A little update and a timeline

After getting caught up with all the race reviews WAY after they happened (and in random order nevertheless), I started realizing that it might be a little confusing to you all when these events happened and where I am at now. Let’s start from the beginning….

January: I did the Resolute Run 5K, really got into my personal training school, and Marathon training BEGUN!

February: Virtual Heart Throb 5K, Tackle the Miles Virtual 5K, and I started working at Hell Bally’s (in addition to working at Dick’s Sporting Goods AND school).

March: The Erin Go Braugh 7.77K,  and I quit Dick’s to have more time for school

April: My B-Day Month, The Rave Run, and The Horsetooth Half

May: Started with the Dino Half and ended with a trip to the East Coast where I did the Sugarloaf 15K, went to a wedding and…dun-dun-dun: My FIRST Marathon!

June: Nearing towards the end of school (i.e. LOTS of work), I got hired on at Camp MissFits, this is when “the boy” first shows up and Tough Mudder

July: Graduated, quit Bally’s, did the Half on the 4th race.

At Garden of the Gods in CO Springs; one of the places we explored.

At Garden of the Gods in CO Springs; one of the places we explored.

Which brings us to August: I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off!! I’ve had a bazillion and a half interviews, trying to decide what kind of place/job would be a good fit for me. On the fun side of things, earlier this month, I conquered the Manitou Incline (if you don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you about it in my next post), explored what Colorado Springs has to offer (where the boy lives), climbed another 14er, volunteered at the Leadville 100 Trail Run, an Alumni Cross Country Race and other random antics.

Running Related Antics:

So, since all these races, I was left with feeling pretty over trained and potentially injured. I had some really bad hip pain when I would run, especially during those last few races, and started developing a lot of heel pain.

My hip pain is gone. I still get a little tight, but I’ve been working on stretching a lot more, on a more regular basis.

My heel pain is still there. Not nearly as bad. I’m still trying to figure out what it is, but I’m leaning towards it being plantar fascitis.

Since my marathon, I have been running in addition to those two races. I’ve been running quite a lot. I just haven’t been recording it. And let me tell you, it’s been liberating!

I used to be very into mapping my run with my various phone apps and posting it all over facebook and twitter. But since my marathon, I think I’ve posted a run maybe twice.

In fact, I barely even care about how far I’m going lately. I’ve been running to feel good, to get back to the basics of running and why I do it. I’ve been running for time rather. A lot of times, I can only squeeze in a 45 minute run, so I stopped caring about how far I get and caring about how I felt and the intensity level.

I’ve also been doing a lot more trail running. I’ve had some more time since being out of school, so I’m able to drive a few minutes toward the mountains to some beautiful, fun trails.

I’ve been loving running. And I love that I love running again!

In addition to getting back to my roots of running, I’ve been really working on strengthing and flexibilty as injury prevention. I plan on doing a more detailed post on each of these aspects, but I’m really hoping it will help for when I start training for my next race.

Besides that stuff….Professional Antics:

I’m still working at Camp MissFits as a coach. It’s an all women’s bootcamp that focuses on personal training in a group setting. So, while the workouts are in a group setting, we meet with the ladies one on one to give them additional support and other information to help them meet their goals. I also am the admin support for this company which I was “promoted” to after only working for them for a month.

arvada bulldogsI have also started coaching cross country for my old high school, the Arvada Bulldogs! That has been a blast, and even though I’m only three weeks in, It’s already rewarding. It’s my favorite part of my day. I am an assistant coach to the other two normal coaches and I’m leaning about how to be a coach so that in the future I can hopefully be the head coach for some other cross country team. The format that this team has been doing for a few years is incorporating a lot of cross fit fundamentals into the cross country practice. Since I do all the workouts with the girls, I definitely experiencing some new strength since I’ve never really done cross fit. It’s a blast, and I can’t wait to see how it correlates when the girls actually get to meets.

Most recently, I got hired at a gym called About Time Fitness where I will be teaching a few group classes in addition to personal training. It’s not a normal gym, like Bally’s or 24 Hour. It’s only group fitness with a studio in the back for “renting” out for Personal Training. I will be getting certified in a cycling class, which I never expected I would do in a million years. It is actually quite fun and my endurance from running is perfect for cycling. I will then also eventually get certified in Core, which is a 30 minute abs class.

