The Safety Item You NEED For Running (Spoiler: It’s Also Entertainment)

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When it comes to safety, I’m a little bit paranoid. I’m a pretty safe person with all the activities I do: running, climbing, hiking. When it comes to running, I abide by all the rules…running toward traffic on the side of the road, carrying my ID (Road ID), wearing reflection and lights when running after dark, etc, etc, etc. The only thing I am bad about is when I listen to music.

I have gone through phases with music on the run, but lately, I’ve needed it to get through even a short run. In addition to listening to music, I’ve been “playing” Zombies, Run! while running which requires having headphones on.  I’m not a techy person, nor do I have a ton of money, so I use the earbuds that came with my phone. They’re normal earbuds and they are comfortable, however, they sit in my ears and block out all other sounds.

Enter the AfterShokz.

Execute: MIND BLOWN. (explosion noises)

Seriously. Now that I have these, I feel super techy and modern, but more important is how SAFE I feel and still be able to enjoy Zombies, Run! and my music.

About The Product
The Trekz Airs are the second wireless product from the AfterShokz family. First was the Trekz Titaniums, the first of its kind in bone conduction technology. The Trekz Airs are similar but lighter, built to fit more securely, and produce better sound. All the AfterShokz products use Bone Conduction Technology to transmit sound. This means they sit just outside of the ears, leaving your ears open to hear the environment around you. This provides safety while still listening to your entertainment on the run! It’s pretty awesome.

Photo from AfterShokz Website

-Lightweight (they really don’t add much bulk to your head)
-Leave ears open (so you can hear cars and people while you listen to music or other entertainment)
-Bluetooth connection (no cords hanging around for you to yank out accidentally on an arm swing.)
-Long battery life (they’ve lasted on half a dozen runs – depending on length of run)
-Repels dust, moisture, and sweat (sweaty person? No problem! I’ve even worn them when it starts raining).
-They come with a cute carrying case (and earplugs for when you DON’T want to hear anything else and a charging cable).
-They now come in colors (just for fun-sies. I have the midnight blue ones).

-They do hook around your ears which isn’t a problem until you’re wearing a hat and sunglasses. It just creates a lot of things all in one spot. To combat this, I put my hat and glasses on first then add the lightweight Trekz over all that. That seems to work!

-They stay put! When I first got them I thought, “no way are those saying on when I run,” but I haven’t had a problem at all. They even stay on while I bend around while stretching.
-The sound is normal! I thought music would sound funny or “off” through the Trekz but all my favorite bands sound just the same!
-I really COULD hear everything around me! In fact, the first time I wore them, I was so used to the other headphones that I was jumping like I was in a horror movie at random sounds around me like lawnmowers and screaming children. They really are incredible.
-The Multifunction button: On the left ear, there’s a multifunction button that can pause/play your music, skip to the next song, answer calls and activate your phone’s voice control. At first, didn’t know this was a feature and was still fumbling with my phone when I needed to pause or play my music. When I figured out how to use this button, my mind was blown. Again.
-The biggest surprise is how safe I really do feel and how scary it is that I have been running with regular earbuds all this time. I run around my neighborhood a lot which includes a lot of streets without sidewalks. It’s really important to me to be able to hear traffic around me. This truly is a SAFETY product rather than an ENTERTAINMENT product and I think more runners should start incorporating these into their running accessories. A lot of people don’t know these exist.

-Races: It’s always been a faux pas to run races with headphones. Race directors, like myself, want you to hear the safety info, volunteers directing you on course, and of course cars if it’s a road race. I love that these will make racers more alert while attending events!
-Home: If you want to clean, listen to music and not disturb your housemate, or just need to hear when the phone rings, these are perfect. I work from home a lot at the same time as my boyfriend and I like to listen to music while working. So to not disturb my partner, I can wear these and still hear when the phone rings for my business or when Ben is asking me a business question (or just bugging me and teasing me about something…maybe I should go back to real headphones at home…)
-Kiddos: I don’t have children, but I can really see these being useful when home with small children. You can still enjoy music while they nap but be aware when they need something or wake up.
-Bikers: I am not a biker, but I know a lot of bikers like to enjoy music on the ride. It’s even more important for them to be aware of their surroundings.

