Things I See While Running

I went for my first, unaided, long run today. What I mean by this is, I’ve run farther than this before (I’ve done a total of 3 half marathons) but this is the farthest I’ve ran that didn’t have water/aid stations.

It took me a bit to figure out what I needed to do because, as of yet, I do not have a fuel belt of any kind to run with (I’m working on getting one now). I ended up running with a small, plastic water bottle in hand (I don’t like running far with my kamelpak – it gets cumbersome) and finished up my water at the halfway mark, disposing of the nuisance. I knew there was a water fountain on the way back as well.

Anyway, as I was running through the suburbs of Denver, I see really fun and interesting weird things I’d like to share with you.

1. Mile High Stadium. Not too weird. This is the staple of my neighborhood. I live pretty much across the street from it; one time getting caught in the Bronco traffic while running.

2. A big, sparkly dog that could be mistaken for a sparkly pig.

3. A homeless man urinating in the trees.

4. LOTS of bikers.

5. Actually, I only saw a total of 3 other runners on this cool, 11 mile run. Strange.

6. A homeless man passed out (beer in hand) in the middle of the trail. Not joking.

7. The South Platte Trolley. Oh memories! It’s a trolly that starts at the Children’s Museum and goes along the river for a short tour of Denver. I haven’t seen it running for awhile because of construction. Haven’t been on it since I was a wee-little one.

8. Lots of abandoned factories. What’s the point! Just blow up the building and put parks there or something!

9. I pass Elitches, The Aquarium, the Pepsi Center and the huge REI store! It’s fun during the summer because you can see everyone on the rides, or even kayaking in front of the REI store.

10. And…A homeless woman bathing herself in the river. Gross. I don’t think she’s getting any cleaner that way. That river is disgusting.

What do you guys see while you’re out and about running??  ALSO! I need suggestions on Fuel Belts or any time of hydration belt to wear!!!!