How To Date A Runner

37474So, you read “Reasons to Date a Runner” and now you want to date one, right?

OR you already met someone you really like and it turns out they are one of those crazy runners? Sorry about that.

In the spirit of the past holiday, let me help you out!

Before we get started, I would like to point out that, no, I am not actually writing this in direction at anyone in particular, as I don’t currently have a “boyfriend.”

… and I don’t know why I put the word boyfriend in quotes…

Although, I have adapted some of these from previous dating disasters, mistakes, experiences (ok, ok, they haven’t ALL been mistakes).  These would also be pretty good tips for anyone in the future that decides they want to try to take this on, court, deal withget involved with, wrangle, handle, woo, date me….

(Insert “Desperato” by the Eagles here).

This is meant to be a funny, comedic post, although I am in no way a comedian. And yes, these all (for the most part) apply to both men and women! And yes, I probably have a real-life dating story for every one of these points….

ebibTips for Dating a Runner:

I have made this easy. Replace [THE RUNNER] with your object of affection’s name. Easy peasy. 🙂

1. In the beginning stages…I’m guessing [THE RUNNER] talks about running, like, all the time, so chances are they have told you of their upcoming race. Remember that day. Write it down if you have to. No, you don’t HAVE to go to the event (because watching a running race is like watching paint dry), but you should text/call them with a “good luck” and follow-up with a “how did the race go!?” text.

Extra tip: If you don’t wake up in time for the “good luck text”, at least go for the “hope your race went well, let me know how you did!” text. Seriously, remembering their running events = amazing.

2. Feed [THE RUNNER]. A lot. You know the phrase, “the fastest way to a man’s heart is through their belly”?  I think “man” should be replaced with “runner.”

3. Oh, and beer. Give [THE RUNNER] beer. Especially after their races.

4. Once you’ve gotten a little closer to [THE RUNNER], try to make it to some of their events. At least to the finish line. Ask them what time they expect to finish in, figure out the time of race start, and be there at the finish.

Bonus: If you don’t ASK about time or location and you just show up! (Tip: If you know the name of the race, just look up the race info online. All of it is easy to find). (Tip: This may be slightly creepy if you haven’t known them long).

EXTRA BONUS: Go with them to the race, see them off at the starting line, take pictures for them (that’s good if [THE RUNNER] is also a run-blogger), and wait for them to finish. Tip: Bring a book. Depending on the length of the race/how fast your runner is, you might be waiting awhile. Extra Tip: Have food or water ready for them. Extra EXTRA tip: Just driving them to a race means a lot! Then they have more time to fix their outfit/shoes/eat/drink coffee in the car while you’re driving.

training5. Be understanding/supportive of [THE RUNNER]. Sometimes when a runner is seriously training for a race they are pretty anal about their running plans. And their sleep. Conversely, sometimes when a runner is training and is dating someone, they feel guilty for wanting to go out on a bunch of runs (less time to spend with that special someone), and might be incline to skip them. Encourage them to stick to their plan and be understanding if they’re crazy. Besides, once they run, they are probably easier to deal with (aka, endorphins).

5b. Don’t roll your eyes at [THE RUNNER] when they start jabbering about running. Just listen. Tip: Look up how many miles are in a marathon (or half, or 10k, or 5k). If you ever ask a runner that question, they are allowed to slap you. Also look up Fartlek.

6. Once you’re WELL into the relationship, and I’m talking “it’s time to give them birthday and/or christmas gifts,” think about the last conversation about running you had with runner-bf or gf. (See number 5b: you should have been listening). What race are they wanting to run? Pay for that race entry.

6b. Or shoes. Just buy them running shoes. Better yet, a gift card to a specialty running store (Not Sports Authority or Dick’s Sporting Goods. Think Runner’s Roost or Road Runner Sports, etc).

6c. OR a cute running shirt. OR Running themed jewelry OR Beer. Wait, that’s #3.

7. Complement [THE RUNNER’S] legs.

7a. And butt.

