How To Date A Runner

37474So, you read “Reasons to Date a Runner” and now you want to date one, right?

OR you already met someone you really like and it turns out they are one of those crazy runners? Sorry about that.

In the spirit of the past holiday, let me help you out!

Before we get started, I would like to point out that, no, I am not actually writing this in direction at anyone in particular, as I don’t currently have a “boyfriend.”

… and I don’t know why I put the word boyfriend in quotes…

Although, I have adapted some of these from previous dating disasters, mistakes, experiences (ok, ok, they haven’t ALL been mistakes).  These would also be pretty good tips for anyone in the future that decides they want to try to take this on, court, deal withget involved with, wrangle, handle, woo, date me….

(Insert “Desperato” by the Eagles here).

This is meant to be a funny, comedic post, although I am in no way a comedian. And yes, these all (for the most part) apply to both men and women! And yes, I probably have a real-life dating story for every one of these points….

ebibTips for Dating a Runner:

I have made this easy. Replace [THE RUNNER] with your object of affection’s name. Easy peasy. 🙂

1. In the beginning stages…I’m guessing [THE RUNNER] talks about running, like, all the time, so chances are they have told you of their upcoming race. Remember that day. Write it down if you have to. No, you don’t HAVE to go to the event (because watching a running race is like watching paint dry), but you should text/call them with a “good luck” and follow-up with a “how did the race go!?” text.

Extra tip: If you don’t wake up in time for the “good luck text”, at least go for the “hope your race went well, let me know how you did!” text. Seriously, remembering their running events = amazing.

2. Feed [THE RUNNER]. A lot. You know the phrase, “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through their belly”?  I think “man” should be replaced with “runner.”

3. Oh, and beer. Give [THE RUNNER] beer. Especially after their races.

4. Once you’ve gotten a little closer to [THE RUNNER], try to make it to some of their events. At least to the finish line. Ask them what time they expect to finish in, figure out the time of race start, and be there at the finish.

Bonus: If you don’t ASK about time or location and you just show up! (Tip: If you know the name of the race, just look up the race info online. All of it is easy to find). (Tip: This may be slightly creepy if you haven’t known them long).

EXTRA BONUS: Go with them to the race, see them off at the starting line, take pictures for them (that’s good if [THE RUNNER] is also a run-blogger), and wait for them to finish. Tip: Bring a book. Depending on the length of the race/how fast your runner is, you might be waiting awhile. Extra Tip: Have food or water ready for them. Extra EXTRA tip: Just driving them to a race means a lot! Then they have more time to fix their outfit/shoes/eat/drink coffee in the car while you’re driving.

training5. Be understanding/supportive of [THE RUNNER]. Sometimes when a runner is seriously training for a race they are pretty anal about their running plans. And their sleep. Conversely, sometimes when a runner is training and is dating someone, they feel guilty for wanting to go out on a bunch of runs (less time to spend with that special someone), and might be incline to skip them. Encourage them to stick to their plan and be understanding if they’re crazy. Besides, once they run, they are probably easier to deal with (aka, endorphins).

5b. Don’t roll your eyes at [THE RUNNER] when they start jabbering about running. Just listen. Tip: Look up how many miles are in a marathon (or half, or 10k, or 5k). If you ever ask a runner that question, they are allowed to slap you. Also look up Fartlek.

6. Once you’re WELL into the relationship, and I’m talking “it’s time to give them birthday and/or christmas gifts,” think about the last conversation about running you had with runner-bf or gf. (See number 5b: you should have been listening). What race are they wanting to run? Pay for that race entry.

6b. Or shoes. Just buy them running shoes. Better yet, a gift card to a specialty running store (Not Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Think Runner’s Roost or Road Runner Sports, etc).

6c. OR a cute running shirt. OR Running themed jewelry OR Beer. Wait, that’s #3.

7. Complement [THE RUNNER’S] legs.

7a. And butt.

8. DON’T comment on their feet. We get it. Our feet are gross.

date-a-runner9. The best thing to do if you are a NON-Runner is to just be healthy yourself. Sorry to say it/be vain but most runners tend to care a lot about health and fitness and chances are if you’re not in shape, it probably wont last long. Personally, I have dated all sorts of athletes: soccer players, weight lifters, basketball players, cyclists, etc. and non athletes. Even the guys that weren’t already into health or fitness ended up getting into running with me and those that didn’t, well, they didn’t last long!

10. Think about getting into running. If you’re a boy, it might be intimidating when your date is faster than you, but if you’ve picked good one, I am POSITIVE she would love to go on a short/slow run with you. And if she’s nice, she wont make fun of you or leave you in the dust.

Extra tips for Dating a Runner (if you are ALSO a runner):

1 through 9 still apply, but here’s some extras:

11a. Go on a few runs with [THE RUNNER]. If you are faster, take your easy day run with them! Bonus: don’t complain about the pace!

11b. If you’re slower than them, ask them to work on speed work with you. Or say something to the effect of: “If I want to be faster myself, I have to run faster in practice. Can I run with you??”

6. Run a race together. You don’t HAVE to finish together.

Bonus: Points for finishing with them – just once! (Tip: if you’re a competitive or faster runner than your date, choose an event that you don’t care about placing in and finish with them! You can skip the hand holding over the finish line. That’s just cheesy… Oh wait, I’ve done that).

Disclaimer: Above all, dating is super tricky. Rules may not apply. Don’t hold me responsible if none of these work. Women are crazy and so are runners. If you’re a man seeking a female runner, GOOD LUCK!


I swear I came up with this blog post all by myself (I was literally trying to fall asleep and it popped into my head – I grabbed my phone and started typing it up to edit later, and it’s actually been a post in the making for some months now), but I found this post written by another blogger back in May. Definitely worth a read: “How to Date a Runner” by Runners Experience.

