BibRave Product Review: Stunt Runner Leash by Stunt Puppy!

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I have always wanted a hands free leash! Always. I just have never taken the plunge and bought one. I love running with my dog when I can (I ran with Tristan a lot more before he got old). I still run with him occasionally on shorter runs (and mostly when I’m not pregnant!).

When the opportunity arose to try the Stunt Runner leash by Stunt Puppy, I was very excited! Then, the leash came in the mail and Colorado got hit by snow storm after snow storm after snow storm and my only days off between jobs were freezing or snowy. Finally, this past week, I got to give this hands-free leash a whirl!

For Running:
Going hands-free with the dog while running was a huge difference! When you have a normal leash, no matter what you do, you can’t run with your normal form when you hold the leash. To get a close to normal arm swing, you need a ton of slack in a normal leash and thus create a tripping hazard for you and your dog. With the Stunt Runner, you can still take your dog for a run with you and run exactly as you do by yourself! It was amazing!

For Walks:
Even taking my dog for a walk with the hands-free leash was a lot more convenient than a normal leash. Especially on cold days, I can still put my hands in my pockets easier with the Stunt Runner plus I am able to access my phone and do other things without having to worry about dropping the leash!

Leash Details:
-Bungee Style Connection (to stretch and allow variations in stride)
-Adjustable Waist Belt (ya know, great for when your belly grows because you’re pregnant!)
-Adjustable Leash Length (To keep your running buddy at just the right length)
-Made with tubular webbing, back tar stitching, Stunt Puppy Alpha™ hardware, and Duraflex® buckles (the same stuff firefighters gear and climbing gear is made out of. i.e. super strong and lightweight.)
-Floating D-Right On the Waist Belt (this moves around as the dog moves around so there’s no tugging on your waist.)
-A static portion (for an emergency grab handle)

When I first started using it, I had to retrain my dog to watch out for my feet. With a normal leash, I could easily move my hand around to keep him at the exact spot I needed him. With the leash runner, the flexible, bungee part makes it so your dog doesn’t yank you around when your stride changes (this is a positive, but takes some getting used to). The hard part of this is that you have to make sure your dog doesn’t get too close to you. Now that I’m used to the leash and know exactly where to grab for the static portion, I’m getting used to adjusting my dog if he gets too close to me.

The leash was everything I wanted in a hands-free leash and more. Not only did it make my jogs and walks way more convenient, but it also exceeded my standards by being made from very durable material and the adjustability. I highly recommend this leash for people that want to run with their dog!

Get one for yourself:
The Stunt Runner Sells online for $44.00 at

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We’re Registered! For The Scooby Doo Virtual Run Challenge with Tristan!

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I used to do virtual races back in the day and then, for me personally, the trend kind of wore off. However, when I came across this opportunity, I couldn’t resist!

The Scooby Doo Virtual Run Series is hosted by the one and only Scooby Doo himself! Seriously, it’s promoted on the official Scooby Doo facebook and Instagram pages and using the real Scooby Doo images. This virtual race series is intended to be done with your doggie, although you don’t have to have a dog to do it!

I really wanted to do this race with my dog, Tristan, because he is getting older and I don’t foresee him being able to run with me much longer. So, we are signed up for the Scooby Doo Race Series Challenge which consists of TWO virtual races, the Doo Good 5k to be run in September and the Scoobtober 5k/10k in October.

With each race we’ll get swag, both for me and Tristan! The gear is super adorable with a shirt for me and a bandana for your him. Plus, we’ll EACH get a finisher’s medal! The best part is that part of the proceeds benefit the Best Friends Animal Society.

First up, the Doo Good 5k!
I plan on running the 5k during the last weekend of September. We’ll pick a course and tackle the 3.1 miles walking and running. I have seriously been training with Tristan and building up his mileage so we can run the Doo Good 5k.

Teaching him how to Instagram with the watch. 😉

Join Me!