8. DON’T comment on their feet. We get it. Our feet are gross.

date-a-runner9. The best thing to do if you are a NON-Runner is to just be healthy yourself. Sorry to say it/be vain but most runners tend to care a lot about health and fitness and chances are if you’re not in shape, it probably wont last long. Personally, I have dated all sorts of athletes: soccer players, weight lifters, basketball players, cyclists, etc. and non athletes. Even the guys that weren’t already into health or fitness ended up getting into running with me and those that didn’t, well, they didn’t last long!

10. Think about getting into running. If you’re a boy, it might be intimidating when your date is faster than you, but if you’ve picked good one, I am POSITIVE she would love to go on a short/slow run with you. And if she’s nice, she wont make fun of you or leave you in the dust.

Extra tips for Dating a Runner (if you are ALSO a runner):

1 through 9 still apply, but here’s some extras:

11a. Go on a few runs with [THE RUNNER]. If you are faster, take your easy day run with them! Bonus: don’t complain about the pace!

11b. If you’re slower than them, ask them to work on speed work with you. Or say something to the effect of: “If I want to be faster myself, I have to run faster in practice. Can I run with you??”

6. Run a race together. You don’t HAVE to finish together.

Bonus: Points for finishing with them – just once! (Tip: if you’re a competitive or faster runner than your date, choose an event that you don’t care about placing in and finish with them! You can skip the hand holding over the finish line. That’s just cheesy… Oh wait, I’ve done that).

Disclaimer: Above all, dating is super tricky. Rules may not apply. Don’t hold me responsible if none of these work. Women are crazy and so are runners. If you’re a man seeking a female runner, GOOD LUCK!


I swear I came up with this blog post all by myself (I was literally trying to fall asleep and it popped into my head – I grabbed my phone and started typing it up to edit later, and it’s actually been a post in the making for some months now), but I found this post written by another blogger back in May. Definitely worth a read: “How to Date a Runner” by Runners Experience.

Didn’t laugh? Fine, I’m not that funny. But this blog post is: “10 Reasons I would Never Date A Runner Even Though I Am One” by The Date Report

More: 7 Reasons to Date a Runner 


Your Turn! Any tips you would like to add? OR any funny sorties about dating a runner or dating while BEING a runner??

Skirt Sport’s Skirt Chaser 5k – Post Race Recap!

SC5k_logo_landing_page-470x185Besides the Ragnar Road Relay, the Skirt Chaser 5K was the only other race I ran in August! (Which is good for me and my delayed blogging and my post-race recaps!)  The Skirt Chaser was put on by the Skirt Sports company and 3W Races was hired to run it (i.e. help with marketing, set up, timing, planning, etc). Since it wasn’t a 3w owned race, I still had to pay for it, but because Skirt Sports is a sponsor of the 3W ambassador program, we got a great discount. (Now that last sentence was a tongue twister!)

This was probably most fun I have ever had a race to date. I’m not joking! The whole idea, event and after party were a blast!



Let me explain the idea first in case you have no idea what I’m talking about (to: my non-runner friends). So, a “skirt chaser” race is an event where the women get to start running first and the men get “released” shortly after. The idea is to catch the ladies, and yes it is supposed to be a fun “mixer.” Single men and women are encouraged to register but couples register for the idea of trying to catch each other. For example, my friend Sarah is a really faster runner dating a really fast guy as well. They compared their 5K PR’s to see if her boyfriend could indeed catch her after a three-minute difference in race start times. (Spoiler alert: He did catcher with about .75 miles left, I think!)


The race in Colorado is part of the Skirt Sport’s series started by Nicole Deboom, the owner of Skirt Sports. I’ve met Nicole and she is the nicest person around. She has an excellent story and loves making people happy: thus the skirt chaser was born. Her series started in 2007. I honestly don’t know if she was the first one to come up with this idea (I doubt it) but I couldn’t google any more info on how the skirt chaser idea came about besides from her website.



Taken straight for Nicole’s Skirt Chaser website, she wanted the race to include three things:

1. Fun: The staggered start format gave the spotlight to the ladies. 2. Flirty: The 3 minute delay created extra buzz and excitement. 3. Festive: The after-party topped it all off!

