Rugged Maniac – Post Race Recap – Muddy Style!

Before the race even started…already cold!

(It took me awhile to write my recap for this race because, well, I wanted it to be so AWESOME and funny. Also, I was trying to remember the exact order of the obstacles by checking out youtube videos of Denver’s Race. So here’s my attempt to be funny and hopefully I got the obstacles in the correct order.)

This is the email we all got after completing the Rugged Maniac two Saturdays ago: “Congratulations Denver! You created a new standard for for what it means to be a rugged maniac by dominating the coldest Rugged Maniac in history. We were inspired by your grit and determination.”

So with that said, lets start things of with….BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I have never been so cold ever in my life! And I didn’t even realize it until Post-Race. Full body shivering convulsions are not fun! But needless to say… IT WAS A BLAST! Even the Tough Mudder wasn’t this muddy! Here’s the conversation I had with one of my friends:

Post Race! Full body convulsions beginning

T: “Did you have fun?” Me: “Umm…fun is a relative term. But yes….but why I find this stuff fun, I have no idea!” T: “Because its awesome!!!!!”

Why yes! It is awesome! I can now call myself a Rugged Maniac! As you gathered from the start, it was so cold! (How cold was it?!)  It was so cold that the water obstacles felt warm!

After getting only 3 hours of sleep from getting off work late in the night, I made my way over to Shay’s house (from SkinPoetryPhotography). As we drove in the pouring raining, we hoped it would clear up by race time. No such luck…we started our wave at 9:00am in the pouring rain! Well, it slowed to a sprinkle but by just the first few obstacles it was down pouring again and we were soaked to the bone. Silly Colorado weather; you can’t predict anything here. By the end of the race I don’t think we realized how cold we were until we got to the car and couldn’t stop shaking. It was 3.2 miles of muddy, slippery, cold, wet, hilly, challenging obstacles. We didn’t actually run that much…for fear of falling! There were multiple times where we had to stop and kick/scrape the mud off our shoes. Here’s my race break down:

Do you see those cheaters going AROUND the sign!?!

START: Here we go! So cold, but we’ll warm up fast…right?!

Big, muddy hill right from the start: Oh yeah!? You ride dirt bikes on this?? WE RUN IT!

Obstacle one – wooden ladders: This isn’t hard!

Obstacle two – tires on the ground and hanging down: You call this a challenge?!

More wooden ladders: Because one set wasn’t enough…

Obstacle three – Big Tires to climb over: You thought big tires would scare us off!?! Think again!

(At this point we were completely drenched)

Obstacle four – Underground, completely dark tunnel: At least we’re out of the rain, right?

half walls

Obstacle five – half walls: I’m pretty sure I used my hands to climb over them, but I can’t really feel my fingers

Muddy trail: Shay: “How ya feeling?” Me: “Um, cold?” Shay: “me too, me too.”

boa constrictor

Obstacle six – Boa Constrictor: Well, we can’t get MORE wet.

Obstacle seven – SLIDE: WEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You call that an obstacle!? It’s only an obstacle trying to dodge the guy who nearly took me off my feet coming down right after us!

Obstacle eight – Barbed wire mud/sand pit: I think I’m bleeding…

Obstacle nine – rope ladders: Can’t. Feel. Fingers. Must. Hold. On.

Half way – water stop: “I think I have enough water already”

Obstacle ten – 7 ft Walls (at least I think they were about 7 or 8 feet): Can’t pull myself up – too cold! (this was actually the hardest obstacle for me. But a girl leant me her knee and that’s all the boost I needed to get up and over!)

Obstacle eleven – mud sink hole: (The guy in front of us fell/sunk in) Thanks dude! we’re going to go to this side…

the slide

Obstacle twelve – More barbed wire mud crawls!:  Oh good, because I had one spot that didn’t have mud!

Obstacle thirteen – Mud hills with rope: “Why did we want to do this??”

