Tough Mudder 2013

tough mudder logoJust three short weeks after I finished my marathon, I chose to participate in the Tough Mudder. I probably should not have given the fact that I was not fully recovered.

But, I do a lot of things that I probably shouldn’t.

I wouldn’t say I was “injured” but I was definitely starting to notice that heel pain I’ve been talking about. At the time, I also had some hip tightness and pain when I would run longer than about 4 miles.

Oh well, I still did it! Tough Mudder took place on June 16th in Beaver Creek, Colorado. This was my second time running this race and, even though I am in a lot better shape this time in my life than the first time I attempted the Mudder, I did not do nearly as well.

The negative: I’m really not happy with this race, my performance in particular, at all.

The positive: This was the first race I did with the boy…. so that’s exciting!

I first visited the Tough Mudder in 2011.  It was the first of these type of races, i.e. obstacle courses, that I had ever tried to do. That first year I proved to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. I faced heights, cold water, strength tests, endurance tests, and even electricity. Choosing to do the Tough Mudder as my first obstacle course was a brave decision, but it made all the other runs look like cake! Since then, I’ve done the Rugged Maniac as well. I’m really addicted to these obstacle course type of events!

This year, as I returned, I knew some of the obstacles would be the same, but they change them every year, so I was trying to prepare myself for anything. Only a handful were the same from two years ago.

The race is up in the mountains and our wave was at 10am so we had to leave Denver pretty early. We woke up, grabbed breakfast at Einsteins and started the two hour drive up I-70.

After finding where we needed to go, we dropped off our bag and waited in the “staging area” as I like to call it. Each wave will head up to the start line about 15 minute before the time for a motivation speech, safety rules and a pump up session.


Before you head up there, there’s an area you wait in, the staging area. While waiting, I re-tied my shoes like five times, stretched a little and made sure to use the restroom one more time. When I returned, my boyfriend had made a new friend. A young kid, I honestly don’t remember his name, who was taking on the Tough Mudder solo. He was joining the Air Force real soon and instantly latched on to my boyfriend because he’s in the Army. We let him come along and run with us, although, I shortly regretted that decicision due to his “unsportsman like encouragement” and his constant loud bleching.

Finally it was our time to go. To get to the actual start line, we had to get over a 6 foot wall. A gentleman stood nearby making sure everyone made it over and was helping each other out – the way the race is supposed to be run. After hearing our motivational speech, singing the national anthem and reviewing the safety rules, we were off!


It’s hard to see, but flags formed the letters T and M on the hill

Before I get into the race recap, please keep in mind, the objective of Tough Mudder is to help each other out. The proceeds go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and it even says in the rules to never leave a fellow Mudder behind. It is OK to skip an event if you don’t feel like you can complete it and/or are not comfortable (i.e. scared or, in my case this day: injured). You don’t get “disqualified” or kicked out. And in my opinion, what does it matter?! Even just running the length of the course is a challenge in itself at 10 plus mile, especially in that elevation. It’s all about having fun and helping eachother out. Here’s the tough mudder’s answer to skipping an event from their website:

“Can I skip an obstacle?

Oh, just a DEATH WAIVER!!

Oh, just a DEATH WAIVER!!

Tough Mudder® is not supposed to be about getting a faster time than your friends, so it’s fine by us if you want to skip an obstacle. The way we see it, you are there to have fun and get a real sense of achievement at the end. If you think a particular obstacle isn’t going to do this for you, just go around it – no shame there. However, if you are skipping an obstacle just to improve your time, then we think you are only cheating yourself. You paid to do the course – why not actually do it? Obviously, though, for some who participate there is a real element of competition involved in the event, so we do say that to qualify for a winners’s prize or for the World’s Toughest Mudder® competition you must have completed all the obstacles.”

With the start of the race, we ran down hill, curved around and were instantly subjected to the hills. Yay. (If you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic). And then the obstacles started….

(Most obstacles are linked to a you tube video, I tried to find them all from the CO event, just to show you want they’re like).

Obstacle 1 – Kiss of Mud: With un uphill pull, we crawled under barbed wire through muddy rocks and dirt on our forearms and legs, beginning the long day of being wet, cold and dirty.

