Mud Hen 5K – Post Race Recap

running shirt

My oversized, wrinkly race shirt

As I drove home from work Friday night at like 12:30am (so Sat – race day- morning), the wind was in full gear. With the Mud Hen being only 9 hours away, I was starting to worry about race day conditions. I really wanted to PR but that kind of wind would not allow me. However, I woke up to a bright, sunny, windless day! It was slightly chilly just standing there, but of course, when you start running it was the perfect condition.

On that note, I DID PR!! I ran a 24:35 I believe. The results aren’t posted online yet, but I looked at the paper before I left and I’m pretty sure that was my time. I was the 13th woman, but 4th in my age/sex group. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy I got a PR but to be honest, I didn’t feel like I ran a strong race.

Back of shirt

I started off way TOO strong and ended up having to slow my pace way down only a mile or so into it. My hip really caused me problems right in the beginning, but luckily it went away (or maybe I ignored it) for the rest of the run. Afterward, though, it hurt horribly – and still does. I think it’s finally time to call in an injury and go to the doctor. I’ve tried regular stretching – a bunch of different stretches – and foam rolling, but nothing is targeting the painful area. I don’t think it’s a muscle. It hurts to walk upstairs. (And I actually went climbing the next day, and climbing didn’t hurt; going upstairs really brings out the pain).

I just didn’t feel well at all the whole race. I felt sluggish and tired. Possible because I worked the night before and I don’t honestly know how good of a sleep I got (I haven’t been sleeping well at all in general) – or I can come up with even more excuses like “It was because I ran in yoga pants this time”, or “I ate too BIG of a breakfast”… I don’t know. All I know is that I didn’t feel very strong.

Overall though, it was a decent run/day. It was great because my Mom ran it with me too! I believe she PR’d as well. And we followed up with race-provided snacks: Orange juice and muffins!

How did everyone else’s weekends go (especially for those of you that had races)??? Here’s a couple pics from the Mud Hen:

Post Race

Long’s Peak in the background












CORRECTION: I didn’t noticed that the official results were posted until after this post was published. My time was: 24:39. I was only off by a few seconds though ; )








Mud Hen 5k Run – Pre Race Review

This saturday I will be doing the Mud Hen in Longmont, CO. This is just a fun little run around McIntosh Lake.  Not necessarily for my Racing The States project, but just something fun to do with my Mom.  Its called the “Mud Hen” because of the Mud Hen bird itself, also known as a Coot, that lives in swampland areas. McIntosh lake is surrounded by different marsh/swamp areas which create a sometimes muddy dirt trail (The FUN part)! This little race has only been going for 7 years, but it’s a fun event for the city of Longmont.

Me and mom ran it 2 years ago together and last year my mom ran it as well (I don’t quite remember why I didn’t run it; I must’ve had to work or something). So this year, I’m back at it with her! Two years ago though, I did pretty well. I even won a prize for my age group. I was the first out of 8 women ages 19 to 24! Ok ok, I know…only 8 people, but it’s a small race. I was 27th out of a total of 191 women and I finished 99th out of a 338 total runners. My time was 28:36. I’m curious to see how many more participants there are this year and now that I’m in a different age group (ugh), I’m curious how I will stack up to them.

Like I said before, the run is around McIntosh lake, which is gorgeous. There is beautiful views of Long’s Peak and the surrounding wetlands. There’s cute little prairie dogs that pop up and watch you run as well as lots of other wildlife. And the neighborhoods surrounding have huge, gorgeous houses. When I used to live in Longmont, I would run around this lake a lot. It’s perfect size, just over 3 miles.

Goals for this race:

1. Beat my last time. I’m pretty sure I have been running consistently faster than 28:36 for a 5k, but I don’t have it recorded. As of now, I guess that would be my PR because it’s the only recorded 5k I have. Previous to this project, I have not been much into timing myself. So, I would like to PR this race.

Well, that’s pretty much all the goals I have for this race! LOL! Here’s some pretty pictures of the lake I’ve taken a few years ago: