Tuesdays Newsday – 7/31

Hello! I hope everyone’s monday wasn’t too bad. I spent my last “weekend” day driving around and running errands.

1. I think my biggest news this tuesday is that I hiked my first 14er on Sunday! Super proud, check out my recap here. By the way, I’m more sore from that hike than I am from lifting! The muscles above my butt, ya know, the ones you use to push your self up, ya, those hurt!

wild west relay2. I’m getting really nervous for the Wild West Relay….starts this Friday!!! I’m not so much worried about the actual running part as the getting everything I need part. It’s going to be a mini vacation. I’ll be out of town thursday night to sunday afternoon. I’ll of course have a pre-race review later this week.

3. I’ve been watching the Olympics as much as I can. I’m not a olympic fanatic at all, though, I just like watching the different sports. I don’t follow along, or know who’s in the lead, etc….I just watch whatever is airing for the mere joy of watching competition in general. The only sport I do really follow is Beach Volleyball. LOVE the sport! Makes me miss my old volleyball days (I haven’t played in YEARS!) And of course, I root for Misty May and Kerri Walsh! Duh! Well, I do watch a little bit of the marathon stuff…but let’s all be honest here…running is BORING to watch. So I usually just catch the end.

Last Week’s Goals Update:

1. To start lifting. So far, so good….I didn’t end up lifting on tuesday…but I did lift on wednesday and friday. I did an upper body workout on tuesday and a lower body workout on thursday. It felt gooooood. I forgot how much I like lifting. It makes me feel sexy, lol, and awesome when I’m pretty much the only girl on the weights side of the gym.

2. Stretching. Bad. Lol well, not horrible. I’ve been stretching after runs and stuff, but not on my off days. I know for sure, I better do a lot of stretching during the Wild West Relay!

pain in the ass

And that’s about it for this Tuesday!

Tuesday Newsday – 7/23

I have some GREAT news for this Tuesday Newsday!!!

1. Guess what!?! I. QUIT. MY. JOB. That’s right!!! You’ve probably seen me write multiple times about how much I hated my job, well, after a few borderline sexual harassment comments, a night of yelling and cussing, I did what I have never done before, and I walked out on my job – without two weeks notice. At first I was freaking out and I didn’t want my family or anyone else to think I’m stupid for not having a back up plan, but after explaining what went down, everyone was glad I got out of there. My mom even saying, “That man is out of control!”  I could write 5+ long blog posts about things I didn’t like, things my old boss would say, the horrible way that business was run and managed…but this blog is about running, so I wont get into that. All you guys need to know is that that man was not just a horrible boss, but a negative, rude person and on top of him in general, the weird night hours and not ever knowing what time I would be getting off in a given night, the clientele, and the influence of the day clinic we rented out was really taking a tole of my physical and emotional health. 

2. News number two: I GOT A NEW JOB! Yeah, the same week – because I’m awesome like that! I really lucked out! I knew I was already planning on putting my two weeks notice in, so I had an interview already lined up last week. After the crazy comments said to me, two weeks notice became two seconds notice, and I went into my interview with the notion that I HAD to get it. I interviewed on Wednesday, came in for a working interview on Thursday, started my NEW job on Friday. The owner told me that she really liked my energy and thought I would get along really well there. So far, so good! I do like it there (even though, I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch), and everyone seems really nice. It is still is a veterinary clinic, but they actually specialize half in the holistic/chinese medicine kinda of things (aka, treating with herbs first to attack the underlying problem rather than the symptoms) which is really interesting to learn that side of veterinary medicine. The only problem I have with this new place is they listen to country music. BLEH!

3. Anyway, in the near future, I’d like to split Tuesday Newsday into partly an accountability post for myself. When I start marathon training, part of Tuesdays will be to go over the last weeks training and see how I did and what I can improve on.

4.  So here goes the accountability: I wrote a couple weeks ago that I wanted to start weight training again. Well, that has barely happened, and by barely, I mean, I lifted once, with my household weights. Due to the busy-ness and stressfulness of the last two weeks (I was also house sitting through all the crazy job stuff), I haven’t had a chance to physically go to the gym. I really have noticed I feel a lot more weak than I have, and I’d like to get my muscle tone back. After starting the new job, I found a 24 hour fitness right on the way home from the new clinic which is PERFECT in more ways than one (I can now avoid the ex’s gym lol). So, my goal for this week is to go to the gym and lift today after work and Thursday.