Obstacle fourteen – taller wooden ladders on big storage units: Trying to play at our fear of heights?? You must not know us, Rugged Maniac, we climb cliffs! (Shay is actually a rock climber…I’m just learning)

Obstacle fifteen – EVEN more barbed wire mud crawls: You want more blood, huh!?

Obstacle sixteen – MORE MUD HILLS!: Is there really this many different types of mud?

Obstacle seventeen – last one, pool of water/mud with floating barriers to get over: Race worker: “I think you two look the most cold out of everyone” Us: “uh, thanks?” Race Worker: “The idea is to jump into the water!” Crowd chanting: “GO, GO, GO!” Shay jumps, I jump! Crowd Cheers! YAY!

FINISH! HECK YES! We did it! And The crowd cheered (just for us, I’m sure!)! Officially Rugged Maniacs!

During the race itself, I’m not gonna lie, there were times where I really did feel like quitting. I can’t express enough how cold we were! Obviously we didn’t quit because were so dedicated Bad Assed. After finishing, the feeling of accomplishment is so overwhelming! Great, GREAT event. We finished the event in just under an hour (official time: 57:52) and immediately headed to the car to warm up since it was still raining when we finished. Since the beer stand wasn’t open yet, we went home to shower/warm up/stop convulsing and returned to 1) claim our free beer and 2) watch the rest of the waves suffer while taking pictures of the poor hopeless souls’ faces. (Shay took some really cool photos…I think she should be an event photographer – if she posts them to her blog, i’ll have to re-blog for you all to see). After showering the mud from my body (you don’t want to know where I found mud! – Yep you guessed it…between my toes….) I try to assess the damages: Scratched knees, palms and a nice big one on my butt! Minor bruises; major soreness AWESOMENESS!

enjoying our victory beers!

The following days, official results and professional photos were published. We actually were placed 30 and 31* of all the females 18+ which I think its pretty awesome! There are some pretty awesome professional photos too! If we decide to get them (which I probably will) I will have to show you guys!

And of course, like true Colorado fashion, its bright and sunny and WARMER at 6:00 PM than it was when we did our race!


*Correction: After posting this, I was re-looking at the results from the race. We placed 30 and 31 out of 126 females of OUR wave ONLY. It doesn’t give a listing of all females in every wave together. Still pretty awesome, but I didn’t want to make myself falsely more awesome.

Rugged Maniac – Pre Race Review

This Saturday, I will be doing the Rugged Maniac with my friend here in Denver! I’m really excited for this race because it’s not just running – you get to go over obstacles and through mud!!!

I’ll probably go more in detail about each obstacle in my post race recap, but it looks like there will be plenty of mud, water, things to climb over, things to dive under…..but what I am really looking forward to is the fire pit to jump over!!!

Last year when I did the Tough Mudder, there was supposed to be fire to jump over, but due to fire bans for our dry state, they had to eliminate that obstacle. I was pretty bummed. Jumping over fire seems like such an empowering thing!!  It shows it as one of the obstacle on this course map, so hopefully this race will keep it!

Its a 5k course, with 18 obstacles to conquer and I have only one goal for this race:


Hahaha! I have no expectations for this race except just that: to have a blast! Me and my friend Shay, who writes SkinPoetyPhotography (check her stuff out – she’s pretty awesomely talented), will be competing in this event. She told me the other day that she doesn’t think she’ll be in good enough shape, but I don’t believe her! She’s got rock climber strength to get over all the obstacles! She’ll probably have to pull me over the walls!

In all seriousness, I’m sure she’ll be fine and I’m not too worried either! I don’t think I’ll be setting any records by any means, but I feel like I’m in pretty good shape. I survived Tough Mudder last year – and that was pretty hard! – so I should be fine! Looks like the weather is projected to be beautiful, so we shouldn’t be too cold when we splash in the mud; and I just hope I get off work at a reasonable hour since it’s saturday morning!

In preparation for the race (as I do with all races) I read over their entire website and any emails I have received. I found this funny comment in the FAQ’s: “What happens if it rains?  – The race will not be canceled for rain! This is Rugged Maniac, not a tea party at the retirement home.” So there you have it!