The most important part about this job is that the personal training side could be under my own business name. I am in the process of developing a business plan and marketing strategy to see if this is really a good decision. I realize this is risky, to just immediately start my own business rather than gain experience in a gym setting, but after a handful of interviews and my experience at Bally’s, I realized that a gym setting is not right for me. I just don’t agree with the way the big box gyms view fitness. I know it will be a hard go in the beginning, but it will be more rewarding in the end. And it’s not completely unreasonable, considering that I do have some cash flow coming in from the group fitness stuff I do! So we’ll see! Any advice and expertise in the area is great appreciated!

Upcoming Antics:

are 13.1 logoThis last weekend, I ran in the 7th Annual Arvada High School Cross Country Alumni Race (quite the tongue twister, eh) and was the first girl to finish out of all the current cross country girls (the ones I coach), the community and alum!!! I mean, there wasn’t that many people running, but still, I can claim it, right!? I also am set to run an half marathon early in September, the Area 13.1. I’m actually super excited; it’s an alien themed race held at night and you get an alien medal!!! I honestly don’t quite know if I’m ready for an half, but what the heck, right?? But I’m not stupid, I have been running and training everyday with my cross country girls, so I’m not going to hurt myself, I promise.

Also, in other news, I’ve decided I’m ready to start training (not run, TRAINING) for my next marathon. I’m still looking for the right one…but I’m leaning towards the Sedona Marathon in Arizona. Has anyone done this one and have any opinions (positive or negative)??

Your Turn: What’s the most interesting newest development in your lives?? Could be personal, running related or business related!

Welcome New Followers!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.03.38 AM copy 2Why Heeeelllloooo there!!!    (In a Mrs. Doubtfire Voice)

Let me introduce myself:  I’m Whitney! I like to run.


I recently passed the 200 blog follower mark (not including the twitter and Facebook followers)! It makes me feel super special! (still surprised I even have one follower)

Just Kidding! I actually really do enjoy writing this blog, even if it’s only to keep my family posted on my adventures and myself accountable for training. But clearly I must entertain 200 people.

Before, I hit 200, I was nominated or the Liebster award, only I was in the middle of Personal Training school, and took a long break from the blogging world to concentrate on my studies.

With the Liebster award people had to fit these qualifications:

“this is an award for smaller blogs, with fewer than 200 followers. the hope is that it will get us networking and talking to one another, and meeting more awesome people! the rules (per se) are as follows:

  • recognize the blogger who nominated you
  • leibster awardwrite 11 things about yourself
  • answer the 11 questions  your nominator asked
  • nominate some new peeps
  • come up with 11 more questions for your nominees to answer”

I was nominated by this lovely writer Jenn at be infinite. Her blog is one of the first blogs I started following and she was one of my first followers as well.  I love her writing style and hope to get to run a race with her in the grand state of Kentucky! She is currently training for a powerlifting but still is a runner at heart.

Even though I’m not under 200 followers anymore (really this is my way of getting out of nominating new “peeps,” because I really hate picking people out), I thought it would be a good way to introduce myself to the new followers as well as tell everyone a little bit more about myself. So here it goes:

11 Things About ME:

1. Clearly I like running. No, but really, I LOVE running. Like, I’m constantly thinking about things I can do with my life that involve running. It’s pretty obsessive.

Yeah, my cake would resemble something like this...

Yeah, my cake would resemble something like this…

2. Something that I think about MORE than running? Zombies. Yes, Zombies. Big zombie fan. Like scary zombies, funny zombie, zombie books, zombie movies, zombie comics, zombie pictures. I want a zombie inspired tattoo. And I even declared that if I do ever decide to get married some day, I will have a zombie themed cake, much to my mom’s protests. (I was also a zombie for halloween last year).

3. I’ve recently gotten certified as a Personal Trainer, but I previously have a bachelors degree in Zoology.

4. I have 3.5 tattoos. I have three spots on my body that are tattooed, but one is a cover up, hence the point five.

5. I also have a handful of piercings, including two dermals. Which I feel makes me pretty tough.

6. I’m an only child (explains a lot, huh?).

7. I used to hate cooking. Like, hated it! In the last year or two, I have really taken up a liking for it, and one might even say I love it now.

