Happy New Year from Racing the States!

I am super excited to get right into the New Year. As you read this, I am already on my first adventure of 2016. I am typing this post on my phone from the passenger side of the car heading to California!


The boyfriend and I (his name is Ben), rang in the New Year at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort near Buena Vista, CO. The party included a dip in the springs and my friend’s swing band was playing. We danced, ate, and counted down til the new year was here!


Currently we are in Utah, about two hours from Vegas. The plan is to camp in Death Valley tonight, finish the drive to Lone Pine, CA and we are climbing the mointaineer’s route on Mt. Whitney. (insert your sexual puns here. In case you didnt know, my name is Whitney.)


Then, after a day’s rest from the crazy, winter hike we will be heading South to San Diego for some zoo and beach time to finish with climbing in Joshua Tree. On the way home, we plan on seeing the Hoover Dam!

I can’t wait to share my adventures with you all when I get back! I have a lot to look forward to in 2016!

Happy New Year!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m a 3W Race Ambassador!!!

My dog and his x-mas present!

My dog and his x-mas present!

It’s been awhile since I’ve said hi! So…


I hope everyone had a great holiday season. For those of you who celebrate Christmas and other gift-giving holidays, I hope you got to enjoy good times with your family and friends and received everything you asked Santa for. (My favorite items were a running log and running-quote calendar from my Mom and a shoulder bag from my Dad that reads, “I know I run like a girl….now try to keep up!”)

I hope you got everything you wanted!

I hope you got everything you wanted!

I spent most of that week snowboarding in Breckenridge, CO and spent Christmas itself in Longmont with my Mother and her family.

Let’s see, since the last time I wrote something, I’ve been snowboarding A LOT, had our MissFits Holiday Bootcamp, snowboarding in Breckenridge with the boy and his wonderful family, celebrated Christmas with my Mom’s family in Longmont, Snowboarded some more, celebrated the boy’s bday by playing giant jenga, Celebrated the New Year low-key at home, and Snowboarded some more…..

AND, most recently, I attended my first 3W Ambassador meeting with our Kick off Party!!

“What is that?” you ask.

Well, 3W is a racing company here in Colorado, mostly in the Arvada and Westminster area, ironically, the areas I grew up in and went grade school and high school in. Close to home you could say.

You can check out their website here. But, 3W is company all about local races, partnering with local companies, and benefiting the community.

And I am now an Ambassador for them!!!!!

I first heard of this company when I ran the 2013 Resolute Runner 5K in Arvada. I was invited by a friend of mine that I met through the blogging world who was taking pictures of the event. So, after a long night celebrating the New Year out with friends, I woke up early, braved the frigid temperature and found a great running company. I then followed up with running the Virtual Heart Throb 5K and the Erin Go Braugh 7.77k, all brought to you by 3W Racing!

After registering for those races, I was on their email list and in November, I received the email that said they were accepting applications for new ambassadors!

Their motto, “Do what you can, when you can, with what you have” (hence the name “3W”) is what initially attracted me to the ambassador program and their company in general, and I applied immediately!

I didn’t tell anyone, except one person, that I was applying for a local race ambassadorship. The only person I told was the boy and only because I asked him to edit my essay questions. I knew this would be a great thing to be a part of when one of the application questions was: “Did you know that the 3W Ambassador program includes free things like t-shirts, hats, etc? A. No, but that sounds awesome! B. No, I’m just happy with free beer, so the more the better! or C. Yes, and I’m pretty excited about it!”

I selected option B, of course.

I sent my application in….and waited and waited….

They told us in the application that we would be notified by December 10th of our selection.

Then when December 11th rolled around and I didn’t hear anything, I was starting to get pretty bummed.

Then I saw the email alert on my phone.

Email 1: “Sorry for the delay, we have had some computer problems….we had over 100 applicants…You will hear from us no later than saturday….”

IMG_20140105_14241920 minutes later, Email 2: “Congratulations! You have been chosen from over 100-well qualified applicants!”

Two hours later, Email 3: “Disregard you selection as an Ambassador….we are so very, very sorry…our internet has been glitchy as you know….emails were swapped, and everyone was sent an acceptance…we will send out the real acceptances within the hour…”

2 hours go by, I email them: “I’m so confused, I filled out the survey and you invited me to the facebook group….was I accepted???”

1 hour later, personal reply: “Whitney – you are in! You WERE accepted! We had to run out of the house before we could send the real ones out!”

IMG_20140105_142657Another hour later, email 4: “I want to welcome you to the 2014 Ambassador Programs!”

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions!!!

What does this mean for me?

1. I get to run in all/as many of their events for FREE!

2. I get to attend local run groups representing 3W and promote their company and their sponsors!

3. I get to volunteer at their events and meet some amazing people!

4. I get to meet the other ambassadors and meet a lot of new, like-minded, crazy for running, friends!

5. I get to be immersed right in the middle of an amazing running community!

6. I get the chance to run as part of their crew in other local running events like the Colfax Marathon, Ragnar, and a lot of other great events.

7. I get cool running gear…and of course, free beer!

8. So much more can come from this opportunity! I’m so excited to get this chance because this is why I changed careers. This is what I want to do with my life. This is an amazing opportunity for me as a person as well as my career!

What this means for you:

1. I get exclusive discount codes for all the 3W races that I can give to you all! For those of you local, you can run these events with me! CHEAPER!! We have fun runs, 5K’s up to half marathons! Can’t wait to meet more of you!

2. For those of you not local, 3W has a few virtual races that you can use my discount code for!!! So all of you out of Colorado can run with me too!!! Sounds awesome, huh??

3. You get to read more running-related posts and race reviews from Racing the States!!

Goodie bag

Goodie bag

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m pretty excited about this! Yesterday, I finally got to meet all the other ambassadors and pick up our goodies at our Beginning of the Year party! And we played some awesome cup stacking games! Yes, you read that right. Cup stacking! It’s all the rage! I made through 2 rounds and lost my 3rd! We ate some wonderful food and of course, drank some free beer!

I can’t wait to start doing more things with 3w! And to blog about it!

And most importantly, I think my running motivation has returned!

More Information:

3W’s Website

The 2014 3W Ambassadors – check out my pretty face there!

3W Sponsors/Partners:

1. Olde Man Granola – delicious granola and they hand make super cute Colorado beanies!

2. Endurance House – selling shoes, apparel and equipment for our favorite endurance sports. So, running, biking and swimming!

3. Way To Go – a company dedicated to carpooling, biking to work and their biggest project: Bike to Work Day!

And of course, Cup Stacking! (Just watch the video and be amazed.)