Obstacle 2 – Electric Eel: Oh boy was I dreading this obstacle!! This is where you had to crawl through water WITH electricty hanging down. We rounded the corner, shivering, as the clouds drew in the rain. “Obstacle closed due to lightning!” shouted a race official! You should have seen how much energy I gathered as I skipped around and laughed! I was soooooo excited that this event was closed!!!

Obstacle 3 – Blades of Glory: slanted walls to climb over as you slid down the other side. Peice of cake.

Obstacle 4 – Wound Warrior carry: The object is to pair up with someone and either buddy carry them or BE buddy carried. Would you believe that I buddy carried my boyfriend the whole way?! No, you don’t believe that?? Good, cause I didn’t. I was the one buddy carried. He swooped me over his shoulders and ran with me down the 30 yards or so of the obstacle. I loved people’s reactions when I yelled, “that was the easiest obstacle ever!”

Obstacle 5 – Funky Monkey: When I first completed Tough Mudder, this was the event I was most dreading because I didn’t think I had the upper body strength to get me across the monkey bars. I did it, though, and made it all the way across! This year, I noticed a few different things: 1. It was a lot colder, and I couldn’t feel my fingers to grip the bars and 2. A majority of the people were falling off and into the water…. Ah, greased bars. I still thought I would give it a try. I made it about 3 rungs before I caught a greased bar and I plummeted into the icy water. And Icy is not an understatement. When I came to the surface for air, I could barely breathe. The cold water left my chest feeling tight and me struggling for strength. I could barely pull myself out of the water. Some how I managed to get out; I couldn’t push myself using just my arms, so I wiggled my torso onto the ledge and rolled out. Needless to say, I was freezing at that point. My fingers began to turn purple along with my lips and it hurt to take in breaths. The weather didn’t help at all with the clouds looming over head and rain still coming down. Coldest I have ever been in my life.

Trying to move my muscles, the boy helped to warm my hands by cupping them in his. He encouraged me to keep moving, as much as I protested. I slowly made my way to the next obstacle.

Obstacle 6 – Sweaty Yeti: Basically, all this obstacle entailed was a steep down hill followed by a REALLY steep uphill, followed by a down hill hike (or slide) over snow. Did you know that when snow is left that long in the summer, it becomes really pellet-y (that’s the best descriptive word I could come up with) and rough to the touch. Rough + cold = really painful when you fall/slide down; especially when you’re still not recovered from your previous plunge into icy cold water.

Obstacle 7 – Arctic Enema: For those hard core runners, you’d think this was a just a nice ice bath after a long run…. Oh yeah, they add salt to it to keep it from freezing solid. Being chillded to the bone, quite literally, just minutes before, I chose to skip this event. I did it back in 2011, and didn’t need to do it again. I proved myself once already with this type of obstacle. The boy and our “friend” did it though! I can still see their shocked faces as they emerged from the icy water tub.

Obstacle 8 – Underwater tunnels: Immediately following arctic enema, they subjected people to submerge in slightly warmer icy snow melt water of the Colorado mountains. When I first did Tough Mudder, this was the only event I skipped. It’s a series of barrels floating in the water that you have to go under. That first year, the barrels were in water that was too deep to touch the ground in. I made it under the first barrel and when I came up for air, I panicked when I couldn’t touch the bottom and couldn’t breathe due to the cold. Because of that, I skipped this event this year. I was not ready to get wet and cold again yet. But I did notice that the water was shallow enough this year to touch in between each barrel, I think that would have been easier.

Obstacle 9 – Luberjack: (this video is not from CO). A series of logs to climb over. More difficult that it looked at first. The boy and our new “friend” gave me a lift up and I swung my legs over and dropped to the other side.

Obstacle 10 – Hold your wood: Grab a log, carry it around for about a quarter mile. Meh. No big deal!

Obstacle 11 – Ladder to hell: (Go to 8:25 in video) A ladder into the sky made of 2×4’s. I carefully climbed up and back down. While at the top, I encountered a girl who had made it that far, but was scared to proceed down. I told her to follow me, take it easy and step exactly where I stepped. This seemed to work (as her boyfriend was already on the ground) and she made it off of the heights.