5. Another goal I have is to stretch more!! Preferably twice a day, but let’s just start with once a day to get into the habit. I usually stretch after running, though sometime its half-assed. I’ve done pretty well this last week and taken a good chunk of time to stretch after running, but on the few days I don’t run, I haven’t been stretching which I think needs to change. My muscles feel really tight lately, and to improve my running and prepare for marathon training I think I need to get in this habit.

6. The Wild West Relay is in a week and a half! I’m getting kinda nervous! I chose the second highest amount of running out of the whole group – am I insane!?  I’ll have to do a pre-race review for this and talk all about it.

However, last but not least I would like to mention one last thing:

Seeing as I am from Colorado, I’d like to take a second to say that my heart and my thoughts go out to the victims and their families that were involved in the Aurora Theater Shooting. When I heard this news, it made me really sad. I can’t even imagine what was going through people’s minds that were there. It’s too close to home for me and just brings back memories of me being in the 6th grade, hearing the news about the Columbine tragedy, a school in my school district. The whole incident last Friday just is so horrifying. I can’t even imagine!

Personal Training – Am I Weak for Trying It??

I have never used a personal trainer..but I met with my first one this week. I never felt like I needed one. I’ve always been active and I learned a lot about working out starting from when I was in high school. I also did a lot of research about workouts from magazines, books, word of mouth and from past coaches. It’s almost as if I feel weak asking a personal trainer for advise. Ironically, I’ve had serious thought about becoming one because I feel like I could whip some people into shape but decided that this career path wasn’t for me.

Anyway, I was at the gym last week, and in the middle of my ab routine, one of my gym’s personal trainers knelt down beside me to talk to me. At first, I thought he was going to hit on me, but for awhile I still didn’t know.  Nevermind that fact, he began by saying that he was noticing I was doing a lot of ab work, but commented that it might get boring doing the same thing over and over. He offered to give me a free 50min personal training session to learn some new moves that worked my whole body but mainly helped build/stabilize my abs/core. At first I was hesitant, but because he used the word free, I thought I would give him a chance.

I met with him on Wednesday and got a few surprises. I found out that I’m fatter than I thought!! HOLD ON! Don’t get me wrong, I’m actually not fat, I know this. And I’m not trying to brag, but I am very proud of my body because I work hard for it. BUT, he measured my body fat with those pinching caliper things…and I think he said I was at 24%-25% which is at the high-end of the “fitness” level for women.  Now, this is a little different from my BMI which is a calculation using your height and weight (mine is at 19%).  I did some research online and a lot of people were saying that 24hour fitness might over exaggerate my body fat percentage so that I either 1) buy their personal training services or 2) make me feel accomplished when they tell me I already reached my goal in such a short time that I’m so impressed, I will continue their services. After meeting with him in the beginning, we went over goals. I decided I wanted to drop that percentage to about 21% which would put me at the high-end of the “athlete” level. I also would like more definition in my abs…nothing like a 6-pack or anything, cause that looks manly and gross.

He showed me some moves that I have never tried. He was very good at explaining how they’re done, what muscle groups the moves work and why I should incorporate them in my work out routine.  I told him that I didn’t really like the machines since they can be dangerous/boring and he agreed, and made sure to include full body moves. After the session was done, I did actually feel tired and like I had a good, strong work out. I was definitely sore the next morning. We sat down and talked to see if I wanted to continue and do some more sessions. Even though the price is kinda high, I decided to try it – mostly to see if I, or other people like me who already are pretty fit and set in their ways, can benefit from personal training. To get my money’s worth out of this, I made sure to tell him that I only want to learn workouts that will help me improve my over all routine, supplementing my running training program (without him messing with my running schedule/routine), and I wrote down specific goals that I want from these sessions. The personal trainer said he was certified to train athletes, which was appealing, and even said that these sessions could also include helping with my diet (which I think is fine) and he offered to give me routines for the days I don’t meet with him…..he also said I could text him on the off days and he would tell me what to work…..hmm…maybe he was hitting on me…..just kidding!

Anyway, I’m going to give this a chance, learn some new routines and see if this can help my running overall because you definitely need a strong core to be a better runner. My next race is in a little over a month, and since it’s a race I’ve done before, I think it will be a good test to see if these personal training sessions help. I’ll keep you guys posted! Let me know if you have benefitted from personal training in the past or if you would ever try it.