Racing & Wandering: The Improved Racing the States

You may have noticed a few changes, and not just visually.

Right away you may have noticed a new layout and photo! Those are all photos I’ve taken on adventures around home and other places I’ve been to.

You may have also noticed I changed my blog’s name. It is now Racing & Wandering by Racing the States. Don’t worry, my website is still found via (some day I’ll buy my domain name).

Besides the name change, Racing the States is becoming more of a lifestyle blog, but not in the sense that you’re thinking. I’m not going to write about what color to paint your nails this spring or the cutest fall outfits to hit the town in… it’s more about my specific lifestyle. It’s about trying to balance my love for adventure, travel and the outdoors with the need to fund it all. It’s about how to do be active, adventurous, and explore the world and be able to pay for it all.

This means you’ll see more of my adventures including climbing, hiking, backpacking, camping and traveling in addition to my running. You’ll also see tips on how to balance all of that and do it cheaply, efficiently and still have fun…all the while maintaining a healthy life. I’d love to share more about things to do and what to see.

Never fret, I’ll still be writing about running…expect to see more post about places to run, running-related reviews, training and race recaps.

So, welcome back! Navigate around! You’ll find a menu about with info on who I am, my original project, Racing the States, a quick link to places to run, and a list of blogs I follow and love reading.

Stay awhile, read a bit and follow along as I take on the world while Racing and Wandering!


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  1. Hanging Lakes, Colorado (2015)
  2. Oahu, Hawaii (2005)
  3. Costa Rica (2011)
  4. Breckenridge, Colorado (2014)
  5. Death Valley, California (2016)
  6. Oregon (2015)
  7. Joshua Tree National Park, California (2016)
  8. London (2015)
  9. Kuai, Hawaii (2005)

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Announcing The New Goal Marathon(s?)!

To be honest, I’m still deciding what I want to do the full 100%. I have a few people telling me to do it, and most people telling me to chill out and just do the 15k first and then the marathon after the wedding. I hate to say it, but I’m leaning towards to the doing that latter idea.

I’m kinda sad about it, but I don’t want to kill myself and I want to be able to physically WALK in my friend’s wedding. Also, the 15K race in Maine gets a medal too!!!! So that’s fun! I think for my Racing the States project, I’ll still focus on running any type of race in every state, but for my life project, I think it would be cool to have a half (or even a full) marathon in every state. But I’m young, I’ve got plenty of years to do that!

Although, if I just do the 15K first, the friend that I got into running will complete a marathon a week before me. And it still upsets me. I don’t know why, but it does. Especially considering she didn’t take the step to a half marathon first. Oh well. I’m glad I got someone into running, but running is my life, and that makes me jealous!

sugarloaf mountain symbolSo, as of this second, right now, I’m going to plan on doing the The Sugarloaf Marathon Series 15K at the Sugarloaf Mountain Resort in Maine on May 19th. This race looks really fun and pretty! I’m really excited.

vermont city marathon logoThe following weekend, I will drive a couple hours to Vermont, and run the Key Bank Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, Vermont on May 26th! This will be my FIRST marathon! I’m really excited to be training again!

I’m also just really excited for a vacation in general, and as you can imagine, I’m counting down the days!

In other news, I’m happy to report that I was offered a job as a “Program Advisor” as a Bally’s Total Fitness Gym!!!! Basically that means I will be selling memberships, taking people on tours and stuff like that. The best part is that once I do get my personal training certification….there’s the option that I can move laterally in the company and train there!!! Which is really exciting and just what I need. Bally’s seems like a really good company to work for so far!

I will be keeping my job at Dick’s Sporting Goods for a little while longer to catch up on bills and such, but I’m really excited for this opportunity! Finally – a job at a gym!!!!

Hope everyone else’s weeks are going well!

Mud Hen 5K – Post Race Recap

running shirt

My oversized, wrinkly race shirt

As I drove home from work Friday night at like 12:30am (so Sat – race day- morning), the wind was in full gear. With the Mud Hen being only 9 hours away, I was starting to worry about race day conditions. I really wanted to PR but that kind of wind would not allow me. However, I woke up to a bright, sunny, windless day! It was slightly chilly just standing there, but of course, when you start running it was the perfect condition.

On that note, I DID PR!! I ran a 24:35 I believe. The results aren’t posted online yet, but I looked at the paper before I left and I’m pretty sure that was my time. I was the 13th woman, but 4th in my age/sex group. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy I got a PR but to be honest, I didn’t feel like I ran a strong race.

Back of shirt

I started off way TOO strong and ended up having to slow my pace way down only a mile or so into it. My hip really caused me problems right in the beginning, but luckily it went away (or maybe I ignored it) for the rest of the run. Afterward, though, it hurt horribly – and still does. I think it’s finally time to call in an injury and go to the doctor. I’ve tried regular stretching – a bunch of different stretches – and foam rolling, but nothing is targeting the painful area. I don’t think it’s a muscle. It hurts to walk upstairs. (And I actually went climbing the next day, and climbing didn’t hurt; going upstairs really brings out the pain).

I just didn’t feel well at all the whole race. I felt sluggish and tired. Possible because I worked the night before and I don’t honestly know how good of a sleep I got (I haven’t been sleeping well at all in general) – or I can come up with even more excuses like “It was because I ran in yoga pants this time”, or “I ate too BIG of a breakfast”… I don’t know. All I know is that I didn’t feel very strong.

Overall though, it was a decent run/day. It was great because my Mom ran it with me too! I believe she PR’d as well. And we followed up with race-provided snacks: Orange juice and muffins!

How did everyone else’s weekends go (especially for those of you that had races)??? Here’s a couple pics from the Mud Hen:

Post Race

Long’s Peak in the background












CORRECTION: I didn’t noticed that the official results were posted until after this post was published. My time was: 24:39. I was only off by a few seconds though ; )