Before moving on to the next event, we had the obstacle of the course itself: A steep up hill hike that really challenged my “injured” hip. It was hurting, I mean, really hurting with even step. A girl with a bull horn shouted words of encouragement as we neared the top of the hill, telling us that this was the last hill in the course. Boy was she wrong…

Obstacle 12 – Boa Constrictor: Sick of being wet, I really didn’t want to plunge head first into water again, but after the boy went first and assured me the water was “warm,” I followed him through the round tunnels, crawled through the mud and out the other uphill tunnel.

After the 12th obstacle, there as a good mile or so of pure, fun, single track, trail running! Here was my time to shine. Finally! Taking  the lead, I took off bounding along the trail! I was cruising; passing other runners left and right with my boy and our friends (we gained another solo Mudder) behind me. I thoroughly enjoyed this section of the course. Although, I’m not so sure my body did. It was after this section that my hip tighten up and it started becoming even MORE painful every time I stepped with my right leg….

Obstacle 13 – Berlin Walls:  (this video is from the Saturday CO Mudder…you can tell because the sun is actually shining in the video). I swear these were taller this year than last time!!!! I’m not THAT scared of heights, but I am scared of sitting at the top, straddling of a shaky 10 ft+ wall. The boy boosted me up, and as I got one leg over the wall, I squeezed for dear life with my thighs, then realized I was frozen; I couldn’t get down. I was scared and weak and the idea of bringing my other leg over and lowering myself down seem so terrifying. The boy, seeing my fear, jumped over himself (oh so strong!), lowered himself down and then allowed me to place the foot that was over on the support of his hands while I swung the other leg over and he caught me as I dropped the rest of the way down. And repeat, two more times. 

Obstacle 14 – Just the Tip: No, this is not a dirty joke, this is event was actually kinda hard. And by kinda, I mean really. And by hard I mean, I didn’t finish it. (I could have added another dirty joke there, going with the play on words, but I’ll refrain). It was a two by four you had to just grip with just your finger-tips, hence the name, but I haven’t been climbing enough to build up that strength!!! (the video is not CO and there’s an annoying girl’s voice in the background. Sorry.)

Being 9 miles into this race and 1.5 miles left to go, I was nearing my end. My hip was god awfully painful, causing my eyes to tear up; and believe me when I say, I RARELY cry. And then we reached ANOTHER hill!!! Everyone around us openly exclaimed how upset they were that we were promised the last hill was the LAST hill. I shared their sentiment. The boy grabbed my hand, and powered me up the hill. We reached the next set of obstacles…

Obstacle 15 – Kiss of Mud #2: Should be called Kiss of Rocks. This event was painful. There was no mud, just wet, gritty rocks under barbed wire.



Obstacle 16 – Walk the Plank: Sick of being cold and wet, I almost skipped this one as well, but was promised that the water “wasn’t that bad.” Liars. Let alone did it take courage to jump off the height, but once you get over that, you plummet into icy deep water and are expected to swim to the other side. Water so cold it takes your breath away and your ability to move your limbs. The “lifeguard” aided me by letting me hold on to the life preserver while my boy waited to help me out of the water.

Once you climb out of the water, the way down is over more scratchy cold snow.

Obstacle 17 – Hangin’ Tough: More monkey bars, but the swinging kind. I tried it. I failed. But the water actually was the warmest on the course. Albeit muddy and gross, but warm. I made it about two ring swings before I fell in.

Obstacle 18 – Glacier: Bascially a pile of more snow. By this point I had perfected a way down these obstacles: place one foot in a narrow path created by others, sit “down” on this foot; not actually sitting but using it as support. The other foot goes out in front to act as a brake of sorts, although not confident enough in my braking ability, I still scratched up my hands by instinctively placing them on the snow bank beside me to stop myself.

Obstacles 19 – Everest: The 1/4 pipe you’re expected to run up and catch at the top. I had completed this event during my last Tough Mudder but being that I couldn’t walk, or run, without a limp, I chose to skip it. I met the boy and our “friends” on the other side.

