need or want. Ever since I was a kid, I would travel between my parents’ houses and have to be really good at knowing what was already at each house and what I needed.

Now, I’m packing work bags, gym bags, travel bags, race bags, camping bags, hiking bags, going over to the boyfriend’s house bags…

And this means I own a lot of bags…but not in the girly-girl way of having 500 Coach or Gucci purses (did I even spell those right??). I have ugly bags, practical bags, bags that actually are useful and not for an accessory. In fact, I think I’ve had my purse for at least 4 years. No joke.

Actually, I’m barely girly enough to carry a purse, I never used to until well into college, but I learn the hard way that I tend to lose stuff if it’s not kept together in a Bag.

But, this is what I do. I live out of bags. Just today I had my work back, my purse, and my gym clothes bag (for my own workout). There was one weekend, as I was driving down to Colorado Springs, I loaded my car with my regular bag filled with clothes, my work bag, and a separate bag with hiking stuff because we had planned to go hiking. Oh, and my purse.

That’s what my life’s been for, well, all my life, but more so in the last couple years has it gotten to the point of multiple bags loaded into my car on just one given day.


Seg-way in into what’s been going on lately; a little bit of an update.

I haven’t been too active on my blog because I have been trying to figure out my professional world. I have been getting slightly more hours with the bootcamp I coach and do administrative work for, but it still isn’t quite enough. After TONS and tons of interviews, I decided that I might give it a go at doing my own business. I knew it would be rough in the beginning, and it is, but I like being in control of my own ideas of how I want to help people and using personal training to do that. I don’t like the way big corporate gyms view fitness and health…but don’t get me started on that. We would be here all day.

While running around town and promoting my business one day, my boss from the bootcamp called me up and offered me a “promotion” of sorts. She wants to start incorporating personal training and semi-private training into her business; she, herself, just doesn’t have time for it. So, she asked me if I would like to help develop it. I’d even get to use my business name if I wanted. “OF COURSE”, I replied. So there you have it. So I’ll soon be helping with personal training, in addition to coaching bootcamps, for Camp MissFits, and I can still have my business for clients that don’t live in the area.

Let’s see, since my last major post was about volunteering at the Leadville 100, what has happened since then????

-> We started off cross country season with a “scrimmage” of sorts called the Arvada Sr. High School 7th Annual Alumni Race (say that 5 times fast). So it was all the high school runners I coach, the alumni and community. And I took 1st of ALL women!


My t-shirt and my gatorade “award”

-> We’ve also had a handful of meets. I love every aspect of coaching, I really would love to see where this takes me, because I could see coaching as a major part of my life!


It’s funny though, I forgot how far 3.1 miles seems to a high schooler. Every meet I get the same question: “How long is this race?” 3.1, it’s always 3.1!!! My girls are great, though. We have a fairly big team, although only half a dozen are dedicated and show up 100% of the time. Oh well, what can ya do? We don’t want to exclude anyone, so, we promote cross country as a way to stay in shape and keep the kids out of trouble; but at the same time, we’d love to see them really try and see how far/fast they can take the sport. It’s such a journey!

-> I’ve been additional helping out my cross country team by working the Bronco’s games to raise money for the team. If you live in the Denver area and go to a Bronco’s game, come support our team; were the beer stand at 552, and the Philly Stand is like 556 or something like that.


watchin’ the Broncos warm up.

-> One weekend, the boyfriend and I took a fun trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

No, that's not a real elephant

No, that’s not a real elephant

-> Then drove up through the zoo to the Shrine of the Sun, or something like that, I can’t think of what it’s called at the moment.


hehehe love this picture. Yes, he’s running from me. Typical.

-> I was supposed to run in the Area 13.1 half, but that was when all the flooding was going on, and even though the race was safe and NOT under water, the boyfriend had to work, so I decided to stay home, warm and dry, and help my mom work on her wedding stuff.

What will be the guests' gift

What will be the party favor

-> This most recent weekend I helped my boss put on a conference. It turn out to be a great event; I really enjoyed myself in between actually working, and took away a lot of helpful info. It was a conference called Highway to Happiness; basically a motivational conference to “reset your mindset” so to speak. Five speakers: My boss (spoke on Mindset and achieving your goals), a professional speaker (spoke about being a powerful female leader), A comedian (bringing humor into your life to make it less stressful), a Financially Fit Female (it’s in the name: speaking about being financially fit as a women), and an ex army drill Sargent (spoke on being the best YOU).

One of the Speakers, Karyn Ruth

One of the Speakers, Karyn Ruth

-> Last, but not least, and most recent, it was also the boyfriend’s birthday this last weekend. I baked a cake (no, it was not a healthy cake), we went out to dinner and a movie (Insidious 2 was great and SCARY!), and the next day, drove to the top of Pike’s Peak, a 14er (no, we didn’t hike it unfortunately – it was really a spur of the moment event!).



Being spur of the moment, Yes, I was wearing shorts and flip flops in the SNOW!

And that’s about a sum of the last month or so!

YOUR TURN: Let’s see, how about: What is the most fun event/thing/activity you have done in the last week!


Well hello everybody!!

I have some fantastic news for all of you!

You know that phrase “when one door closes, a window opens”?

Well, a dozen of windows have just opened up!

2013-07-12 18.54.38I have officially finished up with my personal training school classes two weeks ago and last Friday, I officially graduated from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado……with honors!

I didn’t know until graduation day that I was getting the honors title because it takes have a 95% class average as well as a nomination from a teacher!

It was a simple graduation, the shortest graduation I have ever been to or been a part of. Literally, the ceremony lasted about 20 minutes or so.

When my name was called, I went up for my packet of certificates, smiles for pictures and went back to my seat.

We all (my mom, her fiancé, her soon to be mother-in-law, and the boy) went out to eat and celebrate at the Yard House.

In other news, I have been offered a permanent position coaching bootcamps! For the last few weeks, I have been coaching bootcamps for a local company called Camp MissFits. It’s an all women’s bootcamps, focusing on the holistic approach to fitness. This means, it’s personal training with the camaraderie of a bootcamp. Women come to these exercise groups as a way to stay motivated to reach their goals. The holistic part is that we, as coaches, and the owner get to meet with the ladies one-on-one for the personal part of the training and the owner helps with nutrition advice and meal plans as well as mind state.

I have really enjoyed doing this, although, I still need a little bit of training considering this is my first actual fitness job. However, they liked me enough or I must have showed enough potential to offer me a permanent position!! (I was on a trial, which is why I didn’t say much about this to my blog world or other friends – I didn’t want to count my chickens before they hatched). I am also doing some administrative work for the company.

Even though it’s not a full time gig, it still allows me to finally quit Bally’s because I have had some other call backs and potential additional jobs as well – making me feel comfortable enough to quit.

With that said, today I handed in my two weeks notice to that horrible corporation!!!

Needless to say, I am fantastically happy right now. (It also helps that there’s a special someone in my life I’ve been spending time with as well). Things are turning around, finally. I’m not 100% in the clear yet, but there’s a lot more breeze from those open windows in the room. 🙂

(Also, stayed tuned tomorrow…I have a long awaited post scheduled!)