And the reason the women go first:

When I was racing pro, I competed in a few events that were billed as “Battles of the Sexes” in which the women pros started first and the men followed a certain window of time afterward. The first person across the line won an extra prize purse, as high as $250,000!

I always liked the idea of putting the women on a pedestal and gearing the event around women, but I still wanted to include the men in a way that was fun, flirty and festive. The staggered format was unprecedented in a mass running environment which gave us another reason to do something different. We created the first running skirt. Why not innovate a new style of racing too?!


Now, I, personally, am all for the Skirt Chaser idea, however, there is few people out there that disagree with the whole thing…and I can’t figure out why. It’s clearly a race themed for a flirty/dating aspect. I read one blog post and the associated comments about people criticizing the whole race idea. (To be clear, I don’t think this person or the commenters even ran any of the races and they are not talking about any one in particular, just the idea of it. This author groups the “skirt chaser” and all other “fun runs” together including the color run, rave run and other ideas like that).

First off, I would NEVER group the Color run, the Neon Run, or any of those themed races with the Skirt Chaser. One main reason: The Skirt Chaser is timed and you can actually race it. In the other “fun runs,” there is no timing system and with the mass amounts of people attending, you can’t even run. It’s more like a jog or power walk because that’s all you can muster.


The author of the article I found criticizes the skirt chaser and describes is as a 5K with the theme: “female runners eluding male pursuers.” I have no idea where this person got this idea, but there’s nothing creepy about the Skirt Chaser like they make it sound. She goes on to criticize the language, clearly not getting the whole point. I wonder if this author is even a runner…

Assuming this author is just highly feminist, she compares the idea of the skirt chaser to “women running for their lives.”

Oh dear. Really?? My favorite comment answers that: “Oookay…I always understood the term “skirt chaser” to mean a guy who is a big flirt, who is always, well, chasing women, not a rapist. Maybe a pickup artist at worst. But really, this seems like a play on words and not intended to imply that women are ‘running for their lives.’ Maybe more like ‘catch me if you can.’ I deplore rape culture, too, but this seems a bit on the side of being oversensitive.

Thank you, who ever you were.

My thumbs down to not feeling well.

My thumbs down to not feeling well.

If you continue on and read the comments, almost everyone that speaks up again compares it to the Color Run. They also start talking about the staggered starts for other races, saying that it’s usually the men that go first.

HELLO! You’re missing the point here!! In the Skirt Chaser, it’s fun and flirty and it’s meant to be a little game to see if they men can catch up to the women! The only reason men start first in other races is usually because it’s a high school cross-country race, and they want to clear the field so that timing and finishing is easier to keep track of.

Oooff!! Sorry, I got carried away there! After reading more of the (I’m assuming it’s a female)’s blog posts, it just turns out they are a hard to please person.

Let’s get back on track…


I arrived after a long day working in the hot sun. The skirt Chaser was a mid-summer race set to start at 6pm. Seems pretty ridiculous for the summer, but, part of the whole event is to have the after party, and night-time is definitely best for an after party.

I tried to prepare myself for the 5K even though my body felt like it was going to collapse. I had woken up super early to volunteer at a Kid’s Tri then zipped over to volunteer at a festival in Denver to promote a concert that was coming up at the time. I was feeling drained.


But, I turned my thumps up because I was almost done.

I changed into my running skirt (of course I had to run in a skirt), checked out the fellas to see who was wearing the “i’m single” stickers mingled with everyone, and then lined up with all the ladies. After a quick word from Nicole Deboom, we were off!

It was actually a really hard race for me! By the half way mark, I was not feeling well at all. Like, “upset stomach and headache”, not feeling well. I probably didn’t eat well the whole day; it’s always hard for me to eat right with an evening race. I got a horrible stomach ache and it was hard to keep my pace up. I was passed by a few ladies that don’t normally run faster than me. It was not a good feeling mentally either. I can be super competitive at times.