Next up, everyones favorite. The last obstacle, Number 20 – Electroshock Therapy: OH BOY! Definitely watch that video, it’s really cool. Let’s just cut to the chase. I skipped it. Call me weak, lame, or whatever your wanted. I’ve done this obstacle before at my first Tough Mudder. I got shocked – a lot. This year, I was cold, wet, in pain and grumpy.  I was NOT in the mood to get shocked. Nor could I even run at that moment and I did not feel like limping slowly through wires filled with voltage. Nope, not gonna happen.

I chose to skip it. But, I will tell you this story: The boyfriend, did go through it. Now, a little fact about the boy, he has a metal place in this shoulder from a football injury…….. in the warning for this race, they HIGHLY recommend you not do the electricity events if you have a pacemaker, heart condition OR metal plates in your body!!!!

Another fact about the boy: He’s tough and strong and will not quit/avoid/give up anything (a little something the Army instilled in him). Yes, he still went through. What he did tell me afterward is that as he was running through, out of of the corner of his eye he saw it: A rogue wire come wizzing up to him, shocking him and STICKING to his shoulder, the one with the metal plate! It was like it was magnatized or something!

He also told me that he felt “funny” after that event. Go figure. BOYS!

Having gone around the event, the boy and our new friends didn’t realize that I was still “in the race” and ran up to finish. They all raced eachother trying to “beat” one another under the finishers banner. I didn’t see who won, probably my boy (Yep, I’m biased), as I was hobbling my own way over the finish line. I grabbed my Finishers Shirt, my beer and searched for the boy and a place to sit. I took off my muddy shoes and donated them to a charity that cleans and sorts them and sends them to less fortunate children and/or countries to be used! I actually really love this idea…however, I looked everywhere for more information on what actual charity it was. The best I could find was the each state’s Tough Mudder has a different used shoe charity. If anyone one knows more information on this PLEASE TELL ME!! I’m super curious/want to know!

In the end, I was in pain and super unhappy about my racing performance. I know it’s not a serious event or the end of the world, but I felt like I was in much better shape than the first time I did Tough Mudder, yet I wasn’t able to a lot of the events. I feel a little like I chickened out, I felt defeated and I felt like I was not as tough as I thought. I was in a lot of pain and with the weather being overcast and rainy, the cold was not good for my bod.


Oh, thanks SUN for coming out AFTER were done.

The boy and I rested up, changed into dry clothes, and drank our beers while listening to the live band. The after party was great, full of fun things to do. There was music, like I said and a “Man of Steele” competition since the new Superman Movie had just come out. This was sponsored by Under Armor and featured crazy strong man obstacles like tire flipping, box jumps, etc.  The boy tried his strength at some of the events they had and then we finally made our way home.

Being new to Colorado, I wanted to take the boy to Beaju’s Pizza (delicious Colorado style pizza made with super thick crust designed for you to eat with honey after your finish off the rest of the pizza pie). The original location is in Idaho Springs which is on the way from the mountains to Denver. I highly recommended it for anyone visiting Colorado. After sitting in traffic for over two hours, we finally arrived at Beau Jo’s to find it CLOSED!!!!!!! (It was just closed being of a power outage; it’s still open in general). Devastated and still hungry, we high tailed it back to Denver and right into the local chain location so he could try the pizza pie (yes, he did love it).

I already have plans to do another Tough Mudder. I would love to try one in a different location! Actually, after looking at the website, I noticed they are bringing a second location to Colorado Springs in 2014! However, I will try and train a little differently.

A 10 mile obstacle course, beer, live music followed with pizza. Yep, it was a good great summer day.


Check out that photo bomber behind us!!!!

Additional Info:

Tough Mudder Website – check it out! Sign up! Do it!

My Recap on the 2011 Tough Mudder

A quick update. And it so happens to be Tuesday, as in Tuesday Newsday


Remember me?

Of course you do.

I’ve been very busy and stressed. I’ve come to let you know that I still LOVE my blog and this community and all of you! I hate that I have to neglect it currently. In fact, it’s been such a long time that they have changed the look of WordPress.

Here’s what I WANT to post: My FIRST marathon post (it’s 3/4 done), my Tough Mudder Review (YES, last weekend, I did the Colorado Tough Mudder and want to tell you all about it), My Dino Half review, Horsetooth half review and my reply to my Liebster Award.

All those post are coming….eventually.