Register for the Challenge by September 20th HERE! Use Coupon Code BIBRAVE to save 10% on registration.

OR The Doo Good 5k by September 20th HERE

OR The Scoobtober 5k/10k by October 20th HERE

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Running with Dogs

How many of you bring your furry friend along on your runs?? I used to, a couple years ago. I should still, but my dog became so ADD on my runs it’s pretty annoying. He stops and sniffs EVERYTHING and crosses my path countless times to the point where he has literally tripped me! I guess I should have spent more time training him because I’m sure he’d love the exercise. When I was in college, I would take my dog on runs around my house. Now, I live in a busier city and the paths I run are crowded with other dogs…which is undesirable because my dog can be dog-aggressive.

My Dog

This is my playful pooch!

If you do decided to run with your dog, coming from the vet tech side of me, I thought I would offer some tips.

1. Most vets I’ve talked to say to leave your mutt at home until they are about 9 months-1 year. This is because while they are under a year old, they are still developing – FAST! They grow quickly, especially the large breed dogs and taking them on long exercise runs can make them more prone to injuries. I’m not saying don’t walk your puppies, but for runners that are running long distances…it can be bad for the pups.

2. If you’re going for longer than 3 miles, bring water for your pooch, even if you don’t bring some for yourself. Even if you run by a pond/lake/stream etc, I would still try to not let your dog drink from that. They can get giardia, which is a parasite that can cause disgusting, gross diarrhea.  Harder said than done; I do let my dog swim in the area lakes and he always takes in mouth fulls of water.  They do make collapsable water dishes that fold up pretty small and can fit in a pocket – or on a little vest you can make your dog wear.

3. Be respectful of other runners! I’m a HUGE dog lover, obviously, I do it for a living. But come on people! When I’m running and I have to dodge your dog or jump over the leash….It just makes me mad! When you see people coming, tighten up the leash, if there’s not many people on the trail, just keep in mind you may see someone eventually. I don’t recommend the retractable leashes; it takes forever to pull your dog close and thus they can be dangerous. But there are some cool leashes for running with your mutt that you just tie around your waist so your hands stay free.

4. Keep distance in mind. I never ran with my dog more than, say, 5 miles, but some of my old co-workers would travel close to marathon distances with their furry pal claiming the dog did great and never complained. Test your pooch. If he doesn’t start lagging behind, I’d say your good to keep running. Be mindful though; maybe keep your path close to home, you never know what dangers are in the road that could injure you or your dog. Rocks, sticks, metal lawn edging….all can cause bad lacerations.

5. Please, oh please, vaccinate your dog!! You never know what animals or other pets have been on the path you’re on. A $15 vaccine can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in medical treatment for something. Rabies vaccine is required by law (and is also safe to have!), but I definitely recommend DHPP (distemper/parvo vaccine) – believe me, you don’t want your dog to get parvo. Lepto vaccine is also highly recommended – Leptospirosis is a bacteria that is found in the urine of wild animals, worse-if your pooch gets it, you can too, and you don’t want that shit. If you’re in the humid states, maybe think about Lyme vaccine in case your dog gets bit by a tick. You may not let your dogs go up to other dogs, but some diseases are picked up from the ground. So many people don’t pick their pet’s waste off the grass and your dog can get parasites, bacteria and diseases from that. Speaking of which..don’t forget to bring a plastic bag to pick up your own dog’s poop!

6. Start training when they’re young! Start training “HEEL” when they’re puppies. This will come in handy while having your older dog run beside you. When you do start to run with your dog, start with short distances to train them. I also recommend the Gentle Leader leash. It fits around their nose and if they pull, it forces them to turn their head and look at you which you take that opportunity to tell them “heel.” I’m a big fan of these leashes. If you’re looking for a laugh, start trying to train your dog to run while you’re on a bike! I had an eventful day with that once!

I hope some of these are insightful and I think its a great idea to get your dog exercise while getting your own!

How many of you run with your dog?? How far to you take them?

My goofy dog.