Virtual Heart Throb 5K – WAY post race recap!

heart throb 5kBack in February, I had done another virtual race. If you’ll remember, I also participated in the Tackle The Miles Virtual Race with the #13in2013 group. I may have mentioned that I did the Virtual Heart Throb, but I didn’t do an official review of it. I honestly don’t even know if I can remember how it went.

I know it was a rainy day outside. I had just gotten back from a class I believe, so I cheated on my work (Bally’s), and ran into 24 Hour Fitness by my house to get a quick 5K done on the treadmill.

All I remember really is talking to the desk guy about zombie books, powering through the run, jumping off the treadmill, running into a classmate and then heading right back out the door.

It wasn’t that eventful but I did wear my “I’m a Heart Throb” shirt.

It may have not been that eventful for me, but the entire event was a great deal for other people. The proceeds went to benefit The Arvada Community Food Bank.

Post Race Recap Collage!

Post Race Recap Collage!

This race was also put on by the 3W race series which is the same people that put together the Resolute Run I did the 1st of the year. I love this “company.” They put together super awesome events, have great communication and are super nice as well. I’m going to try to participate in all there events this year.

Anyway, the reason I am finally doing a post-race recap is because I got an email this week with our “placing.” Turned out I didn’t do too bad!

I placed 10th out of 72 other women racers! My time was 28:39; +5:31 behind the lead female. I have no idea what my age group placement is – they didn’t separate that information out. Overall, I’m really happy with the event, my time (I always run slower on a treadmill for the record), and I absolutely love my I’m a Heart Throb T-shirt!

Erin Go Braugh 7.77kToday, as this is schedule to post at 8am on Saturday morning, I am running in another 3W race…live! I am participating in the Erin Go Braugh 7.77K in Westminster, CO!

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY! I toast to you a green beer! 

Tackle the Miles 5k – Virtual, Post Race Recap

Tackle the miles virtual raceThis is actually the first virtual race I have ever done. I have done one or two “challenges” through the blogging world, but they weren’t virtual races by any means. They just required you to run on a trail, or take some kind of running picture, blog about it and call it good. I was once featured in a #RunChat blog for my Trail Run Challenge!

This time, I had to keep track of my time, milage and report back to the race director, who is Jill Conyers over at Fitness, Health and Happiness, through a google document. (Speaking of google docs….isn’t that the coolest idea ever!? A document that you can update and share with everyone; and everyone else can update as well! Well… I think it’s cool).

Anyway, I already needed to run 3 miles for marathon training, so why not just add a tenth of a mile, time it, push myself  and call it a race?

Welcome to the Tackle the Miles Virtual Race! (I was able to select any distance, so I chose a 5k).

Look at the weather! In February!

Look at the weather! In February!

Race Day Conditions: Beautiful! Yeah, it was quite a lovely day in Denver, CO. I even got to run in a t-shirt and capris! I probably could have even gone with shorts and a tank…but I didn’t want to chance it….knowing my luck, if I had broken out the tank top, it would have immediately starting raining or something.

Race Course: Just a jaunt around my neighborhood. Because I had limited time to squeeze in training, I stuck to the streets around my house. I would love to get to the trails more, but that’s not that plausible right now, so my race course was sidewalks and asphalt.

Time: I finished in 26:11! I thought that was pretty decent, especially for a lone race. I’m definitely a feeder of competition. Having other people around me defnietely makes me run faster.

Tackle the Miles 02 copyOverall: Being my first virtual race, I wasn’t sure what I would think. I mean, I would have been running anyway, but having the idea of a race behind it gave me an excuse to really challenge myself. It’s kinda cool to know that there were a ton of us running around, somewhere in the world, for the same reason!

I do want to point out that I TOTALLY ran with my race bib. Yep. I’m a dork. But I loved all the looks people were giving me; even people in cars! I know Jill is posting an accumulation of everyone’s results today as well, and I’m curious to see how I did compared to others (see…competition) but I also just want to see and read about everyone else experiences! I already have seen a handful of Tackle the Miles race completions that have popped up on the 13in2013 facebook page!

tackle the miles colage

Tuesday Newsday 3/12 – Training Week 3

Week 3 has come and gone! This was a much better week for training than the previous week. Lets’s just jump right to it:

Monday: Rest Day. I think you guys are getting the point that my rest days come with 15 hour days between school and work. Oh well.

Tuesday: 3 miles. 3.1 miles complete! I did my tackle the miles virtual 5K and killed it!! I felt so fast! I’ll be doing a Post Race Review later this week. Here’s a preview:

tackle the miles colage

I finished up the “race,” changed clothes, and dashed off to class. Only to find that we were doing cardiorespiratory assessments! At least I was already warmed up!

Wednesday: 5 miles. 2 miles complete unfortunately. I was in soooo much pain for some reason. In my feet. I could feel every single step.  Every single strike. I felt it through every part of my foot. I ran to the lake and back. Luckily, about 3/4 of the run, it was back to normal and I felt fine, but I still decided to end the run and not chance it. But it was really weird. And painful.

Thursday: 3 miles. 3 miles completed. I ran on my lunch break at work on the treadmill; we have some seriously nice treadmills at my new job! I mostly wanted the treadmill for a low-impact run to see if my feet had the same issue as the previous day. All was back to normal. I’m not sure what the deal is. I think I might already need new shoes unfortunately….not becuase they’re worn out, but maybe because my feet need extra cushion…i’m not sure. I’ve been asking my co-workers where I sell shoes about their opinions.

Friday: Rest day. I finally got to enjoy a night off. Dinner with my Mom and a movie with my friend. (Warm Bodies was the movie of choice….zombies!).

Saturday/Sunday: 6 miles due. I got three in. I know I skimped on my long run, but saturday I was had a virtual race to do (one day time limit), so after an all day class, I zipped into one of my three gyms I have a membership to right now, and charged the treadmill for the Virtual Heart Throb 5K:

Can you tell I'm obsessed with this new website!

Can you tell I’m obsessed with this new website!

I kinda intended to then do my 6 miler on sunday, before work. But honestly, all I wanted to do was sleep. I was so tired. So I did. I slept in until I needed to get up for work. Although I didn’t catch up THAT much on sleep.

I’ve been pretty tired lately, trying to get used to tho new schedule. I think I’m starting to figure it out, especially since I’m allowed to workout on my lunch at work. That’s always helpful!

Hope everyone elses’ weeks are going well!