My Thoughts And Heart Go Out to Boston


No tuesday newsday today.

Yesterday, I had just stepped off the treadmill at work on my lunch break. I was checking my phone for normal Boston Marathon updates as I was eating my lunch when I read a friend’s facebook post: “Bomb just went off at the marathon finish.”

That’s all, a quick facebook post.

At first I was confused. But he wasn’t the type to just joke about stuff, nor was that his style of speech. I started searching all over the internet, twitter and other facebook friends on my phone. Sure enough, it was true.

I was stunned and didn’t believe it at first. Then once I had read it enough times I was super worried. Some of my friends texted me or wrote on my “good luck to the boston runners’ post that they were glad I wasn’t there. Me too. But I still had other friends there. I did a quick facebook search, checked twitter, and sent a few texts. All the people I knew that were running it were safe; a few reported they were a mere block away from one of the explosions, and I just couldn’t imagine what that would be like.

For the rest of my shift, I tried to hold back the tears as I desperately checked my phone for updates only to come across no service due to the snowy weather.

When I got home, I just sat in front of the TV and my computer taking in all the stories. It didn’t really sink in until I saw the video capture of the explosion at the finish line.

In particular, the old man that just crumples (who I found out is okay and was helped up and finished the race). And then the stories of the injuries. And reports that people died.

I was discussing the situation with my classmate as we trekked through the snow to our test.

He asked me if I was ok and I said no, that I was super sad about it. A tweet expressed it best: “Someone attacked my tribe today. I may never be fast enough to run #bostonmarathon, but the bond between runners means it affects us all.” from @khourianya

And before I’m criticized; I get that they weren’t targeting “RUNNERS” per say, but the fact that it was a big gathering. However, big racing events usually draw a big crowd in general. I actually have no idea what they’re speculating at currently; I had to finally turn off the news, but I can only assume it was the essence of a big gathering of people.

In addition, these people weren’t running they’re first marathon, clearly, because you have to qualify for it; but the were running THE marathon. The staple of our sport.

Not only that, but most of the injured were our supporters, family and friends that come to cheer us on. I’m devastated. Broken hearted. Scared.

I hope everyone else’s loved ones are safe and my thoughts and heart go out to anyone and their families that are directly affected by this tragic event.

#pray for boston