Here’s what’s going on in Colorado:

-School is almost done!! My last day of classes is July 3rd (15 days!!!) and I will graduate from my personal training school July 12th. However, in leu of that, I’ve had homework assignments, BIG assignments due. It’s been about two or more per week, for the last two weeks, and more due here in the next two weeks as well. I’ve had a few tests and finished up my Performance Enhancement Specialist elective class. (no, there’s nothing to with steroids). Then, of course, a 3 day final exam: Written test and practical tests.

-I’ve been job searching like crazy, partly just to look for a personal training jobs, but also partly due to the fact that my hours got drastically slashed at work and I have been given a sales ultimatum. This has put me in the worst financial crisis I have encountered. It’s scary. But for the record, I absolutely HATE and despise the corporation we all know as Bally Total Fitness. There’s a strong part of me that just wants to rant about that company, but I know that’s not very professional.  All I will say is I highly recommend changing gyms if you do, in fact, supply Bally’s with money once a month. Although, it’s unlikely that any of you need to do this because there is only Ballys in three cities of the United States.

-And that’s about it. I haven’t had too much time for fun. Wait, let me rephrased. It is true, I HAVE NOT had time for fun, but I have made time for a little bit of fun, probably at the cost of my sleep. Possibly. A special friend moved to Colorado recently, so that’s great and have gotten to spend a lot of time with them. In the last few weeks I’ve been to a BBQ Festival, Chalk Art Festival and the People’s Fair.

I miss this world. I will come back to it soon.  As soon as I finished all my homework. In addition, I’ve neglected my friends. So here’s my apology to them: I’m sorry for the delay in text message response, or no response at all. And sorry I decline a majority of hangout invites. I’ll have more free time soon. In the meantime, here’s some recent fun pictures to entertain you:

Pig Races at the Frisco BBQ Festival

Pig Races at the Frisco BBQ Festival

Flying Pigs Everywhere at the Frisco BBQ festival!!!

Flying Pigs Everywhere at the Frisco BBQ festival!!!

Interesting interactive poster at the People's fair a few weeks ago

Interesting interactive poster at the People’s fair a few weeks ago

my favorite art at the chalk art festival

my favorite art at the chalk art festival

My friend taking pictures for the Chalk Art Festival. See her images here

My friend taking pictures for the Chalk Art Festival. See her images here

Post Tough Mudder

Post Tough Mudder

Pre Tough Mudder

Pre Tough Mudder

Tuesday Newsday – 4/30 – The Last THREE Weeks

Well, the last two three weeks have been interesting. And yes, I started writing this post last week.

In regards to the events two weeks ago: A lot of things have happened. A lot of things have changed. But most importantly, a lot of things HAVE NOT changed. We are all still runners. Still doing what we love which means still running. It may even mean more to us now. #runforboston

Lately (probably about a few months now), and especially due to that week, I haven’t been as excitable and as energetic as I normally am. I’m usually a very happy, excited, fun loving person. I always pride myself on my uncanny ability to look at the bright side of everything.

In the recent months, that hasn’t been me. I’ve been grumpy and tired and emotional. My schedule has begun to wear on me: never catching up on sleep.

My birthday was uneventful/disappointing: most of my friends either ran away, blew me off, or didn’t even reply. (Although, I had a wonderful time catching up with Steph and Amanda and my Mom treated me to a wonderful dinner as well).

Work is not everything I hoped it would be: I thought getting a job at a gym would be a perfect situation for me to be in for when I’m finally a personal trainer; however I’ve gotten to see exactly how the personal training world is inside a big box gym. Not gonna happen…hopefully.

School is just getting tedious: I’ve already done 5 years of college, I’m ready to be done again.

Home life is not a safe haven: I feel like a burden.

And don’t even get me started on my more personal life.

The events two mondays ago did put things a little more in perspective for me. Running is was I love and it’s dependable. And I know that my future will definitely have to be involved with the running community; whether that means I become a professional running coach or maybe even a low-key sponsored runner, or even working for a race series, I HAVE to be involved with this community.

IMG_20130421_072807Then last Sunday happened. I returned to good ol’ Fort Collins. Home of my alma mater for my return to the Horsetooth Half. And I had a fantastic run. In my head, I ran with thoughts of the victims of Boston and for the Running for Angels virtual race. In the end, I was in such a good mood; maybe partly due to the runner’s high and the free beer, but my excitability had returned a little more! Stay tuned later this week for a post race recap!