Vermont City Marathon pro photo 38. I read a lot of teen books. Like, all the supernatural teen series: vampires, werewolves, and my new favorite theme: Distopian Societies (i.e. hunger games, the Matched series, and I really want to read the Divergent series next). Yes, you’re allowed to make fun of me.

9. I really do love to travel. Literally (almost) anywhere. I know a lot of people say that, but I will be a sad person if I don’t get to travel a lot before I’m old. I’m one of those people that would rather live in a tiny house and spend my money on traveling.

This is from a couple years ago...hehehe

This is from a couple years ago…hehehe

10.  I have a doggie named Tristan. He is a border collie/australian shepherd mix. I also have a beautiful, white fluffy cat, Una. They are named from (one of) my favorite movies, “Stardust.”

11. I’m pretty crafty when I want to be. I used to be really into scrapbooking; preserving my memories and such. But that has been put on hold due to lack of my own space and funds. I recently turned some old tshirts into new shirts! That was pretty fun!

Here are the 11 questions I was asked:

1. if nutrition weren’t a concern, and you could only eat three meals/dishes/items for the next year, what would they be?

-Oh god, hardest question ever! I love food way to much to just pick three! But I’ll go with sushi of some sort, pho and pesto pasta with sautéed veggies.

2. what was your favorite class or subject in school?

-Science. All types of science.

3. you get to spend an entire day with one celebrity or otherwise famous person (even if they’re not currently alive – let’s be imaginative!) – who would it be?

-Michael Crichton, the author. I love his books (except Rising Sun and Disclosure, those were law mystery type of books). He’s super smart, great writing style and has fun stories. I’m currently reading Congo.

4. favorite animal to visit at the zoo?

-Polar Bears

5. how many tries did it take you to pass your driving test?

– Just one

6. you’re going to the movies – what snacks do you get to bring in with you?

-CANDY!!! A gummy, sour type AND a chocolate type. The boyfriend always gets popcorn, so i’ll sneak a couple handfuls of that too.

224994_511010345586089_1724897080_n7. speaking of movies – what’s your absolute favorite?

-Right now?? WORLD WAR Z. Seriously, I’ve seen it once, and it was instantly added to my favorites list.

8. if i were to go through the dashboard of your car right now, what would i find?

-A ton of maps from all the states I’ve personally driven through, my ice scaper, two flashlights, my car maintance book, and my car insurance proof. I only know this so detailed because I was literally just in there a couple hours ago.

9. do you speak any other languages besides english? (we all know you know at least one word of german!)

-Not really. I took 4 years of spanish and barely remember it. Actually, I can listen decently, I just can’t speak it back.

10. favorite board game?


11. what was your dream job as a kid? (aka, what did you want to be when you grew up??)

-A veterinarian. I really did. Strange path life takes us on, huh? I got my zoology degree thinking that’s what I wanted to do, but after working as a tech for a handful of years and seeing up close and personal what the job responsibilities were, I opted out. Couldn’t handle surgeries.

After this part, I was supposed to nominate some other bloggers that have less that 200 followers and asked them 11 question, but I have a hard time picking, so, you can check out the blogs I read on my blog roll. However, I do have ONE question that I would like all of you to answer:

1. Leave me a comment telling me who you are, how you found my blog and one quick, weird fact about yourself!

Now that you know a little bit more about me, I hope you continue to follow my blog. I know I’m a little crazy, but luckily for you, I mostly write about running and fitness.

You can read more about me and my history with running here. Also, the main reason I started this blog was to stay accountable for tyring to run a race in every state. You can read about that and my project here. I’m up to 10 states, and recently just finished my first marathon.

I’m also pretty active in the facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest worlds. You can catch fitness/running articles/pictures/inspirational quotes/workouts I like and more pictures of my crazy life.

The Fallout.

The fallout. Aka: The post marathon slump….depression….whatever you want to call it. You have all written about it and I chose not to believe it. But alas, here we are. And I can’t sleep, so here we are writing in the middle of the night when I have to get up early and teach bootcamp.

It’s been pretty much exactly two months since my marathon. I’ve been staying active. I was working out in school and running a little bit here and there. It helped that I met “the boy” and he runs with me! (I know, right!? A boy that runs with me! It’s brilliant).