The good part though: I was only passed by half a dozen or so men! When I finally reached the finish line and joined one of my friends, she joked with me that I should have gone a little slower to give some of the men a chance to catch me!

Coming into the finish line!

Coming into the finish line!



In case you can’t read it, it says,”Single….Taken??…DEPENDS WHO’S ASKING!”

I visited all of the vendors and sponsors, one of which had a friend of mine working it! Since I’ve been doing all these random jobs this past year, one of my good friends that I met at one of those random jobs was actually working at the Toyota Booth! So fun!!


This was probably the best post race celebration you have ever been to! Everyone got TWO free beers, there was music, dancing, top three finishers overall (men or women were not separated – and no, they did not include the three min time difference for men! Muahahaha), twister, and lots of fun!


Our twister team!

I don’t think I need to describe it too much more…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.



Clearly I’m not on the same page as everyone else…

Although, I did feel like it was high school all over again, waiting to see if someone would ask me to dance! Eventually, I did get a dance partner and although he was super sweet and super cute, he was a little young for me. We still had a blast and our two groups went to eat after the whole event at a nearby restaurant.

Not the best picture, but the boy caught in action coming over to ask me to dance

Not the best picture, but the boy caught in action coming over to ask me to dance

The skirt-sport owner, Nicole, and the 3W Race directors showed up at the same restaurant and encouraged our after party, after the after party, clearly hinting at the fact that she same me with my dance partner.




Isn’t he adorable!? Aww…super sweet Wyoming boy…sigh





Additional Resources:

Skirt Chaser Website

The Article I was referring to in the beginning

 Your Turn: Have you ever done a Skirt Chaser???

Is it seriously JULY!?! (Updates)

I cannot believe it’s been over a month since I’ve last posted!


I’ve even gotten a few new followers during that dead time. To those of you, Welcome! I swear, I do actually write a blog. Ideally, I would like to post at least once a week, and if I had time, more often. If you’re new, I write about all things running related: my training, my work (I’m a personal trainer, coach and group ex instructor), race recaps, group runs, places to run (in the Colorado area), book reviews on running, movies on running, traveling (when I do actually get to travel, hence the name “Racing the States”), and the occasional zombie topic (that’s not a joke. I love zombies).

Um, where to start…..where… to… start…that’s the question….

How about right from where I last left off.

My last post was my Bolder Boulder Recap….and so much has happened since that post (or even that race!) The Bolder Boulder actually took place on May 26 and I didn’t post about it until June 9th. Before that, I had updated you on my crazy life circumstances.  You can update yourself HERE if feel so inclined.

Since that month and race, I’ve done so much (running related) things it’s ridiculous. And a lot of non-running related things as well.

images-2Running Updates:

The weekend after the Bolder Boulder, I took the Track and Field Level I Coaches Certification class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Finally, as in yesterday, I sat down and took my test and passed! I am officially a Level I Track & Field Certified Coach!!

Then I did the Ragnar Trail Relay (I actually have MOST of that blog post written, I just haven’t finished the last little bit. You can expect to see that soon).

10351893_699423573426033_2397878816282477511_nThe weekend after that, I did the Father’s Day  Classic with 3W Races….where I took 3rd overall Female!!! WOOT!

The weekend after THAT, I was the warm-up trainer from the gym I work at for a different local racing company called All-Out Multisport. That was a flop. No one wanted to warm up with me. I kind of expected this because if you are like me, you already have your own warm up routine or you don’t warm up before races. That’s how the running community is. That’s what we do. Their concept of wanting a warm up trainer at all of their events is foreign to me, but I still will do it (as long as I’m working at this gym) because it could possibly open up business opportunities for me.

I also did my first double-digit run for marathon training that weekend (yes, I am marathon training. There’s a few reasons I haven’t written about it; one being that I don’t want to psych myself out about it – and I probably just jinxed myself). I actually had lovely company with a special friend for this sunset run, followed by delicious homemade food and hot tub. A lovely running date, if you ask me! (HINT: If you want to date a runner, this would be a WONDERFUL date idea!)

