Turkey Coma

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful holiday whether you spent it with family or friends. I definitely ate my fair share of turkey.


I did not actually do a turkey trot. I honestly didn’t feel like registering for a race. 3W Races was putting on the Anthem Turkey Day 5k. It was down in Louisville and I didn’t want to drive down there and back, making less time that I was at home with my family.

So, I decided to do a my own “turkey trot” and ran 3.1 miles in my mom’s neighborhood. It was a beautiful day in Colorado being 60 degrees and I ran to and from McIntosh lake which offered a fantastic view!


Things that I’m thankful for:

-Family (I spent the day and had food at my Mom’s house with her husband, one of my step brothers and step grandma. I also got to speak to my Dad on the phone who is currently working out of the county).

-Friends (both new and old – I sent a lot of “Happy Thanksgiving” texts. Yes, they were all individual, I did NOT mass text anyone!)

-I am thankful that I have been able to find work, even in dire situations and at the last-minute to pay the bills I needed to.

-I am thankful for new job opportunities coming up!

-Thankful for finding an awesome place to live in a city I absolutely love!

-And for the ability to run!

-And lastly, for my pets!


My Favorite Turkey Day Traditions:

-Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (some day I want to see it live!)

-Running (A turkey trot or just around the neighborhood like I did today)

-Blueberry muffins in the morning

-Eating a lot!

-Spending time with family and friends

I DO NOT participate in Black Thursday shopping. Or even black friday for that matter

I DO NOT participate in Black Thursday shopping. Or even black friday for that matter. Too many people.

And now that Thanksgiving is over, I am ready for Christmas stuff. Only now is it ok to hear Christmas music in the stores, put up the tree, decorate and watch endless amounts of cheesy, romantic christmas movies (oh yes, guilty pleasure, I love the cheesy hallmark style Christmas movies).


Turkey Trek 10k and Turkey Toddle 2K Pre-Race Review (AND RACE GIVEAWAY!)

Ambassador_Badge-1GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED!

As you know, or maybe you don’t, I have been an ambassador for an amazing company called 3W Races for all of 2014. I get to carry that on into 2015 as well! With that I have been promoting the company and all our events around the community and at local run clubs. For our next race, the director allowed me to give out a free race entry on my blog!