About three weeks after my marathon, I did Tough Mudder, which I probably shouldn’t have done, and a couple weeks after that I did the Half on the 4th in Colorado Springs which turned out to be my worst run ever.

During most of this, I have been battling heel pain of unknown origin. It wasn’t immediately after the marathon, but around the time of Tought Mudder. At first I thought it was plantar fascitis. Thinking that the big tendon that runs under the arch of the foot was acting up, pulling at it’s attachment site: the heel. So, I rolled my foot on a lacrosse ball like all the advice out there says. In all fairness, I had already been doing this, but I started doing it more diligently.

The pain still was there. And to be straight, it’s not that bad of a pain. Just irritating. Honestly, I don’t even feel it that much when I run. It’s the before and after. It’s a dull pain; annoying really.

Not seeing any improvement, I started thinking it was achilles tendonitis. So, I started really focussing on foam rolling and stretching my calf muscles. Again, I was already doing this, I just started doing it even more.

Well, the pain is still there. I kinda took a break after the Half on the 4th, but you know us runners, we can’t stay off our feet. I’m also one of those people that just feels like I don’t get exercise unless I am running. I know and realize this is NOT true, especially considering I just graduated from personal training school, BUT that’s just how I have always been.

So, while I’ve been running here and there, battling this weird injury and wanting OH SO BAD to do more races, I have been taking my runs to the trails instead of pounding away on concrete and pavement, in addition to icing it daily, in the effort to help heal my heel. But it’s not just my heel that has left me in the post-marathon slump.I NEED another race to train for, but alas, I have not decided on one for a few reasons.

1. I have not money. 2. I have no idea what is going to be happening in a few months (let alone tomorrow) to be able to plan a race, EVEN a local race.

It sounds silly, but I just want to travel all around and run. Maybe silly is not the right word. It’s UNREALISTIC. I realize this dream is improbable, or at least improbable for the current time and life status.

Anyway, that’s my random Post-Marathon Fallout thoughts. If you couldn’t tell, my relationship with running right now is all over the place. I want to run, but I don’t. I want to run, but I can’t. OR I want to run, but it hurts.

For now, I am working on finding a personal trainer job. I still need to get the actual certification. There’s been a little bit of a mix up with that. My school offered a cheaper cost for taking the NASM CPT test (National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified, Personal Trainer). Well, the contact that my school had for them screwed up my account and I haven’t been able to even register for the test yet! Super frustrating.

Once that is done though, I should have no problem getting in the door somewhere. I am still coaching the women’s bootcamp and loving that still.

For you all, I am currently working on a series of posts for the races I did AFTER my marathon and BEFORE! I believe I missed a few recaps here and there. So expect to see my Tough Mudder Recap (not a great go at it this time around), the Half on the 4th (worst race for me yet!), The Sugarloaf 15k (remember, I did a race in Maine as well) The Dino Half (I broke my PR by a landslide AND placed in my age group thanks to an amazing pacer!), and I don’t think I ever got around to posting about the Erin Go Braugh 7.77K (waaaaaaayyyyyy back in March, geez!).

I’d also like to share with you my travels in Maine/Vermont and in the next week, I want to show you all the work out I have been doing since I haven’t been running that much; It’s a Man of Steel workout put out by the Superman movie that was playing not that long ago. It’s a super hard workout! So expect to see that as well!


Tuesday Newsday, going on minimum sleep.

It’s crazy to think that I will be done with this school program in 1 day.

That’s right. Only one more day!!!!!! My official graduation is July 12th, but classes end tomorrow.

It’s been a long 7, sleep deprived months.

Soon, I will be a certified Personal Trainer!!


Last weekend I had a fun weekend with the boy. We enjoyed runs, dinners, relaxing and music watching at the Van’s Warped Tour in Denver.

Here’s a few fun pictures for the last week (which if you follow me on twitter, you would have already seen):

The view on my weekend run

The view on my weekend run



My all time favorite band

My all time favorite band – I posted this picture on instagram and it was like by the lead singer!!!!!!!

Hawthorne Heights

Hawthorne Heights

Just pretty

Just pretty

My internship client gave this to me and a starbucks gift card

My internship client gave this to me and a starbucks gift card