Run Crazy Horse – Pre Race Review

I’m super excited for this race!!! I haven’t been this excited for a run in a while. Here’s a few reasons why:

1. It’s in South Dakota. My birth state and I get to knock off another state! I was born in Ellsworth Airforce Base, just outside of Rapid City and the race takes place in the beautiful Black Hills just outside of that.

2. It’s a half marathon….and totally counts for my long run this week for marathon training.

3. It almost all down hill…yesssss….PR here we come!!!

4. My mommy’s coming with me! LOL. I thought I was going to have to go alone, but my Mom asked if I wanted company, and I said yes, of course!

Last year’s medal

5. I get a medal! And they look pretty sweet from the pictures!

I’m running the Crazy Horse Half Marathon on Sunday. The race starts at the Crazy Horse memorial itself and you run downhill, into Hill City. The Memorial is to honor the culture and traditions of the North American Indians. The sculpture was started in 1948 and once finished, will be the the largest mountain carving. I saw crazy horse when I was a kid, I believe, and I’m curious to dig out pictures to see how far the carving has come since then.

I’ll be leaving after work today, heading up to Longmont to pick up my Mom and then driving the 6 hours to South Dakota. Were staying in a small town called Keystone thats only 20-30 minutes to the race start. The small hotel comes with a pool/hot tub, which I may or may not use after the race and has a free breakfast! Perfect!

I do want to PR this race which means I need to get under 1:57 which was from my race in Nebraska. I feel faster. I feel more fit. I think I can do this!!!

Who else has races this weekend??? Good luck to you!