Speaking of Tough Mudder, I was potentially going to do that event again this year…however, the friend I was going to compete with and I sucked at coordinating things and we missed all the early event registrations…now the price is up to $200!!! Way to much for me at this time in my life. Oh and he kinda broke his wrist a few days ago, so I guess it was not meant to be!  I really do like the Tough Mudder event series, and will do another in the future, maybe in another state to do some different obstacles (and maybe less-cold water!) Last year’s event was a blast! Very challenging, but a blast!

Other Updates:

The following weekend I have two races: The Color Run -Denver, which looks like a blast and The Bolder Boulder…I feel super competitive for this race – and to see if I can match or beat my PR from two weekends ago!

The Weekend after that…On to Montana! I will be visiting family and running the Missoula Mile! A short race to benefit prostate cancer awareness and to knock off Montana! I’m super excited!!

Quarter Life Crisis

Today is my 25th birthday. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I know it’s not that old, but I really don’t like the age 25. I feel like anything under that and you’re still considered “young.” Under 25, it’s ok to not have the career you want, be married/have kids or to not be living where you want to be….but as soon as you turn 25, and you don’t have those things, you instantly become lame. That’s the only description I have for it.  Although, I have no desire to have kids or be married any time soon or maybe ever! BUT, I do have a lot going for me! lol. And running is always a constant in my life!

I think this project must be my quarter life crisis.  I got a crazy whim/idea and just went with it!  If this is what I come up with for my quarter life crisis…I can’t even imagine what I’ll do when I turn 50 *shudder*

For my B-day this year, I got to spend time with my mom on Wednesday. We went to a delicious Greek restaurant, saw The Lorax (super cute!) and ate delicious white chocolate, raspberry cheesecake!!!! mmmmm….I’m a big fan of cheesecake! She also got me BEAUTIFUL (real) diamond earrings! My friend at work brought me a TON of easter candy…my favorite candy holiday. My boss brought me a cake! It’s like these people think I like sugar or something!?! My actually b-day day isn’t that exciting because I work at night, but I did a little bit of exercising this morning (I have a physical fitness test for a job I REALLY want) and I think I’m going to treat myself to sushi later before work. But this weekend I plan on celebrating at the bars with friends…. but enough about that stuff….

People think I like sugar……ok ok… I LOVE sugar…….no no, I’m ADDICTED to sugar…’s my birthday treats, so far!

I honestly don’t know where I was going with this post, but here’s the things I’d like to get accomplished before my next bday:

1. Knock out a bunch of states for Racing the States

2. Do a full marathon

3. Start training for a triathlon…maybe start with a sprint triathlon.

4. Take the GRE!!

5. Apply to grad schools/get in/go OR find a career that actually uses my major

6. Stay my current weight…with wiggle room….I’d like to stay around what I weigh, but I’d also like to gain more muscle that might actually weigh more but look smaller.

7. MOVE! either states or just out of the place I live now!

8. Keep up with this blog.

I think all of these things are doable. I’ll just have to check back in a year to this post to see if I accomplished them!


My first Racing The States race is in 9 days!!!! The Horsetooth Half is approaching! With my runs the last couple of days, I do feel confident again that I can do it.

I registered for the Bolder Boulder yesterday…supposed to be America’s Best 10k…I’ve done it the last two years…and it is pretty fun! It’s on May 28th.

OH YEAH! My favorite news! I’m doing the Rugged Maniac with a good friend May 19th!!! I’m soooo excited for this! The only race/obstacle course I’ve done was the Tough Mudder (which I’m wearing my Tough Mudder shirt right now! hahaha) and that was 10 I should have this in the bag!

Other states: The Run for the Zoo in New Mexico is coming up in less than a month! I’m getting geared up for that. I’m doing the 10k though. And I found my Montana race!! I’ll be doing the Missoula Mile.  I know, I know, it’s only a mile..but I happened to already have to be in Missoula that weekend…so I thought It was perfect!