Looking at 2016

It’s now or never to set some goals for 2016. I feel like if I haven’t set goals by the end of January, it’s kind of cheating!

Running: Running should be pretty exciting this year… if I can get back into it! For this first month of the year, I have been struggling! I haven’t had energy, time or motivation. Then when I do finally take a chance and run, I get a mile in and my efforts get thwarted, either not feeling well, weather, or something else. But I am very involved in the running community between work, my ambassadorships (Skirt Sports) and being on the Runner’s Roost Mountain/Ultra Team!

-I desperately want to get back into Half Marathon Shape! What I mean by this is being up in the 12-14 mile distance for my long run and feeling like I could run a half marathon any random weekend.

-Cruise the trails! I want to run at least one NEW trail a month! (And write about it!)

-Run my first TRAIL race! I am on the Roost Mountain and Ultra team after all!

-Run more miles than I did last year (733 was last year’s totals).

-Check off a race in a new state! I’ve already got one on the calendar (*cough* Washington *cough*).

Other fitness:

-Start a strength training program back up. I’d like to be lift one to two times per week. That’s about a realistic as I can get with my busy weeks of working, running and other activities I like to do.

Climb 5.10’s consistently and confidently. For other rock climbers out there, that’s probably not too difficult, but for me this will be a challenge.

Career: Yes I still have 3 jobs – Marketing/Race Production for 3W Races, High School Cross Country and Track & Field Assistant coach (two different schools) and Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor for my local Community Center! 

-I already had a 2016 meeting with work (my main job with 3W Races) and I am looking forward to the 2016 work year. My “goal” isn’t so much a goal but to just keep working hard and learning more about working in the running industry.

Blogging: Expect some changes! During February, I’m changing up the design, functionality and look of Racing the States…in fact, the name may even change! 

-I really like this whole blogging thing. I would like to see it grow more. So, my goal is to post at least once a week (with a little leeway if I miss a couple weeks). 😉


-Visit at least TWO places in Colorado that I haven’t gone to before. Whether camping, snowboarding, hiking, or otherwise!

-Visit at least TWO new places OUTSIDE of Colorado that I haven’t been before! I have already checked this off with my first trip of 2016, so I’ll say FOUR new places (that way I have to get two more).

-I HAVE to knock off a new 14er this year. At least one.

Here’s to 2016! 

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Today Would Have Been THE Day…

Here we are…December 2nd. I SHOULD have been running a marathon today. A full marathon. 26.2 miles. In Vegas. With all the pretty lights on.

Instead: I’m switched careers and am working a retail job. (And I hurt my foot – but it’s better now).

Ironically, a week ago I was selling shoes, like the good sales(wo)man I am, and a man came in looking at three different pairs of of expensive shoes. All in size 13. Since we were out of almost all the ones he wanted, I spent a good portion of the day calling other Dick’s and looking for the shoes. One was the Nike Run 3. (Beautiful shoe, mind you) however, no one had it. I reported this to the man and then I asked why he was looking for all the new shoes (and he wanted them ASAP).

He proceded to tell me that he was running a marathon in a week and a half. “Which one,” I asked.

“Oh, the Vegas one.”

I gave him my him my best pouty face and told him about how I was SUPPOSED to be doing that race. He did ask why, and I shortly explained my situation and told him I was now going to pout the rest of the day, but then we both laughed it off.

So here’s to you all that are doing the Rock n’ Roll Vegas Strip at Night! I am extremely jealous, but I wish you all a good run! Run hard for me! And I’ll cheer you on (but also be a little jealous at the same time).

Next year, Vegas, next year I’ll be there.