What I really, actually, truly wanted to do was a pre-race review: VLOG sytle. Ya know, a video-blog. (Are those still even popular…I haven’t been on YouTube for a while). I planned on running (or biking) the course awhile ago to do a TRUE pre-race review, but one thing led to another, work got in the way, sleep got in the way…and I haven’t done it yet. So, yesterday, I fully intended on borrowing my roommate’s bike and riding the 6.2 miles, videoing it for you and doing my pre-race review that way.
But this is what happened:  I got up semi-early, but I just doddled too much in the morning to make it out before I had to work. When I got a text confirming that my afternoon movie plans were cancelled, I thought, “oh, I’ll just do it after work.” That was all before noon when it was a  bright and sunny 57 degrees in Colorado. But, as they say in Colorado: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.”
As soon as I was done coaching my bootcamp at the rec center, I walked outside to 30 degrees and a mild blizzard! But I was determined. I bundled up and told myself I was just going to do it and get it over with.
So, I drove to the course site, sat in my car for a bit to video myself (Vlogging is strange) and got the bike out of my car. I tried hopping on, but the seat was too high (my roommate must have looooonnnggg legs) and I looked like I never had ridden a bike before. I couldn’t reach the pedals properly, almost ran into a rock and pretty much fell off. If only someone had videoed that! Fully intending on still going with my “epic fail” vlog, I got home and realized I have no idea how to edit videos. Wah-Wah.
So, in a long story short: You just get my lovely writing styles like usual:
Coming up in less than two weeks is really fun race, and I, Racing the States, get to give away one free race entry!!!
images_(1)WHAT: 10K Turkey Trek and 2K Turkey Toddle by 3W Races
WHEN: November 22nd (the Saturday before Thanksgiving). The 10K starts at 8:30am, the 2K at 8:45am
WHERE: It’s in Arvada at the Long Lake Regional Park
WHY: Alright, here’s where we get to have a little fun…. Let me list the reasons you should do this race:
1. First off, it’s a race, need I say more? And I know all you bloggers are addicted to racing. But seriously, 3W always puts on great races. They are fun, organized and the always run on by great, friendly directors and volunteers.
images_(2)2. They have partnered with the Arvada Community Food Bank. Perfect for the holiday season. If you bring five items to donate to the ACFB, you will get entered into a raffle for some really sweet prizes! For more information on the ACFB or info on what to donate click here.
3. There will be awards for the top three overall male and females as well as age group awards for the 10k. The 2k is not timed, but the top three men and women receive a medal!
TurkeyTrekPic4. I saved the best for last…The main reason you should do this race is for the Egg Nog Chug Challenge!!! (Or the Fill Your Pie Hole Challenge for the 2kers). At mile 3 (after a huge hill, mind you), if you successfully chug a 5 oz glass of egg nog, you will be entered to win a free pair of shoes! In the 2k, with half the run left, you get entered into a raffle if you successfully eat a piece of pumpkin pie! Mmmmmmm…..
TurkeyToddlePicMy only complaint is WHY CAN’T I DO BOTH!?! Luckily for me, I am one of those people with a stomach of steel and I can eat what ever I want while I run. And also lucky for me that since I’m a 3W ambassador, I bet I get a piece of pie if there’s any leftover at the end!
HOW: So now that you are dead set on running this race with me, (yes, I will be there, and yes, I will be doing the Egg Nog Chug challenge), here’s how you register: Click this link. (if you don’t win the free-race entry). With registration, in addition to the wonderful event, you do get a tech t-shirt. I think it’s pretty cute. More information, if I left anything out, is HERE.
TshirtPicExtra Info:
1. The Race will go on whether there’s snow or sunshine, so plan accordingly!
2. Water: 3W is a cup-free finish area, so bring your own water bottle to fill! It’s good for the environment! There’s two water stations along the 10k and one water station at the turn around of the 2k.
3. Dogs and strollers ARE allowed, so bring them if you need to. I guess you could even bring your child in the stroller if you want as well. To each their own.
Oh yeah..the GIVEAWAY!!! Obviously a lot of you are not Colorado Locals, however, if you know someone in this wonderful state and want to try and win the race entry for them, then go right ahead. Rules:
1. One entry if you comment on this post. Tell me your favorite Thanksgiving food. I love food.
2. One entry PER Facebook, twitter, or other social media share. (Limit to one per each – I mean share all you want, but the max entries into my giveaway is one for this). Please tell me you did so in the comments, because I’m not that computer savvy and wont be able to track it all. However, each post share MUST mention Racing the States, AND 3W races. It could be something like this: “I want to do the EGG NOG CHUG! I entered to win a free race entry from @racingthestates for @3wraces Turkey Trek 10K and 2k Turkey Toddle!” for twitter.
3. One entry if you follow me on TWITTER, FACEBOOK or INSTRAGRAM (please tell me you did so in the comments)
4. One entry if you follow 3w Races on Twitter or Facebook (likewise, please tell me you do so in the comments)
This will be good for the 10k or the 2k!! I will do the drawing SUNDAY morning, so you have until midnight this Saturday (11/15)

Sedona Marathon Training – Week 6 Recap

Greetings from Fayetteville, Arkansas! Yes, that’s really where I am. And let me tell you something…. I’m definitely cut out to be a Colorado girl! It’s cold out here! While it is the same temperature as it is back home, the air is filled with a lot more moisture and that kind of cold is WAAAAYYYY different! Brrr!