Olympian, Kara Goucher and myself

Olympian, Kara Goucher and myself

I attended a few Run Groups in the last month (the Boulder Running Company Wednesday nights and Bentgate Run Club in Golden Tuesday nights) where I saw Kara Goucher and Scott Jurek speak! I even got to run with Kara ….. for about a block until she passed me! And I spoke with Scott Jurek about his upcoming races and told him that I met him when he wasn’t looking so hot at last year’s Leadville 100 when I was volunteering. I used to own his book, but I had lent it out to a friend and never got it back. I wish I had it for him to sign! DANG IT!

And after that, the next weekend, I ran two races and did a pub crawl. The first race being with 3W, the Neighborhood fun run on saturday. Followed by the Surf’s Up Pub Crawl in Denver where I was one of the group leaders. It was a total blast! Then on Sunday, I randomly decided to run the Heart and Sole 10K in Boulder, CO….where I achieved a new PR (my last one being two years old). Since I am indeed marathon training, I needed more miles, so I found some company to get five more miles in. All followed up by pool party!

Somewhere in there, I got some outdoor climbing in! YAY! Love climbing!

IMG_0200 2That now brings us to the most recently passed weekend, 4th of July weekend. I spent four days in Snowmass, Colorado working for Kashi at the Wanderlust Festival. If you haven’t heard of Wanderlust, you should definitely check it out. It’s a yoga/outdoor activity/music festival. I mostly worked and didn’t get to participate in any of the yoga stuff, but definitely a fun experience. I got to go hiking, running, and enjoy free concerts all weekend in addition to making money!

And my last, but not least, running related event took place yesterday. I did the Westminster Road Runner Sport’s Adventure Run. It you have one of these in your area, you should definitely check it out! For one, it’s free. Two, simply, it’s a blast! You get a map emailed to you right at race time (or at the event, they hold up a map), and you run to as many check points as you can to get raffle tickets. At the end, you place all your raffle tickets in the bucket and they raffle off tons of prizes! It was a lot of fun, and I got in about 5.25 miles. With stopping at the check points, it was almost like an interval run!

You can expect write ups on each of those events. Duh.

Career Updates:

I am still working at Prestige Fitness, but only barely. Being a personal trainer in the summer is hard!! I’m really having trouble establishing a client base. I am working hard at it, but it’s just not paying the bills, hence why I take random jobs like working for Kashi for a weekend.

There’s been a lot going on with that, I’m really re-thinking what I want to do/be when I grow up… and when your boss tells you “to doll yourself up” to sell training, you may re-think being a trainer as well. That elicited a lengthy debate on my Facebook page!

I have a lot of moral dilemmas pushing people hard to spend money on something so expensive, even though a lot of them need the help health wise. There’s got to be a better way! Before I get too involved in that topic, I’ll move on…

I am still at the City of Golden teaching a handful of group exercise classes, and I am hoping to get on board again this year and help coach cross-country.

Other than that, I still pick up random promo gigs (like the Kashi thing), and I’m thinking about other things (like teaching…maybe!) for the future.

Yes, having summers off is persuading the possible teaching career. No joke.

Yes, having summers off is persuading the possible teaching career. No joke.

Personal-ish life updates:

Just kidding! I’m not going to write about that here. You can check out my dating blog for more info on that…..JUST KIDDING, I don’t write a dating blog, but if I did, you would get lots of laughs! I would call it….”Chronicles of: Just how many frogs DO I have to kiss before one turns into a prince!” Is that too long of a title?

What’s up next? This weekend I need to get in a 14-ish mile run at some point, but other than that, I have no official plans! Which is a WONDERFUL feeling, let me tell you! This is a first for a really long time. Maybe I’ll climb, maybe I’ll try SUPing, or maybe I’ll just sleep all weekend!  My next race coming up will be with 3W and its the Prairie Dog Half! Unless I decide to run another random one.

 Your turn: What have YOU all been up to??? (I do actually read your blogs, but for those of you that I have yet to discover, let me know)!