Anyway, training is still going…not sure about how well. There’s only about 26 days left until my big race. And I’m nervous as fuck. Excuse the language. I wasn’t really nervous until last week. I got pretty sore and tight after my horsetooth half and have been taking it easy. One of the trainers at work keeps freaking me about about my flexibility – telling me not to finish training because I need to get more flexible or I will tear a muscle (what does he know, lol jk, although, NOT gonna happen). I also gotta stop listening to people!!! Some of my classmates are freaking me out becuase they think I should run close to, if not over, 26 miles before race day, even though a majority of plans out there stop you at 20 miles! AAAHHH!

Lets recap training for a sec before my brain explodes:

vermont city marathon logoTraining Week 12 – April 8th through April 14th

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 5 miles due. 5 miles complete. I got super mad at my work and went to the competitors gym (24 hour Fitness) and ran a nice easy 5 miles on the dreadmill (it was a snow day). I was super distracted, my mind going crazy, so the miles just flew by, even for being on a treadmill. I followed up with a soak in the hot tub.

Wednesday: 8 miles due, 4 miles complete. We also did muscle fiber testing in school. No, we didn’t take biopsies of our muscles; but there is a way to figure out what types of muscle fibers your major groups of muscle are (i.e. endurance, strength or hypertrophy) through lifting.

Thursday: 5 miles due, 3 miles with fartleks on the treadmill.

Friday: My bday. It was supposed to be a rest day, but it was my bday, and I wanted to do things I loved. So I went for a casual 4 mile run. It was a beautiful day for it. Followed up by a massage and then this:

new ink 4-12-13

Yep, I finished by tattoo. : ) One of my best friends, Steph, hung out with me and then took me to dinner after the work was done. This project took 4 hours of needle work. I’m not sure how many of your have tattoos, but needless to say, I was in pain. I made it through the whole process, and then once it was finished almost passed out. BUT I didn’t – I was pretty close – and luckily Steph is a nurse 😉

Saturday: Sport Performance Enhancement Elective for school. We did a lot of running drills – sprinting – so I got a little bit of time on my feet. Followed up with dinner and drinks with my friend Amanda (who I’ve known since  we were 3 years old —- that makes our friends ship 23 years long now) at a new bar in town.

stephs bridal shower

The bride and the maid of honor

Sunday: MMM… not gonna lie, I didn’t do anything running wise. I didn’t feel like it. Instead, I slept in for the first time in a LOOOONG time and then went to Steph’s bridal shower. (This is the bridal shower for the wedding that I’m the maid of honor in, in May, in Maine). Then my mom took me to a delicious meal at The Green Briar in! Fancy Schmancy!


Dinner with mom

Total Miles Week 12: ~16 miles

Training Week 13 – April 15th – April 21st

Monday: Well, we all know what happened this day. I actually had run 2 miles on the treadmill on lunch while I flipped notes cards over to study for my test. It was when I hopped off that I checked my phone and learned of what happened.

Tuesday: #runforboston. 4.09 miles.

Wednesday: I didn’t feel like running. Not sure why. I was pretty grumpy at work so I did kickboxing so that I could punch and kick things. Exactly what I told my co-workers I was going to do: punch and kick things.

Thursday: 5 due or something like that but two got accomplished.

Friday: I was going to make up some lost miles, but man did I feel tight and sore. With my co-work freaking me out at work about tearing muscles, I spent an hour foam rolling and stretching.

Pre Race, trying on my glow-y stuff!

Pre Race, trying on my glow-y stuff!

Saturday:  3.1 miles. I accomplished some chores around the house while I waited for my cat do be done at the vet (I had to get her sedated and shaved, poor kitty, because she was really matted). Then, I last minute decided to do the Rave Run here in Denver! One of my co-workers had volunteered and got me a free entry. I didn’t get a tshirt but I did get a bib (so I didn’t have to be a race bandit) and some fun glow-y stuff! It was actually quite

Me and my coworker. Finished! So many people!!!