But, I’m still running in it! I assure you that! Actually, Fayetteville has a fairly new, extensive trail system they’ve been developing. I can easily get on it from my Dad’s house and it’ll take me as far as I need to run in any direction! It goes north to Arkansas Lake (I haven’t ventured that far yet) and South to the Arkansas Razorback’s Campus (I did go this way today).

Before I get too distracted, lets recap Week 6

sedona marathon event logoSedona Marathon Training – Week 6:

Monday: I decided to take the day off from training because I was indeed sore from the previous day’s long run. Although, I was still pretty proud of myself for busting out that run! I bragged about it to all of my bootcamps ladies! I love working in the fitness industry. Not everyone is a runner, of course, but in the fitness world, they appreciate your success no matter what the sport.

Tuesday: 4 miles due. 4 miles complete. This is a typical Colorado week. I ran this day in capris and a t-shirt. On Thursday, it was snowing and I was bundled from head to toe.

keep calm hug a runnerWednesday: National Hug a Runner Day. The question is, would you liked to have hugged me before or after running? Actually, I didn’t get a chance to run this day. I literally worked from 5:45am until 9pm. The only break I got was from 7-9:30 and only because I was waiting for my boss to get home. Don’t get me started on this day. I wanted to murder this day.

Thursday: SNOW!!! Tough Runner Weather. 3 miles – kinda speed work. I did get the chance to see the new Catching Fire movie. It was FANTASTIC!!! Way better than the first one and it follows the book pretty well. I loved it!

cold weather running

IMG_20131126_174315Friday: Worked then napped on and off for most of the day – my body was not having it, so I decided not to run. I needed the sleep. I ran off to work again (ugh I hate my split schedule) … Then, I got to see Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride for free! The special someone picked up free tickets for us that a local radio station was giving away and I met him down town to see the show. It was amazing! I don’t know if you have ever seen a Warren Miller film, but if you haven’t and you are a skier or a boarder, you need to check them out. I have never even been able to catch one on DVD or netflix, let alone in the theater, so I sat wide eyed and jaw dropped for the entire thing! Very impressed to say the least. The whole event was pretty neat. It was at the Paramount Theatre in Denver on the 16th street mall (They actually having showings all over the Denver Metro Area). I have never been in the Theater before either so that was a treat as well for me (it’s a very pretty, historic building). Out in the lobby they had  a lot of the sponsors with giveaways and other information. They also had a huge giveaway from the actual film hosts during intermission as well!

Saturday: After having a late date night, I woke up before the sun to get in a car and head east to Arkansas. That’s a 13 hour drive in case you’re wondering. Although, I wasn’t allowed to drive, so I slept most of the way, which made it seem like it went by pretty fast! No running was had this day.


Actual footage of an Arkansas run.

Actual footage of an Arkansas run.

Sunday: I wanted to get in my long run this day, but after visiting the grandparents on the farm (yes, I said farm. You can’t go to Arkansas and NOT visit a farm), we got back to my Dad’s house a little too late to venture out for a 10 mile run. I chose to keep it short, still get some miles in, but push my long run to Monday when I could go in the middle of the day, when it’s safer.  With my Dad’s help, I discovered a wonderful trail system, and got in 4 miles. Running here looks a lot different than my Colorado.

—Monday, of week 7: 10 miles due, 10 miles complete. New trail fully discovered and I got to see parts of Fayetteville I have never seen!

Part of the trail

Part of the trail

Coming up: I have a race in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on Thursday morning. It’s a trail 5K! I’m super excited! And my Dad is coming with me! What about you all? Who’s doing a turkey trot come Thanksgiving morning?? 

Turkey Trot – Windsor, CO

This years pelican lakes turkey

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!! I had a lovely one. Although, now that I work retail, I got to work black friday for 11 hours…..Although, I’d take that over working ON Thanksgiving any day…this was the first time in 3 or 4 years that I haven’t had to work on thanksgiving!

I started out by waking up after only 5 hours of sleep to head out the door for a Turkey Trot! I had to close the night before turkey day at my new job to help set up for black friday stuff. I decided to head up to my mom’s house in Longmont, CO (45 min north of Denver for you non-colorado folks) that night so that I could leave my dog there while I did the race.