Didn’t laugh? Fine, I’m not that funny. But this blog post is: “10 Reasons I would Never Date A Runner Even Though I Am One” by The Date Report

More: 7 Reasons to Date a Runner 


Your Turn! Any tips you would like to add? OR any funny sorties about dating a runner or dating while BEING a runner??

Horsetooth Half Marathon – Post Race Recap

I did it! I finished my first Racing the States Race!!! The Horsetooth Half kicked my butt, but I still did it. And I hurt. Ok ok, I could’ve done more hill training, but what really hurts is my left hip for some reason. It’s actually been bothering me for some time now, but I kinda ignored it, hence why I haven’t mentioned anything about it before. I usually slightly notice it after mile 4 or so during training runs. But with the steep downhills, it really stated killing me at like mile 5 or 6. I tried to ignore it, but it was pretty painful. However, I finished the race without stopping. Here’s my breakdown of the race:

horsetooth half, running, colorado

See those crazy hills!?

Mile 1: Only halfway up the FIRST hill….

Mile 2: Monster Hill Conquered! OUCH! But still feeling good.

Mile 3: Working on the downhill, trying to control my speed, but I feel good. No aches, no pains. I’m breathing well.

Mile 4: DAM HILL! Literally. That’s the name of the hill.

Mile 5: Feeling alright, my hip pain starts to act up, but its not too bad.

Mile 6: About to round the corner and I start heading down along the Poudre River. About half way! I can do this!

Mile 7: Another freaking hill!?! Are you kidding!?

Mile 8: It’s only downhill from here…..right???

Mile 9: Really, 4 MORE miles? Ok, ok, I’m in pain! (I seriously thought about stopping, but didn’t)

Mile 10: OUCH, side cramp! Why the F*CK did I want to do this???

Mile 11: People run FULL marathons!?! HA…crazy people….

Mile 12: O…M…G….one…..more….mile….that’s like 9 min……….

Mile 12.5: I see people!!! (speed up)…I’m still running! Where’s the finish line!?! (Slow down)

Mile 12.75: Ok, I’m seriously almost there…who cares about my stupid hip pain, lets do this.

Mile 13: (sprinting) I’m going to cry, but I’m almost there! Oh, HI MOM! Thanks for coming!

Mile 13.1: Where’s my beer????

I’m waiting for my official time and ranking to be posted, but I saw the prelim printed at the race. I ran it in 2 hours and 8 mins…so I didn’t break 2 hours, but I did beat my last time. To recap, my Goals were: 1) To finish – Yes! I did, I didn’t walk even though I REALLY wanted to. 2) under 2 hours – No, I didn’t make it, but at least I beat my old time. This is a hard course, so maybe a regular half I could do under 2 hours. 3) Be less sore – I’ll let you know later! HAHA Right now, I feel fine in my legs but, like I said, my left hip is killing me!! Overall, I think I’ll be in better shape than last time. 

Other than that, the race was great! Still just as beautiful. The weather was perfect. Lots of people! Great after party! My wonderful Mom came to cheer me on, meet me at the finish line and took some pictures for me (on HER birthday! so nice!).  The Horsetooth Half is a great race, and I highly recommend it to people who want to do a race in Colorado. Great atmosphere – the race ends at New Belgium brewery which has great beer and is great company altogether. I think it was an overall great day!

I updated my Project Page, and next up is the Longmont Mud Hen 5k, this saturday.

Full Moon

In preparation for my first Racing the States race, I was thinking about the last time I did the Horsetooth Half.  It was a blast as much as it was difficult, but I don’t want to talk about the race itself, not just yet. I was to tell you a funny story about a fellow competitor. Hopefully you’ll find it as funny as I did….

In the beginning, I started out by focusing on just myself and making it up the  gruesome hills. There was plenty of people around me, but I didn’t want to pay much attention to them. Once I was out of the trouble areas, I started taking in my surroundings to take my mind off the physical pain I was in (it WAS after all, my first half!). I instantly focused on this one woman who looked to be in her 30’s. She was running about my pace – most of the time. She was they type of runner that would randomly speed up but you knew it was too much for her because suddenly you were running right beside her again. These runners drive me bonkers, and I don’t know why! It just annoys me.  And that’s how it was the whole race…back and forth, back and forth. Anyway, this women had every bad race habit you could think of.  For instance, when she was in front of me and we passed a water station, she would just stop running, dead in her tracks. UGH! I pretty much ran completely into a few times on my drive  run by water grab.

So, after probably mile 6 or so, she finally realizes that her bladder is full. Keep in mind, this race is pretty popular and there’s port-o-potties at almost every water station. This woman heads to the side of the road. Drops her shorts. Squats down, barring all, and pees – right there. Full moon! Worst of all….there was a ditch right on the side of road she could have ducked into. Obviously she wasn’t shy. But man, I don’t want to see her bare butt – it wasn’t even that cute! I shook my head and kept on running, only to have her end up right beside me again.

calving pissing

Calvin will pee on you!

Needless to say, I HAD to beat her, even if only by a few seconds. So for the remaining few miles, it was the same back and forth with her ahead of me then behind me. Once I saw the sign for 13 miles, she was in front of me at the time, I picked up the last ounce of my strength, dodged her bony little elbows that were trying to keep me at bay (yep, she was an elbower), and I beat her!

I don’t know why this woman annoyed me so much, but she did. And usually I’m not that competitive against other people. I am only trying to beat my goals and my own records, but in my head, I had to beat her because of her annoying race antics.

Does anyone else have any funny race stories or other competitors that annoyed them? Or have you pulled your pants down on the side of the road before??


Use these...or piss down your leg like REAL runners do! jk, i've never pissed down my leg...yet!