Me and my coworker. Finished! So many people!!!

fun. It started at 8:30pm, when the sun was fully down, and everyone had lights with glowing glasses, gloves, bracelets, etc. There were lights, lasers and fun blow up glow-y things along the whole course. Not sure if I’d do it again but glad I did it. Maybe I’ll write up an official review.

Sunday: HORSETOOTH HALF! (13.1 miles) And the day I got my running excitement back.

Sneak peak at my horsetooth race

Sneak peak at my horsetooth race

Total mile for Week 13: ~24 miles

Training Week 14: April 22nd – April 28th

Monday: SO SORE! REST!

Tuesday: Still pretty sore and tight. I chose to rest most of the day. Did have to workout at school.

Wednesday: Easing back into it. I ran 1.26 miles at school for a cardio assessment.

Thursday: 4.5 miles at work. Felt alright. Just slow.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Day two of the Sport Performance elective I am taking. Did a lot of agility drills.

Sunday: 19.5 miles. Dear god was I painful after. The run wasn’t that great either. I made sure to foam roll before, because I’ve still been very tight especially my hamstrings and hips. I made it out, half way, just fine. Not too much to report. I brought along my new fuel belt that my mom got me for my bday. I filled the bottles (I got the two bottled one), one with water and one with a Nuun electrolyte tab. I stocked it with a granola bar and a stinger energy gel. When I was about 9 miles into the run, my Strava running app quit on me. I knew I needed to go a little bit further to make it halfway and turn around. I tried Mapmyrun and that wouldn’t work and finally runtastic saved the day. At the halfway point, I decided to give the energy gel a try.

stinger energy gelsGROSS. I had the strawberry stinger energy gel. And it tasted like strawberry flavored hooka. I’m not sure if any of you used to smoke hooka (yes, back when I was in college, I did that a lot), but that’s exactly what it tasted like, and is NOT something I wasnted to ingest!!!! AT ALL. I literally almost puked at the smell and taste. I’m hoping the other flavors are better. I wasn’t able to finish it, so I ate a few bites of my granola bar, which I had brought just in case, because I know I can eat that on runs. I am trying/testing different energy gels so I know what I want to bring for my marathon.

Even though I had only finished half of it, it still gave me a little bit of energy. But then my legs started to cramp. At mile 11, I was in a lot of pain and had to walk on and off. It was awful. It also didn’t help that it one of the first HOT days of the year…up in the 70’s. I had finished my water by mile 13 or 14, still having 6 more to go. None of the water fountains at any of the parks were working either! Finally, I passed a family that was sitting by a fountain, asked them if it was on, and they said no but offered me one of their bottles of water! I probably thanked them 5 times more than an appropriate amount. I was so thankful for that water. I trotted, off and on, the remaining two miles. My calfs were hurting and my hamstring were hurting. It was ridiculous. Like verge of tears. They were just tight, and I think the verge of tears was mostly due to frustration. But I made it the rest of the way home.

I stopped at the gas station and picked up a gatorade, chocolate mile (what!? It’s actually one of the best recovery drinks!) and a bag of ice.


I’m pretty sure I said I would never post a feet picture…this will be the only one. ever.

Ice? Yep….I finally had my first ice bath. If that doesn’t make me one of the toughest people in the world, than I don’t know what does. I also may have uttered a FEW profanities. I had never done an ice bath before (other than at the Tough Mudder a couple years ago, but that wasn’t directly by choice). I followed this piece of advice from Runlikealady. Although, I found that I COULD NOT keep my toes in. It was decently tolerable if I left my toes out.

Total miles for week 14: ~25.25

Some fun, new info for you all:

I officially registered for the race I will be doing in Maine. This is the same week that I’m out there for that wedding and also the weekend before my marathon. (I”m only a doing 15k, so it’s just in line with tapering). I will be doing the Sugarloaf 15k.

I also registered for the Dino Half Marathon in Vernal, Utah. This weekend! I know, I’m pretty random. But it’s only a 5 hour drive, and it was perfect timing with training, and I could use the mini-two day vaca.

ALSO, I’m officially doing the Tough Mudder again this year!!! This is my most exciting info for you all! I’m really excited for it! I’ll probably get my ass kicked, but it’ll be fun! A very special friend registered me, and I’m really excited about this event! June 16th!