I booked it out the door, stopped to get gas, only to discover that after plugging in the address to my phone, it would take about 45 minutes to get there….putting me there right at start time! UH OH!

I may have driven a little faster than normal. I had plans to meet another blogger (finally!) and this makes blogger number 2 that I have met (other than the few I’ve known previous to me starting this but I would love to meet you all!) I texted him, letting him know that I was barely going to make it on time. He, jokingly, told me he would stall the race start.

Sure enough, I made there at 7:50, ran to the registration line (lets just think of it as my warm-up) and heard the announcement that the race start would be delayed 15 minutes! Although, the delay had nothing to do with Ryan, and it was only because the packet pick-up line wasn’t going fast enough, I later thanked him for the delay.

I met up with Ryan from ColoradO2 Photography. He was running and taking photos of the event and invited me to join! We did the Pelican Lakes Turkey Trot 5 mile in Windsor, CO at the Pelican Lakes Golf Course. There was also 5K, but we both agreed that running 5 miles is way easier than running 3.2 miles. I know, crazy runners…

The weather made a good race day: running in shorts, at the end of November, in Colorado…now that’s pretty crazy. Although, the wind made it a tiny bit brisk, so I opted for a long sleeved shirt with the shorts. I’m glad I did, because the wind around the golf course made me pretty chilly, even when running.

The course was decently challenging for me, considering I haven’t raced in a long time. It was up and down little hills, over and over and over. And it weaved left and right, following the golf cart paths. In the beginning, it was super crowded, as everyone was trying to squeeze on a normal width sidewalk. The 5ker’s and the 5 miler’s stuck together until about 2.5 miles where they separated us.

The 5Ks went left and the 5milers went right. Considerably less people went right, so it made for a more peaceful run. The path wove up and down and left and right through more golf course areas, presenting views of gigantic houses bordering the course. The path became goose-pooped covered as it neared a lake (possibly Pelican Lake…not really sure). The trail bordered the lake as it came to a close and met back up with the 5K people. I dodged a crazy family, chasing each other with a stroller, rounding the corner to the finish!

As for me, personally, I did alright. I had some knee and shin splint pains the next day, but most likely due to not heavily running for awhile. I finished in about 45 minutes. I do not know my official time yet, but to be honest, I don’t care too much this time. I was racing merely to get back in the spirit of racing. It did work! I’ve been researching races like crazy!

Although my race time is decent, and average for me (average now…it’s still a lot faster than I was just a year ago), I felt like I ran really sloppily. I didn’t get to wear my headphones, so I was forced to listen to the awkward clunks of my feet on the sidewalk. I felt like I was slowing and speeding up back and forth the whole time. Just all around sloppy.

I did not, however, take any pictures. Which is super weird for me because I take pictures of everything. I don’t have any artistic talent, but I love to have picture memories of everything. I just wasn’t in the mood for some reason. I’ve been in a weird mindset for awhile. But Ryan did take pictures. You can check them out here, on his website. And supposedly he got a picture of me finishing, but I have yet to see it….this must mean I look awful and sloppy! Just kidding. Well, probably not just kidding.

The event finished by handing out awards (Ryan took first in his age/gender and 2nd overall…no big deal or anything!) and we watched a crazy turkey chase around kids as they searched for orange eggs filled with candy or the lucky few that had a golden ticket to select a special prize. Man, can I be a kid again, please!?

While watching the children run around, I butted into a conversation I over heard….A 10 year boy was telling his family how fast he ran the 5k…which was in 20 minutes, if I remember correctly. He was only in the 5th grade and he was running that fast already! Can you imagine what he could be doing by the time he’s my age!?! I asked when track teams and cross country teams started at his age and he said he had to wait for next year. I added my piece, “Well, you probably should join, kid.” And his whole family laughed.