The Running Leg Thief

My first Racing The States race is in 18 days. And I’m getting kinda nervous. I’m worried that I won’t be prepared. Mostly because I’ve had a string of “bad runs.” Last weekend I went for a 10 mile run, but after about 6.5 miles I had to stop and walk every once and a while. I was really mad at myself. I’m sure it had something to do with my nutrition; I was in a grumpy mood that morning and “forgot” about breakfast…my mind wanted the escape of running. I’m sure this happens to some people. Plus, it was an 80 degree, Colorado, March day. Super strange to be that hot in March – not that I mind! Neverminding the fact that we got snow two days later!

I have gotten up to 10 miles before, just a few weeks to a month ago; but for some reason, in the last week or two, I just don’t have my running legs on me…I think some one stole them!! And I want them back!

With the early temp increases, my allergies have been worst than ever and I was not a pretty sight – my allergies drained me of energy. Today and yesterday, I went for 4 mile runs, made it the whole way, but my legs felt really weak and unstable.

I sound like an excuse-a-saurus-rex! I guess I just need to push myself, get my milage back up and train for my race! Any tips on finding my running legs?? I’ve looked everywhere!

nice legs

Maybe my legs ran away to the beach...cause that's certainly where I would like to be!