The AfterShokz Trekz Air are definitely worth their price. They are a perfect way to enjoy music and still be safe and situationally aware. This goes for road runners and trail runners alike. Roadrunners need to hear cars, bikers and people and trail runners need to be able to animals, mountain bikers, and other people. I don’t typically take music with me on a trail run because being in nature is pure to me, but having the Trekz Air would be a way to enjoy some music while still being able to hear the birds and wind through trees as well as not disturbing others enjoying a peaceful walking in the woods.


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Friday….newsday….maybe I’m a little behind… 11/30

Ok, so maybe I’m a little bit behind….I actually wrote most of this on monday and then got distracted and never posted it, then I got busy, and now, here we are!

This is about how I feel today.

This is about how I feel today.

Anyway, I’m really glad I did the Turkey Trot Last week; it really put me in a running/racing mood. Like I said before, I’m starting to plug tentative races in my calendar to figure out ones to do for next. Considering doing my own 13 races in 2013 as well or maybe at least just a race a month….which I don’t think would be too hard, considering I actually did 14 races this year – and might be doing another one…..Ugly Sweater Run anyone???

It’s still back to basics with me though. I’m trying to build up my strength in my ankles and knees. I found this on the Runner’s World website and found it very helpful/informative: Inside The Doctor’s Office with Dr. Jordan Metzel: Runner’s Knee.

I’ve been lifting 3 to 4 times a week still and running 4 to 5 times a week. I’m definitely not as motivated to do long runs without the incentive of a race to train for, so I NEED to find one to train for! Races really drive. I do LOVE running, just in general, but there’s something different about actually training and racing. Even when you’re not that fast or winning prizes, the competition of a race (against yourself) and the training is a feeling that’s unbeatable.

The biggest thing that’s going on for me right now is deciding where to take my career. I thought I was pretty set on going to this program called NPTI in colorado for personal training. Out of all the in class programs, this one is the best. I eliminated online courses because a) I’m not good at self motivating for online classes/book learning and b) I would not feel comfortable walking into a gym having never physically practice training.

So, I know school would be the right route for me. However, I do want to go back to a university and get a masters in something like sports nutrition. I think that would be a blast; to work with real sports teams and athletes.

After talking to SO MANY people, my decision keeps going back and forth! I keep getting new info and I’m having a really hard time deciding.

So the NPTI program starts in literally 3 days (although I have till the end of the first week to decide to attend). The next program they offers doesn’t start until march. It’s a 6 month program. The only thing about starting in march is that it would end in the middle of a fall semester at any university….which would make it so that I can’t either start an masters program or even go to school for any pre-recs I would need for a masters program.

I was super set on NPTI for awhile, then I found a bunch of reviews online saying it was a scam and blah blah. Which freaked. Me. Out. There was a bunch of good reviews, but they were quick and short. The same person kept commenting on all the good reviews wanting to know why they thought it was good and saying they were generated from NPTI themselves. Maybe he was just angry that he didn’t do well and blamed his lack of studying on the school, I don’t know. So I went to my gym, and after my workout, I asked to talk to the hiring manager. I explained to him my idea of going to school and then told him about the negative reviews. I asked if he had two personal trainers with the same cert but one had NPTI before their cert, would he look at them different. He did say yes (depends…some people come from having a associates or bachelors degree in a related field and just straight up take the CPT test) and that NPTI grads come out very educated. He also said he goes to the school to recruit trainers before they that was good info to hear.

Then, after talking to my ex that actually went to NPTI, he suggested not wasting my time/money on NPTI (he said the program was great) but that I should just get started on the nutrition thing. My reason for doing both NPTI and a university was so that I would have a personal training job through the masters programs, because that would be 2 to maybe 4 years that I would need a job to support myself. Although, his argument was that when he was personal training, he was just living paycheck to paycheck, and there wasn’t enough people coming in to pay for sessions. He said, I have a part time job at Dick’s, could find others, but it’s basically the same thing.

I don’t know if this would be true all over the country or if maybe he was just not motivated enough to get another PT job at a different gym as well or what. In any case, maybe I would like to just be a personal trainer because it sounds fun. And I could do BOTH in the sports world…train athletes and sports nutrition.

UGH! It’s really frustrating. Any other opinions are greatly appreciated.

Although, I did spend a good night de-stressing at a show earlier this week….check this video out, this is who I saw…..this is seriously what I listen to, believe it or not. Although, I do listen to other, more mellow stuff as well!