Since it’s been awhile since I’ve had a post, I’ve been behind on reading my emails. A handful of the people I follow were actually at the boston. There are also a lot of other bloggers that have a better way with words than I do. If you’re interested, the following are links to my fellow bloggers’ boston posts:

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A Tribute to the Tough Mudder!

Finisher 2011!!!

This past weekend was the Colorado Tough Mudder, and although I did not do it this year, I still love this event!

I am a big fan of obstacles races! After the Rugged Maniac, I’m definitely addicted. Last year I got my first taste at a mud race during the Tough Mudder, and I have a few more planned for this year.

It was 10 miles of running and hard obstacles….it was a blast!!! I really wanted to do it again this year, but the team I was going to do it with fell through and, sure, I could have technically done by myself, but for 1) it’s not as fun 2) it’s HARD if you don’t have some help and 3) the price goes up to $200 close to the event!!! That’s a lot of money!

So, instead, here’s my tribute to the Tough Mudder, a review a year in the making.

I completed the race with a boyfriend at the time and his friend. Two kinda scrawny guys (They don’t read this, so I can make fun of my ex all I want). We named out team “Reckless Abandon” (it’s a Blink 182 song) and this also why I have a anarchy symbol on my arm – in care you noticed that. Although the boys did help me through a few obstacles, usually it was other people along the course (huge, burly, strong men) that helped me as well, especially with literally pulling me over the walls.

The Tough Mudder in Colorado takes places at Beaver Creek, a ski/snowboard resort during the winter. I’ve actually never boarded there, but want to someday. Some of the obstacles even took  advantage of the half melted down park structures, like the half pipe, and the water obstacles involved fresh, cold snow melt. BRRRRR! Last year was the first year that CO had a Tough Mudder, I believe.

It was a pretty hard course. Me and my teammates didn’t train a horrible amount for it, but I did do a lot of running in preparation. Some of the events included berlin walls to climb over, swimming under barrels in the freezing water, monkey bars, mesh ropes, stuff to climb under while you climbed over snow, fire houses blasting your with water, mud pits, half pipes to climb up, rope ladders, carrying logs, steep hills to go up and down, electroshock therapy, and a lot more I’m sure I’m forgetting at the moment.

One of the toughest event for me were the walls. I had to have some guys pull me up, but I think the even harder part is once you’re up at the top and you have to switch your legs over and then safely drop yourself down. Just looking down from the top was terrifying! There was two sets of 3 walls each. Another event, and the ONLY event I didn’t complete the whole way (hear me out) was a set of three barrels in water that you had to dive under. Let me remind you, this is fresh snow melt. So the water is just above freezing. I dove under the first barrel and on the way up, I realized that I couldn’t breathe or touch the bottom of the pond. I think if I would have been able to get a foot grasp, I would have been able to calm myself and go under the next two barrels. Instead, due to the panicked look on my face, I had the “life guard” pull me out. The funny part is I used to be a life guard! Laugh all you want.

Another event that was hard but fun was the monkey bars. Now, I’ve never really had that much upper body strength, so prior to the event, I was most scared of this obstacle. If you let go of the bars, you fell into a lovely mud pit – and some of the bars are greased; however, I made it the whole way across!!

The last event was the electroshock therapy where they had wires hanging down that were randomly charged with electricity while you ran through water and over hay bales. I was so TERRIFIED of this event at first! I don’t particularly like getting shocked, so I spend about 15 minutes in front of the obstacle working up the nerve. It totally was not as bad as I made myself believe. I did get shocked a few times, but it didn’t really hurt, just surprises you really.  I have such a weird fear of pain like that, and for medical related stuff as well (like sutures, etc) yet, I’ve purposely gotten tattoos and piercings and can deal with that sort of pain….I’m strange.

I was talking to a friend of mine that plays soccer with me, and she did the Tough Mudder this year. I saw her pictures on Facebook and it looked like she had a blast! She did tell me that there was THREE electricity events this year! Oh man!!

If any of you have a Tough Mudder Event close to you, I recommend doing it! It’s fun, it’s a challenge, and it really tests your endurance, strength as well as your mental toughness!  I also think it’s great that all the Tough Mudder Events go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.