Tuesday Newsday – 10/2 and 10/9

OOOoooooooooo…… Just in case you hadn’t noticed…it’s October. Which means I’m definitely in scary movie mode; I queued up my Netflix to send me a bunch of creepy movies this whole month…and you know what that means….Full on ZOMBIE MODE! I’m still working on costume ideas; Zombie Cinderella topping the list. Anyway, here’s how training’s been going.

Monday (rest): I do believe I did rest this day, minus the long day on my feet at work.

Tuesday (3 miles): I did do three miles exactly. It was a nice, refreshing run in the rain. I hadn’t had a good rain run in forever! It was very relaxing!

Wednesday (6 miles): I got to sleep in, enjoyed a nice pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks and then I had a very enjoyable 6 mile trail run on my normal Green Mountain Trails.

Thursday (3 miles): Worst. Day. Ever. Well, maybe not ever, but it was a pretty bad day. I believe I did get my run in to try to de-stress from the bad day.

Friday (rest): I actually ran 4 miles with my dog. We needed some quality time together, so we went for  sunset run.

sunset in colorado

Pretty, huh?

Saturday (rest): Drove to South Dakota!

Sunday (12 miles): Crazy Horse Half Marathon! BOOM!

The next week was not as good, running wise, at least, I don’t feel like it was:

Monday (rest): yep, yep

Tuesday (4 miles): I ran so strong this day! I wasn’t that sore and I just got all energetic, still “high” from my PR over the weekend, and bolted out the door!

Wednesday (7 miles): Oh damn. Well, I ran 5 miles straight through, then ran/walked the rest of the way home. I was not feeling it. At all. I also discovered that there is a trail through Denver that is biking/boarding/roller skating on one side of the creek, and running/walking on the other. Let’s just say, I learned the hard way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably run it again, it was very pretty but I will make sure to get on the “right” side of the river.

Thursday (4 miles): I honestly can’t remember if I ran this day. Well, there’s no workout in my Map My Run app, so I’m guessing: None.

Friday (rest): Oh that’s right! I said I would run the next day. I ran 3 miles this cold morning. It snowed. Snow this early in the season means were going to have a good boarding season, right???!!!!

Saturday (rest): Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go.

Sunday (14 miles): EEEEEKKK. I only did 7 miles, and not consecutively. I did, however, run a race. I did Race for the Cure for my 13th year. The course goes right by my house. It’s only a 5k, so I ran to the start (in below freezing weather and BEFORE the sun came up), registered for the race, ran the 3.2 miles of the race, and ran/walked back to my house. This week, I WILL get back on track. That is a promise to you and myself!